Top 4 Best Box Springs for 2018 with Reviews

best box Spring reviews

Box Spring is a robust and stable piece of equipment that aims to equally absorb the weight that is put on mattress and support it efficiently.

With extreme comfort, the box spring also helps to increase the life span of the mattresses by preventing them from sagging. Constructed from wood or steel frames, the box spring also might comprise of a thick fabric that is snugly fitted on the top and sides. 

Best Box Spring is the one that provides extreme comfort, has sturdy construction and gives just right amount of support and stability to the mattress. Following Box Spring reviews will hand out in-depth information as regards to the features and design of Best products available in the market for 2018.

Top 4 Best Box Springs 2018 in the Market

Box Spring Name


Our Rating

Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring


Classic Brands 8 Inch Instant Foundation

Best for Memory Foam Matress

Zinus 7.5 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring

Best FOLDABLE Box Spring

Classic Brands 4 Inch Low Profile Foundation

Best LOW PROFILE Box Spring

In-depth 4 Best Box Spring Reviews:

1. Zinus High Profile Smart Box Spring: BEST OVERALL

Zinus 9 Inch High Profile Smart Box Spring / Mattress Foundation

With a robust solid steel construction, the Zinus Smart Box Spring features a high profile design of mattress foundation with about 9 inches of height.

As regards to looks and its functionality, Zinus Box Spring is just same as a traditional box spring but the steel structure makes it highly durable.

Tools required for the home assembly are all included with the product packaging for your reliability. Smart Box Spring has been designed with revolutionary mattress layer for extreme comfort and soft luxurious feel.

Zinus Smart Box Spring is compatible with all types of mattresses and is offered in various sizes like Full, Queen, King, Twin, Twin XL and Cal King as well. Smart compact packaging of this Box Spring allows convenient delivery to your doorstep and easy maneuvering through flight of steps or confined passages.

It has been backed with anoutstanding 5 years of Limited warranty period. All-in-all, with its remarkable features and its exceptional build quality, Zinus might be one of the best Box Spring available.


  • Comes with high-quality zippered cover
  • All sides are covered with ultra-plush for soft and luxurious feel
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction offers durability; fairly lightweight
  • Offered in various sizes to fit almost all mattress types
  • Product is smartly shipped with compact packaging
  • Includes all necessary toolsrequired for assembly
  • Inexpensively priced; 5 years warranty


  • Gap between the slats might feel undesirable for memory foam mattresses
  • Instructions provided might be hard to understand
  • Might make noises when used with metal bed frame

2. Classic Brands Regular Profile Box Spring: BEST FOR MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS

Classic Brands 8 Inch Instant Foundation Regular Profile Foundation

Featuring a Regular profile 8” tall Foundation, the Classic Brands Box Spring is extremely comfortable and soft to use.

Fits almost all types of mattresses, this box spring comes all-included with the tools and instructions needed for its assembly.

Fully constructed from a sturdy spruce wood, it comes with 10 middle slats to prevent the mattress from sagging and offers high durability to it. Classic Brands smartly ships the product with compact packaging to easily pass through restricted areas like stairways and hallways.

Best to be used for memory foam mattresses, this box spring also supports Latex, Hybrid or Innerspring types of mattresses as well. Classic Brands Mattress Foundation is fairly durable, makes no noise and is offered in various sizes for you to pick.

Comfortable Mattress foundation comes included with a cover with draw string type of closure.It might be a perfect option for those who are seeking an affordable and highly stable piece of equipment.


  • Constructed from durable spruce wood, includes 10 slats for stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes all-included with tools/instructions required for assembly
  • Smart shipping comprises of compactly packaged product
  • Supports almost all types of mattresses
  • Affordable price
  • Fairly lightweight design


  • Sanding is not carried out on the wood
  • Cover might not snugly fit onto the box spring; Poorly designed draw string

3. Zinus High Profile BiFold Mattress Foundation: BEST FOLDABLE BOX SPRING

Zinus 7.5 Inch High Profile BiFold Box Spring / Folding Mattress Foundation

Featuring an elite Foldable design, the Zinus 7.5 inches tall High Profile Box Spring canbe compressed down for easy portability and convenient storage.

Even though it sports a traditional look, this mattress foundation is built from a heavy-duty solid steel frame and finest quality of fabric cover. The best feature of this Box Spring is that, it does not demand any sort of home assembly and is ready to use right out of the box.

For an amazing after-sales experience, the product has been backed with 5 years of limited warranty. Smart shipping comprises of a compact packaging to easily maneuver through small spaces like set of steps or hallways.

For those of you who are looking for anadaptable Box Spring that could be stored away when not in use, is of high durability and fairly inexpensive, then this Zinus 7.5” tall Mattress Foundation might be a great purchase.


  • No need to assemble
  • Foldable design makes portability and storage much easier
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction provides fine durability
  • Comes in a very compact packaging for easy shipping
  • Backed with a remarkable 5 years warranty
  • Comes with a zippered cover for perfect fit


  • Metal frame might feel too thin

4. Classic Brands Low Profile Box Spring: BEST LOW PROFILE BOX SPRING

Classic Brands 4 Inch Instant Foundation Low Profile Foundation or Box Spring Replacement

Flaunting an ultimately Sleek Low Profile look, the Classic Brands Box Spring is about 4 inches tall and is compatible with all types of mattresses, best for Latex or Memory foam mattresses.

It requires to be assembled and all the instructions/tools are included with the product. Robustly designed Spruce wood frame can support heavier mattresses capably.

This Box Spring fits standard-sized bed frames and might be an ideal purchase for those who have ultra-thick and high profile mattresses. Cotton Blend cover firmly fits onto it and adds to the softness of the profile foundation for your extreme comfort.

The parts are all easy to assemble and the product is smartly packaged to easily pass through narrow stairways or passages. Durably built structure with 10 wooden slats support the mattresses and increase their durability by preventing them from sagging.

Classic Brands Box Spring does not make any kind of noise while using and might be best for those who have a problem hopping onto a high profile bed. The product is backed with 3 years of warranty for a worry-free use.


  • Low profile look with 4” height looks elegant
  • Fits all mattress types; Works best for Latex and Memory foam mattresses
  • Instructions and tools comes all-included with product
  • Sturdy construction made from spruce wood; 10 slats
  • All parts are easy to assemble
  • Backed with 3 years warranty period


  • Cover is only provided for the top section; Bottom is uncovered
  • Wood is not sanded

Difference between a Box Spring and a Foundation:

Formerly, mattress foundation were usually constructed using springs or coils, thus, they were referred to as ‘box spring’. Both, the Foundation and a Box Spring have same functionality and are deliberately designed to support the mattresses and prevent them from sagging.


Mostly a Box Spring was utilized for supporting traditional innerspring type of mattresses and used to act as a shock absorber but lacked in support. Eventually with time, Box spring was replaced by Foundations. Nowadays, the contemporary design of Mattress Foundation is used for all varieties of Mattresses and they do not contain any springs. However, the name ‘Box Spring’ is still often used by people.


Foundation comprises of a sturdy frame, commonly made from wood or steel featuring a grid design, supportive slats and a fabric cover. They provide superior stability and support to the mattresses, like Latex, Innerspring, Memory foam, so on and enhance their durability. Weight is equally distributed onto the foundation, hence, relieving pressure from your back and providing extreme comfort to the user while sleeping.

What are Main Two Types of Box Springs?

Understanding the basic types of Box Springs available in the market is the first step to take before making the decision of purchase. There are 2 broad categories of Box Springs, namely Standard Height Box Spring and Low Profile Box Spring. Both of these types are same in functionality and features, but only differ in height and type of application.


Standard Box Springs are the most basic and traditional type of foundation which is about 9” tall. It might be a perfect choice for those who are not willing to alter the height of their bed. However, most of the Mattresses today are designed with high profile. Hence, when such mattresses are used with Standard Box Spring, you might end up with a very tall bed.

But, if your bed is too low near to the ground and you wish to raise its level, then Standard Box Spring might be best for you.


Nowadays, there are myriad of mattresses that have high profile and are designed with extra- thickness. For those of you, who do not like to sleep on too high beds or have issue getting onto taller beds, might want to consider purchasing Low Profile Box Springs.

Using Low Profile Box Spring in combination with such High profile Mattresses might overcome this difficulty as these Box springs have height ranging from 4 inches to 6 inches. Aesthetically designed, such types of Box Spring add an elegant touch to your room decor and are very much trending nowadays.

Things to consider while choosing the Best Box Spring:

There are many important factors that you need to consider and study regarding Box Springs before making the final decision of purchase. For Best Box Spring buy, following are the key points explained that you need to understand.

  • tYPES
  • Support & stability
  • noise-free use
  • height

Mostly, the Box Springs are constructed from either wood or steel frame.

Certainly, in terms of durability and support, the steel construction of Box Spring is much more reliable as compared to the wooden frame.

But, wooden frames are much more affordable and fairly durable as well.

Which Box Spring should you buy?

Considering all its power-packed features and high build quality, the Zinus High Profile Smart Box Spring might be one of the Best Box Spring overall.

With its heavy-duty solid steel frame and high profile 9” tall design, it ensures extreme comfort and durable use. This Box Spring with its exclusively designed mattress layer feels very soft and ultra-plush gives cloud-like luxurious sense.

Best thing about this product is that it can be used with all mattress types. Smart Compact Packaging and 5 years of limited warranty period provided with this product are additional bonus.

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