Best Portable Basketball Hoop 2018: Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide

To become a great basketball player, there is no doubt that a lot of effort needs went into practice. Hence, wisely investing in a basketball hoop is necessary. However, installing one indoors might limit your space while getting a fixed hoop will decrease the portability.

Hence, looking for the best Portable Basketball Hoop will be a better choice. We know that there will be some obstacles when it comes to this field, we decided to do Detailed Reviews of top options on the market. Take a closer look at them to find out the best which suits your needs.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoop 2018 

Product Name

Backboard Material

Backboard Size


Our Rating


Spalding 54’’



Best for Practice (Intermediate)


Spalding "The Beast"





Lifetime 71522



Best under $500


Silverback NXT



Best for Home Use


Lifetime Pro Court



Best for under 13 years old & for Beginners


Look for in The Best Portable Basketball Hoop

Before going to the intensive reviews, it will be easier for you to choose the best portable basketball hoop if you understand the main features of each part. Thus, we will dig deeper into the backboard, the rim, the base as well as the pole system.


basketball backboard


When looking around, you will realize the backboards of portable basketball hoops come in 3 different sizes. In fact, the smallest one is 44 inches, like Lifetime 1221 Pro Court, which is suitable for newbies and children.

The biggest backboard available on the market is 60 inches featured in Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’. However, people often go for the medium size – a 54-inch hoop regarding recreational purpose at home, for instance, Silverback NXT.


We have 3 major types – glass, acrylic, and polycarbonate with distinctive characteristics.

- The tempered glass could be considered as the most pricey which is very good at delivering rebound performances. So, if you are ready for a fancy one, consider Spalding NBA - 54” Glass Back Board

- Acrylic backboards are not durable in comparison with polycarbonate ones. This material often offers customers a reasonable price. In case you are living in an environment with severe weather, Silverback NXT and Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic would be nice choices

- The lowest price would be polycarbonate backboards. Thanks to the high level of durability, the products with a polycarbonate material like Lifetime 1221 Pro Court, come highly recommended for rough play or to young kids

Offset of the backboard

The offset of the backboard, in other words, the extension refers to the distance between the backboard and the pole preventing the collision. The regulation offset is 4 inches.


Regarding rims, we have 3 primary kinds in total. Each of them provides players with both advantages and disadvantages.


A standard rim is easy to be warped or broken if you dunk it for a long time because this has no compression spring. A portable basketball hoop with a standard rim will be a nice choice in case you want to spend a small amount of money or aim not to dunk.

Our top picks are Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop !

standard rim


Breakaway Rim (No Cover)

The second one is breakaway rims having compression springs, but they are not covered. Honestly, these are appropriate for moderate dunking without worrying about damage. Nevertheless, the springs will quickly become rusty probably affecting the rim as they are exposed to the environment.

Breakaway Rim (No Cover)


Pro-Style Breakaway Rim (Strings Covered)

When it comes to the best portable basketball hoop, the pro-style breakaway rim is always a professional option. Compression springs are sheltered from the weather.

Otherwise, these rims can cope with great pressure although it is not recommended to avoid being broken. Likewise, they are less bouncy than other cheaper rims. Spalding NBA – 54” Glass Back Board, Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ and Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic are great choices.

Pro-Style Breakaway Rim (Strings Covered)



The base is often underrated when choosing a portable basketball system. It is responsible for keeping the hoop staying upright in all situations.

The low priced system usually have a 27-gallon base, however, this is easily tipped, particularly when dunking or in strong winds, for example, Lifetime 1221 Pro Court

The average bases could be filled up to 35 – 40 gallons of water and sand, so they bring players greater stability like Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic

The base of a premium system can hold over 50 gallons. Thus, it tends to stay upright in most circumstances, so don’t miss Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’

Support Pole System

The support pole system plays a significant role in keeping a basketball hoop stable during play. In reality, we have 3 key support role designs – one piece, two- piece, and three-piece. The first one is installed in the ground basketball hoops.

- Two-piece design is often seen in an expensive portable basketball hoop, which handles hard dunking to provide great stability

- Three-piece design usually comes with low-end and mid-priced system leading to hoop shaking when in use

In-depth Top 5 Best Portable Basketball Hoop Reviews

1. Spalding NBA – 54”

Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System - 54

If you are serious about becoming a pro player, nothing can beat this Spalding NBA Portable Basketball System regarding practice. With the pro-style breakaway rim that is made of heavy-duty solid steel to increase the level of stability and durability, you do not need to worry about damaging the hoop during your rough play.

Also, the tempered glass backboard will give you a superior rebound performance as well as the feeling of a real game. The combination of 4-strut mount and 4-inch pole is made to increase support. The manufacturer installs a 40-gallon base aiming to provide great stability.

The 54-inch backboard does not take too much space. The height system is adjustable allowing you to move from 7.5 to 10 feet high.


  • Offers customers a significant level of durability and stability even when in severe weather
  • Requires minimal installation
  • Does not take a large space


  • Quite difficult to assemble

2. Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’

Spalding NBA

For recreational purpose but you still want to have a high-quality product, consider Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ Portable Basketball System. The 50-gallon base helps this basketball hoop stay in place under all types of situations, even hard dunking.

To bring a real experience of joining a basketball team, the backboard is made of glass. Also, this portable hoop is renowned for being durable due to the protected breakaway rim and the all-weather net.

Like the system mentioned above, the height system can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. The company adds a grey inset cover functioning as a handle for a rebounder or pre-movement.


  • Highly durable and stable
  • Helps players enjoy real-game experiences
  • Provides great support and safety


  • The wheels do not work in high winds

3. Lifetime 71522 - 54 Inch Acrylic

Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic Portable Basketball Hoop is the best option if you do not plan to spend more than $500 on a basketball system. Although this is not a high-end product, this model still helps you get real-life experiences through the professional look.

The Power Lift height adjustment allows you to change up to 7.5 – 10 feet. To deal with the harshest conditions, the net and pole are made to be weather-resistant while graphics are not affected.

​The welded net hooks and solid-steel rim with compression springs make sure that the hoop can take more punishment. A 35-gallon base is provided to maximize the stability and safety. Finally, you will get a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • Gives users a real-game experience via the professional look
  • Very durable even in the extreme weather
  • Takes much pressure
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • A bit challenging to set up

4. Silverback NXT

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

If you are looking for the best basketball hoop for home use, ‘the Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop should be considered. Thanks to the Stabili-Frame technology, extra safety and playability are added. To improve the integrity, the pole is directly connected to the frame.

The Infinity Edge Backboard provides the backboard an unmatched strength apart from creating a clean and modern look. Additionally, the goal is easily moved in comparison with the traditional system because of the ErgoMove – a sloped base structure. The rear kickstand is built to ensure that the goal will not tip backward.​


  • Very sturdy
  • Unmatched stability due to the steel-frame substructure
  • Ultimate playability thanks to the special backboard edge design
  • Easy to move around


  • Might take you a long time to put things together

5. Lifetime 1221 Pro Court

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System, 44 Inch Backboard

In case you are a complete novice at basketball, or simply find a product for your young kids, why don’t you try Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System? The height adjustment mechanism is specially designed so that children or players at any level can change the height easily.

Likewise, the construction of high-density polyethylene and UV protection prevent the 44-inch backboard from dramatically wearing. The sturdy plastic shelters the graphics and the board from fading and cracking, and chipping respectively.

Using wheels for transporting as well as a 27-gallon base, newbies and tweens will find it easy to move around and play. Last, it carries a 5-year warranty.


  • Lightweight than other products
  • Easy to move and use
  • Durable backboard
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • A bit challenging to get the rim and backboard level

Portable Basketball Hoop Ultimate Buying Guide

After understanding basic features of portable systems through detailed reviews, you need to reach a decision to purchase the best portable basketball hoop by carefully thinking about the following factors.

Budget & Need

The first and foremost things you must figure out is how much you can afford and what the basketball hoop is used for.

If it is just for beginners or your children, we think that you had better go for the least expensive ones (between $250 and $450), or probably the mid-ranged systems (ranging from $450 to $750). Otherwise, investing in a high-end basketball hoop, which is normally $750+, is necessary in case you want to focus on practice to become a pro player.


When it comes to adjustability, we mean the height adjustment. Not everybody is ready for regulation – 10 feet, so the best portable basketball hoop must allow you to make adjustments from 7.5 – 10 feet.


Regarding quality, you should pay attention to how well that system is structured aside from the materials or the type of rims. Check that whether it meets the regulation or not to ensure at least the safety of players when in use.

Also, do a test if you can to make sure that the basketball hoop satisfies your personal demands. It is true that the most expensive product might not meet your requirements, so in your eyes, it is not a high-quality one.


Nobody likes to replace a basketball hoop regularly, right? Honestly, the durability of a portable basketball hoop depends on a lot of different factors including the material of the backboard, the type of rim you chose, the weather, how you use and maintain it.

To maximize the level of durability, polycarbonate backboard with pro-style breakaway rim is suggested. However, if you prefer others, try to take the one produced with weather resistance, or UV protection.


Of course, the best portable basketball hoop needs to offer you great playability so that you can gain valuable experience. In fact, this heavily depends on your purpose of buying a basketball hoop to define the stability.

When it is just for fun, you then only need a product made of cheap materials which could be bouncy with a 27-gallon base and a three-piece design. On the contrary, regarding serious practice, you are required to go for models that can take more punishment and hard dunking to prevent worse damage, for instance, a 50-gallon base.

Some Facts You Should Know about Portable Basketball Hoop

Regulation Height of Basketball Hoop

In reality, a basketball goal is often manufactured with the adjustable height mechanism. Consequently, some people get confused about how to properly level the basketball hoop. Well, the regulation height for a basketball hoop is 10 feet from the ground. This measurement is applied to all types of basketball systems including outdoor, indoor hoop systems, wall mount, and inground.

How much Weight can a Basketball Hoop hold?

There is no specific number of how heavy a basketball hoop can hold. This depends on the what type of rim you picked, the weather, and how hard you dunk. Of course, rim-hanging or too much punishment for on over time will break the hoop quickly.

How do I maintain my Basketball Hoop?

- Replace the net once you realize it is damaged after a long time of use

- Use cleaning solutions, for example, detergents to clean the backboard, the rim, and the pole areas

- Strictly follow the manual guides to prolong the durability

- Check the warranty guidelines to see what the manufacturer would cover. If you can, try to use items from that brand instead of using a low-quality product on the market

Which Best Portable Basketball Hoop should I buy?

Again, before investing in anything valuable, you have to make sure that you have a deep understanding of it, particularly vital buying factors. We hope that today article helped you become confident to pick the best portable basketball hoop for your family.

Try to read our top 5 basketball system reviews before coming to a decision. Overall, if you just desire to find an affordable product, Lifetime 54 Inch Acrylic is the best choice. Meanwhile, Spalding NBA ‘The Beast’ is great for those who love to be a professional basketball player.

If you have any questions about this topic, do not hesitate to ask us. Just leave a comment below to let us know, and we will discuss to know more about it. Finally, thank you for reading!

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