Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage Review

Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage with Bench Racks review

After endlessly searching for hours to find out an affordable but also amply sturdy, safe and durable power rack, I finally settled on Atlas Power Rack Squat Deadlift Cage.

It is a delight to own it, the assembly of the rack was very simple and all-in-all I am quite happy with all the exceptional features and high-quality construction it has to offer.

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What all does Atlas Power Rack offer?

height of atlas power rack

Atlas Squat Deadlift Power rack is a sturdily built power rack to favor different exercises like squats, bench presses, curls, military presses, crunches, shrugs and so much more.

Made from heavy-duty steel, this power rack has the weight capacity of about 1000lbs. for a safe and efficient workout session.

At the back, there are plate holders provided for mess-free storage and better stability. The 1” chrome-plated round short pins are made from solid steel and are provided for a safe training session while handling more weight.

There are 28 holes provided at a space of 2” for flexibility so that it can accommodate different heights for different exercises.

The walk-in design of this power rack is spacious enough to let you perform total body workout. The chin-up bar integrated on the top of the rack has knurled grip for a firm grip.

This product has been backed with 10 year frame warranty for best after-sales experience. Optionally, you can also buy separate HD J-hooks, long safety bars, Lat attachments for this Atlas Power rack for versatile training equipment.

The rack weighs about 137 lbs. and is perfect for noviceslooking for a budget power rack as it has been priced just under $500. It is well-built, durable and has ample features provided to perform all the basic exercises making it ideal for the home gym. It is also quite heavy-duty as compared to the Titan Squat Deadlift Power rack, which has weight capacity of just 700lbs. and is not so flexible to adjust.


  • Weighs 137lbs. and has the maximum weight capacity of 1000lbs
  • Highly flexible and wide walk-in design, offers 28 positions
  • Comes with a Pull-up bar having light knurling for firm grip
  • Safety solid-steel short pins has lock-on design
  • Detachable J-hooks
  • Easy to assemble, 10 years of frame warranty


  • Welding on the J-hook is poor, might make noise while bar is racked
  • 83” total height of the power rack, might not be suitable for low ceilings
  • For more versatility, you need to buy separate accessories

Atlas Power Rack Review: Exceptional Features

The pull-up bar on the top of the rack allows you to perform different exercises like walking on air pull-ups, kips, standard chin-ups and many other exercises to strengthen and build shoulder and arm muscles. This chin-up bar has a diameter of 1.25” with 44” lengthand is located at a height of 80” from foot, perfect for taller users.

pull up bar of alas power Rack

The walk-in design of this power rack is wide and capacious to flexibly perform exercises, even by tall users. With the 44” internal dimension and 48” external dimension on the front, this power rack has 4 uprights constructed from 12 gauge solid steel material for high durability and endurance.

walk-in design of alas power Rack

The height of this power rack is about 83” and the two uprights are 26” apart from front to rear for the users to get caged-in and easily workout. Incorporated with 28 holes at a distance of 2”, it allows users to make adjustments for 28 different positions of heights for versatile workouts.

height of atlas power rack

The most remarkable feature offered here are the safety bars. They can be adjusted to any desired height for holding the bar for different types of exercises. If users ever happen to lose control, then these might undoubtedly prevent themfrom any sort of injuries. The 1” round safety pins provided here are made from heavy-duty steel to handle heavyweight efficiently and is chrome plated for better resistance against scratches.

safety bar of atlas power Rack

The J-hooks provided are welded to the safety bars which makes it a safer option as compared to the standard J-hooks. They can be completely detached so that users can use them on either front or rear uprights, as per their convenience and choice of exercise.

j hooks of atlas power Rack

There are two plate holders provided at the back for storingweight plates and they also add to the safety and stability of the power rack. The bottom of the power rack has been integrated with rubber caps to prevent the floor from scratches or scuffmarks.

plate holder atlas power Rack

Who does the Atlas Power Rack compete with?

Rep Fitness Power Rack Numbered Uprights with Dual Pullup Bars

Rep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars, Numbered Uprights, 700 lb Rated, and Optional Upgrades

Strong and durable, the Rep Fitness introduces the Rep Power Rack that has a weight capacity of about 700lbs.

The 82” tall power rack has 4 uprights made from solid steel with 11 gauge 2 x 2 inches of tubing. Dual pull-up bars provided (one 1.25” and other 2” of diameter) at the top can hold about 400lbs. of weight easily to favor different styles of pull-ups.

Extra bar holders on the front allow safe and efficient workouts for the user. The holes on the uprights are numbered for users’ suitability.

The plastic lined J-cups are provided to protect the knurling/finishing on the weight bar and rack it more easily. The weight plate holders provided at the back are for storage, stability and safety. The holes on the upright are 2” apart and the rack has 26” depth and 44” width internal dimension for users to step-inand perform various exercises.

Also, it can accommodate about 400lbs. of dip attachments that has padded handles and its width can be adjusted as per your convenience. This power rack has a hefty price tag and is much more wobbly as compared to the Atlas Power rack. It is best for Pro Bodybuilders as Rep Fitness offers various optional accessories like bench, dip attachment, extra J-cups, etc. for versatility. The price may vary as per your selection of accessories. You can buy it here.

Powerline PPR200X Power Rack

PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack

Powerline PPR200X Power Rack has a wide step-in design to perform various exercises like squats, calf raises, shoulder shrugs as well as incline/decline or flat military presses.

It offers 18 different positions for adjusting to different heights and exercises for better efficiency. The 2 heat tempered lift offs and 2 saber-style rods are provided for safety purposes while lifting heavyweights.

The power rack measures about 44”width x 82”height x 46”depth and weighs 136 pounds that is heavy enough for better stability during workouts. It is perfect option for beginners that are interested in basic exercising.

The pull-up bar on the front has knurling on it across regular to wide grip area for performing firm and stable exercises. Unlike Atlas Power rack, this Powerline PPR200X has weight capacity of just 600lbs and the safety bars provided are painted instead of chrome-plating. Also, the holes on the uprights are 3” apart which might be uncomfortable for certain bench heights. But, it also has 10 years of warranty on the frame and 1 year warranty on all the other parts, which is certainly a bonus. You can check it out here or read my full review of Powerline PPR200X

TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage

TDS Power Rack / Squat Cage

With 1000lbs. of capacity, this TDS Power Rack is quite sturdy and weighs about 138 lbs. for better stability during workouts.

The heavy-duty J-hooks provided can efficiently and safely hold the weight bars. The 1”round safety catches provided are made from solid steel to handle heavyweight bars. At the front, there is a chin-up bar provided with 1.125” of diameter and deep knurling for better grip while pull ups.

Aesthetically designed, this power rack is quite impressive with its white powder-coated finish.

The one great feature provided here as compared to Atlas Power rack is that it has 31 holes that are 2” apart for different height adjustments. The plate holders at the back can accommodate standard Olympic plates and also add to the steadiness of the power rack. The dip bars provided at the front makes the power rack more versatile. It allows users to perform squats, bench presses, seated or standing presses, inclines, shrugs and so on. It is ideal for moderate weightlifters seeking for a sturdy, stable and affordable power rack. You can buy it here.

Buying Atlas Power Rack?

If you are seeking a budget-friendly power rack that is also equally sturdy, stable and of high endurance, then definitely opt for Atlas Power Rack. It has an extremely reasonable price of just under $500 which makes it stand out from all the other power rack competitors. At this price, you get some unbelievably amazing and versatile features.

To name a few, 1” solid steel safety pins with chrome-plating and lock-on design, detachable J-hooks, pull-up bar, 1000lbs. weight capacity, 10 years frame warranty, 28 different positions for adjusting heights and so on.

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