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best rtic cooler reviews

Based in Houston Texas, the RTIC is one of the leading Cooler brands that have manufactured some premium-quality coolers with Hard-sided designs, Soft-sided designs as well as drinkware.

RTIC is a direct-to-consumer retailer, meaning that they sell all of their coolers online to cut-off the pricing needed for big box retailers, highly expensive ads or brand ambassadors. Therefore, all of their Coolers are offered at an affordable price as compared to other competitor cooler brands.

Best RTIC cooler will be the one that has high Ice retention, is tough to adapt with different weather conditions and has highly durable construction. Following RTIC Cooler Reviews will provide you with better insights as regards to their features and design.

3 Types of RTIC Cooler & Best RTIC Cooler 2018 Reviews

RTIC Hard-Sided Coolers (RTIC Can Cooler)

Such types of coolers have RotoMolded construction and closed-cell wall-insulation to retain the temperature of ice for a longer period of time. They are offered in different sizes from 20 Quarts to about 65 Quarts; all of them are easy to carry-around by one person.

For short trips, fishing, hunting, tailgating, camping, you can utilize the small-sized RTIC 20 Quarts Cooler. For heavy-duty use like offshore fishing, long camping trips or long journeys, you can opt for higher capacity RTIC 65 Quarts Cooler. With its molded tie-down slots, you can easily fix the cooler with your trunk bedding or boat.

1. RTIC Cooler - 20 Quarts Tan

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20 Tan)

Featuring a RotoMolded Construction, this RTIC Cooler is robustly built to be practically indestructible. It has the capability of efficiently and conveniently store Ice for about 10 days with its commercial-grade 3” insulated walls.

Hence, it might an ideal equipment to carry on short trips, camping, fishing, kayaking, etc. Due to its integrated locking system and tight sealing of lid gasket, you can keep all the internal contents absolutely safe.

It has heavy-duty T-latch type of closure which is made from rubber; hence, they might be of fine durability and smooth to operate.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 20 Tan)

Practically designed, you can use RTIC 20 Quartz cooler every day and carry at your workplace as well. All the food items or drinks can be stored here to keep them cool for longer period of time, as it has capacity to accommodate about 24 cans with ice. Durable stainless handle provided can lock vertically for easy portability and single-handed carrying. Non-slip design of feet keeps the unit in place without slipping.

2. RTIC Cooler - 45 Quarts Tan

With its ability of retaining ice for about 10 days, this RTIC Cooler might be an optimum portable freezer to be used for boating, fishing, to be stored in the rear of pick-up trucks, etc. It features a RotoMolded Construction to make it highly durable and indestructible. Itssolid locking system, heavy-duty T-latches made from rubber, 3” of commercial-grade insulating wall and the lid gasket tightly seals all the contents inside.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 45 Tan)

Keeping all your food items and drinks cold, it can also serve you as a step-on stool, or a table-top or a bench. It has the capability to store about 36 cans with ice. Designed with 25 lbs. of weight to be impact-resistant and bear-resistant, it will proficiently keep all the bears out. For quick and easy portability, its handles are incorporated with marine-grade ropes and seamless grip.

3. RTIC Cooler - 65 Quarts Tan

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65 Tan)

Designed to be large and act as a backup freezer, this RTIC 65 Quarts Cooler might be perfect to carry around for hunting, offshore fishing, long trips, camping, etc.

With its RotoMolded construction, 3” commercial-grade insulated wall and impact-resistant built, it is quite sturdy and indestructible. It has the capacity to hold about 64 cans with ice. It features heavy-duty T-Latches made from rubber that allows for smooth shutting.

RTIC 65 Cooler has integrated lock up system and a lid gasket to tightly seal the unit and retain ice for about 10 days. Robustly built with 36.5 lbs. of weight, this cooler is fairly bear-resistant and impact-resistant.

RTIC Cooler (RTIC 65 Tan)

Its handle system features marine-grade ropes with textured grip for easy portability, even by single person. Its V-drain system allows for rapid draining whereas the exteriors stay dry. Non-slip design of the feet will hold the unit in place without sliding.

RTIC Soft-Sided Coolers (RTIC Bag Cooler)

Soft Pack Coolers from RTIC do not have hard-cased exterior like the Hard-sided Cooler designs, but are reinforced with Heavy-duty Nylon shell on the exterior to offer medium-duty performance and keeps the ice cold for about 5 days. They are offered in different sizes; all of them are lightweight and durable in nature, can be used for small trips, hunting, fishing, weekend camping, etc.

4. RTIC 30 Soft Pack

RTIC 30 Soft Pack - Keeps Ice up to 5 Days

Featuring a heavy-duty vinyl case wrapping with welded seams, this RTIC Soft Pack can hold about 30 cans with ice. It can retain the condition of ice for about 5 days, hence making it an ideal option to utilize on fishing, boating, hunting, small trips, etc. It comes with a no-leak zipper and is constructed from 100% waterproof material, making the unit fully leak-proof and also its design is puncture-resistant. Due to the antimicrobial liner, the unit is free from any sort of mildew or mold.

Built to be durable, the RTIC 30 Soft Pack is tear-resistant and is designed with UV Protectionfor prevention against fading. With about 2” of foam insulation on top and 1” on the sides, all your drinks will be kept cold for a longer period of time. Exterior pocket provided can be utilized to store dry items, as it does not sweat at all.

5. RTIC 20 Soft Pack

RTIC 20 Soft Pack

Constructed from heavy-duty nylon exterior material, the RTIC 20 Soft Pack is 100% waterproof, puncture-resistant and tear-resistant. This cooler has the capacity to hold about 20 cans with ice; also it can maintain the condition of the ice for about 5 days. The anti-microbial lining prevents all the drinks and food items from mildew. Deliberately designed to be lightweight, this unit is also quite durable with its welded seams and laminated fabric.

RTIC 20 soft pack is practically designed to be used every day and be taken to workplaces, hunting, fishing or camping. With 2” closed-cell foam insulation on top and 1” on the sides, all your food items and drinks will be kept cold for a longer period of time in this portable cooler. Widely designed flip-top allows for easy access and the no-leak zipper keeps your surrounding mess-free.

6. RTIC Soft Pack Cooler – Camouflage

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler - Camouflage (Size: 40 Cans)

RTIC Soft Pack cooler is aesthetically designed with Camouflage patterned exterior for added beauty. It has the capacity to hold about 40 cans of any of your much loved drinks or can hold about 40 lbs. of ice. Due to its 2” foam insulation, it can efficiently preserve the condition of the ice for about 5 days, making it optimal to be used for fishing, boating, weekend camping, short hunting trips, etc. Integrated with anti-microbial liner, all of your food items and drinks will be safe from mold.

Reinforced with heavy-duty nylon shell, this cooler is puncture-resistant, tear-resistant and completely waterproof. Due to the Nylon handles and shoulder strap provided, it is much easier for you to carry this unit anywhere. The no-leak zipper makes this unit fully leak-proof and the no-sweat exterior allows you to store dry items in the outer pocket.

RTIC Drinkware (RTIC Tumbler)

Portable Tumblers from RTIC are made to keep your cans or bottles ice cold for a longer period of time. All of the RTIC tumblers are durably built with stainless steel construction and double-wall vacuum insulation. They can retain the temperature of ice for about 24 hours, making it perfect to be used for one-day trips, picnics, overnight camping, etc.

7. RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler

Featuring a dual-wall vacuum insulation, this RTIC 30 oz. Tumbler retains maximum temperature of hot drinks up to 12 hours and also can be used to insulate hands from extreme cold. It can hold ice for a longer period of time up to 24 hours and any of your cold beverages can be kept cooler in this unit for about 60 hours. Constructed from 18/8 (18% chromium, 8% nickel) stainless steel, this tumbler is built to be durable and isof high endurance. Due to its narrow bottom and taller design, you can easily fit this tumbler into cup holders.

Upper heavy-duty lid is made from crystal clear material to check level of the drink handily and provides air tight seal. This lid is splash-proof; making it much easier to hold your drinks in adventures like rough boating, off road driving, etc. and it can be used with straws as well. This tumbler is extremely easy to clean and its exterior remains dry, eliminating the need of coaster.

8. RTIC 20 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

RTIC 20 Oz Stainless Steel Tumbler

Designed with double wall vacuum insulation and 18/8 stainless steel construction, this RTIC Tumbler has the capacity of about 20 oz. and can retain the temperature of ice for about 24 hours.

It can also be utilized to maintain the temperature of hot drinks for a longer period of time. With the no-sweat design of exterior, the outer surface remains dry and does not need a coaster.

Exclusively designed with a crystal clear and splash-proof lid, you can quickly check your drink level and use this tumbler in any rough activities like rough boat rides, off-road drives, etc. without spilling the drink. Also, this lid provides you with an air tight seal to lock-in the temperature. The taller and narrow design of the base provides you with a better and firm grip. Cleaning this tumbler is a breeze and takes just few seconds.

9. RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler 12oz

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler 12oz

RTIC Can cooler is compatible with most of the 12oz. bottles and cans; keeps them ice cold for a longer period of time. Constructed from sturdy 18/8 stainless steel and featuring a dual-wall vacuum insulation, this can cooler is pretty durable and ideal for heavy-duty usage.

The exclusive locking gasket provided with its design tightly seals in the cold temperature to offer better performance. This gasket is made from BPA-free material for safe usage and also is dishwasher-safe.

RTIC 12 oz. can cooler is extremely easy to clean and its no-sweat outer surface does not demand the need of a coaster. This Can cooler can keep your drinks ice cold 10 times longer than the regular Koozie. It can effortlessly fit into most of the cup holders for your suitability and handy use.

Features & Advantages of RTIC Coolers over other brands like YETI


RTIC coolers are half the price of its competitor cooler brands, making it an optimal choice for the people who have low budget but do not want to compromise with the built quality of the Cooler. Despite being low-priced, RTIC cooler are sturdily built with ample insulation and other exceptional features to make it much superior.


RTIC Hard-sided coolers are offered with easy-lift Lid handles for quick portability. These are comfortable to hold and will not need you to use T-latches for opening the unit, therefore, protecting the T-latch from wearing away or losing its sealing abilities.


RTIC cooler can hold much more content or ice than other cooler brands like YETI. With its high capacity, it is ensured that it can adroitly retain the maximum temperature and keep your contents colder for a longer period of time.

Where can you buy RTIC Coolers?

RTIC only sells their Coolers via online trade. RTIC claims to be a direct-to-consumer retailer and focuses on the high-quality built of their products instead of commercializing, therefore cuts the high expense caused by big box retail distribution. Due to which, the RTIC Coolers are feature-packed as well as low-priced. You can buy these RTIC coolers directly from their website or from Amazon as well.


With its power-packed features, sturdy built and heavy-duty construction, the RTIC Cooler is one of the premium brands for coolers, offered at an affordable price. There are introduced in different types of designs and models, as per your type of application and budget, you can pick the one that best suits all your needs from the above given RTIC Cooler Reviews.

If you are looking for a small-sized cooler for short trips, kayaking, camping, fishing or for tailgating, then you might want to consider RTIC 20 Quarts Cooler. Its RotoMolded Construction and 3” wall insulation offers better ice retention for up to 10 days.

For light-duty use like fishing, boating, hunting for small game, etc. you can opt for one of the Best RTIC Cooler, that is, RTIC 30 Soft Pack. As it is wrapped with heavy-duty nylon case and features 2” foam insulation, it can retain ice for up to 5 days.

If you are seeking a portable tumbler to carry around while rough boat rides, off-roading or other such adventures, then the RTIC 30 oz. tumbler might be an optimum choice. With its dual-wall vacuum insulation, splash-proof lid and stainless steel construction, it has ice retention capacity of about 24 hours.

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