5 Exercises That You Shouldn’t Do At Power Rack

Having a power rack is one thing and using it the right way is another thing. If you have a power rack in your home or you use it in the gym, make sure that you are doing exercises that are supposed to be done on it instead of wasting your time.

As it has been seen that a lot of people do exercises at power racks that are not just useless but are somehow dangerous. What is the point in getting yourself hurt in the process? Or occupying power rack in the gym for no reason?

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When you are in the gym, you should have good knowledge of the type of exercises that should be done in the power rack and the ones that should be done outside of it. If you are doing a workout that is not meant to be done in the power rack, you will occupy it for no reason, thus wasting other people’s time.

Honestly, speaking there is a whole bunch of workouts that are not at all meant to be done at the power rack. We will talk about some of these today.

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1. Workouts That Involve Seating

Fitness expert Murphy says that you shouldn’t sit while lifting weight. Sitting is not allowed and in a power rack, it is a big NO.

You are not allowed to do any exercise while being seated in a power rack. Why?

When you lift weight or do workout while sitting, your lumbar spine gets over pressurized. There are fair enough chances that you might hurt yourself or your spine badly.

You are only allowed to sit when you are taking rest. Else, there is no room for seating in the power rack.

2. Kipping Pull-Ups

I know you have been doing these but you shouldn’t do these in the squat rack.



Source: http://fitnesspainfree.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/kipping.jpg

In fact, most of the experts consider kipping pull ups dangerous as it might result in shoulder dislocation and other shoulder issues. Normal pull-ups are far better and healthier.

But if you still want to do kipping pull-ups, make sure that you don’t occupy power rack for these.

3. Curls

Now this is something pretty obvious. If you are doing curls inside the cage rack, you are misusing it.

It is against gym etiquettes to perform curls in the squat rack. You should put the barbell on the floor and move to a side.

4. Upright Rows

First, most of the fitness experts and trainers don’t recommend upright rows as this is not a decent workout for shoulder muscles. High pulls are recommended instead.

Barbell Upright Row


Second, whether you are doing upright rows or high pulls, power rack is not the most appropriate place to do these. In fact, a power rack is the last place in the gym where you should do pulls and rows.

5. Overhead Triceps Extension

This is a more specialized movement which has nothing to do with the squat rack. If you have to do overhead triceps, find any other place in the gym.

Overhead Triceps Extension



When you are in home, it is absolutely OK to use power rack the way you like but when in gym or when sharing a single equipment with other people, you must make the right use of equipment including cage racks.

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