Best Proform Rowing Machine – Proform 440R Rower Review

Best Proform Rowing Machine - Proform 440R Rower Review

ProForm is an eminent brand, known to produce Fitness equipment by integrating advanced technologies with high-quality materials.

It has delivered some finest quality of Rowing Machine, namely, ProForm 550R and ProForm 440R Rower models.

With its slightly advanced design and better performance, the best ProForm Rowing machine has to be the 440R Model. It allows you to efficiently and smoothly perform full body workouts with its dual action training design.

Following ProForm 440R Rower Review will shell out more in-depth info regarding its features and performance ability.

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Quick Review of ProForm 440R Rower

proform 440r rowing machine

Premium all-in-one design of the Proform 440R rowing machine allows you to perform amazing rowing workouts and serves as optimum low pulley equipment for your home gyms.

It has 8 distinct levels to adjust the resistance for workout from light to highly intense. The foldable design of the Proform 440R saves a lot of space, as it can be stored away when not in use.

Integrated with large pivoting bike pedals, it also features adjustable nylon-made foot straps for accommodating any foot size conveniently.

ProForm 440R has been incorporated with a flywheel, aluminum-made seat rail, ergonomically designed seat and low pulley for efficiently performing curls, triceps extensions, deadlifts, etc. With this dual action strength-building equipment, a large user-friendly LCD monitor is provided to keep track of your development.


  • 8 levels of resistance from light to heavy-duty
  • Dual action strength-building and cardio equipment
  • Ergonomically designed seat with molded cushioning for maximum comfort
  • Oversized Seat rail made from lightweight aluminum
  • Inertia-enhanced flywheel allows smooth and secure strokes
  • Fold-up design saves a lot of space
  • Affordably priced


  • Seat might be uncomfortable for too taller users
  • Frame and rope might not be of very high durability

Features and Specifications of ProForm 440R

Deliberately designed for strength-building as well as cardio, this dual action equipment features a low pulley station and rower. ProForm 440R features dynamic design with a cable and handgrip at the front that allows total body workout and lets you perform bicep curls, deadlifts, overhead triceps extensions, deltoid raises, etc.

The inertia-enhanced flywheel allows for steady and smooth strokes each time while working out.

dynamic design of Proform 440r

Integrated with pivoting pedals, the ProForm 440R has nylon straps on these pedals with adjustable Velcro Closures to accommodate any foot size expediently. The textured foot pedals provide firm and secure grip to your foot while exercising.

foot straps

ProForm 440R features 8 levels of resistance, so that you can adjust the intensity of the workout as per your choice and convenience with the help of the tension knob provided. For novices, it can be adjusted to light level and then can gradually be altered to heaviest level for extreme intensity.

ProForm 440R features 8 levels of resistance

Ergonomically designed, the Soft Touch Handlebar provides an anti-slip grip to the user for secure and stable strokes while working out. The padded handgrip intends to reduce the fatigue caused to your hands and provide a comfortable experience of workout.

soft touch handle proform 440r

The oversized seat rail is made from lightweight aluminum to offer high durability. Also, the molded cushioned seat is ergonomically designed and its position can be adjusted for your suitability.

The oversized seat rail

It has a fold-up type of design so that it can be stored away whenever not in use, further saving a lot of space. The transport wheels mounted on the front allows for quick and easy portability.

fold up type of 440r

After the cardio exercises, you can switch to strength training by using the low pulley station. Front-facing footholds are provided for you to stand on them and stably perform exercises for toning, strengthening and building core muscles like shoulders, back, glutes, etc. Large LCD Monitor tracks your movements and displays strokes per minute, total strokes, calories burned, distance and time.

lcd monitor proform 440r

When fully assembled, the ProForm 440R measures 76.6” in length x 20.5”in width x 38.3” in height. This product is backed with 5 years of warranty on frame and 90 days warranty on parts/labor. The maximum weight capacity of the ProForm 440R is about 250 lbs. which makes it an optimum choice for beginners as well as intermediary trainers seeking an affordable way to perform daily intense workouts.

Who does the Proform 440R compete with?

Stamina Air Rower

Stamina Air Rower (Black, Chrome)

Utilizing wind resistance, the Stamina Air Rower accordingly adjusts and allows user to decide the resistance of the workout as per their rowing intensity and speed.

Multi-functional monitor tracks your progress and shows speed, distance, time and calories burned. Padded seat and large footplates provided can accommodate even taller users.

The seat rail is angled and oversized for smooth and secure rowing slides. Just like ProForm 440R, the Stamina Air Power also features foldable design for saving space. Also, the floor protectors provided prevents the unit from skidding.

This equipment might be much noisier than the ProForm 440R due to the Wind resistance assembly. It is fairly durable with steel construction and best for novices looking for an affordable Rowing machine for controlled workouts.

SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine by Sunny Health & Fitness

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine

Featuring Magnetic Tension system, the Sunny Health & Fitness offers this Rower having 8 levels of resistance for you to adjust.

The large-sized LCD monitor shows time, calories burned, Count, Total Count and Scan. But, it does not display the distance, which might be disappointing for some users.

Padded seat and anti-slip handles provides maximum comfort while rowing. Oversized foot pedals come with adjustable straps and non-slip texture for a firm and secure workout. Inbuilt wheels make the portability of the unit much easier.

The maximum weight capacity of this rower is 250 lbs. and it allows you to smoothly perform low-impact aerobics as well as cardio workouts. Heavy-duty steel frame ensures the high quality of this rowing machine and can withstand any rugged usage.

Concept2 Model E Rowing Machine with PM5

Concept2 Model E Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Concept2 Model E Rower features advanced design to let you do low-impact full body workout as compared to the ProForm 440R.

Flywheel is deliberately designed to minimize the noise levels and enhance the smoothness of the workout.

Featuring Performance Monitor 5, it will accurately track all the data per row and comes with an adjustable monitor arm for handy use. Seat is 20” high; the unit comes with durable nickel-plated chain and ergonomically designed handlebar.

The innovative assembly design separates into 2 distinct pieces for compact storage whereas the casters make its portabilitymuch easier.

It comes with 5 years of frame warranty and has 500 lbs. of maximum weight capacity, making it ideal for Pro trainers seeking heavy-duty workout. It is extremely durable, aesthetically designed and allows rugged usage, but, is very highly priced.

Buying Proform 440R Rowing Machine?

Considering all of the above mentioned features and specifications, the Best ProForm rowing machine might be the 440R Rower. Constructed from steel, the ProForm 440R offers fairly durable and solid design to efficiently perform full body workouts. Its dual action design features low pulley station as well as rowing platform with which you can perform biceps curls, triceps extensions, deadlifts, etc.

All-in-all ProForm 440R Review ascertains that it is a feature-rich Rower with an extremely affordable price, suitable for all the novices and intermediary trainers who seekentry-level rowing equipment.

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