Top 5 Best Shoes For Lower Back Pain 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Almost half the population of our world deals with lower back pain. The condition is very common but its causes vary. The reason why your lower back pains can be a recent possible injury, incorrect body posture or alignment, or bending the wrong way. More often than not, it’s wearing the wrong kind of shoes. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to you when you realize that the most amazing and expensive pair of shoes that you bought for walking or running is the culprit behind all this pain.

Wearing improper footwear can really mess with your low back along with body posture and alignment. It can keep you from doing the activities that you love to do every single day, some of them being exercising, running, or simply walking.

So the best shoes for lower back pain are the ones that are well equipped to provide the required support, cushioning, and flexibility. So that your feet need in order to relieve lower back pain and improve the overall health and alignment of your spine. And once they start working their magic, you can go back to exercise, run, or walk as much as you like without having to worry about any pain or discomfort.

Best Shoes For Lower Back Pain reviews

Top 5 Best Shoes for Lower Back Pain 2019

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Low Back Pain: What do You Know about?

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Only to give you a heads-up about this universal problem, we decided to list down some of its most common causes.

Most of them are associated with exercising the wrong way or in the wrong pair of shoes. These types of causes definitely give rise to the initial lower back pain. But it’s the kind of ignorance and disregard that we show towards this negligible pain is what makes the condition worse. So much so that it can lead to sprains, muscle damage, or impaired nerves.

The reason why we’re telling you this is because it’s important for you to take any pain related to your back, especially low back, seriously.

As soon as you start to notice some consistent lower back pain, it’s highly advisable to switch to the correct footwear in order to relieve some of that lower back pain. And if shoes don’t seem to make any difference at all, then it’s time to investigate what the problem really is.

Apart from wearing the wrong kind of shoes, some other possible causes of lower back pain are:

  • 1. Walking excessively.
  • 2. Stretching excessively.
  • ​3. Heavy weight lifting, at work or at the gym.
  • ​4. Being seated in a hunched or the same position for a really long time.
  • Overworking certain muscles of the body.

How to Treat Lower Back Pain at Home

How Incorrect Footwear Causes Lower Back Pain

The thing about our feet is that they have the sole responsibility of ensuring that our entire body is well balanced and properly aligned. And this is only made possible if these foundation structures of our body are supported in the best possible manner.

This is where the right kind of shoes can make all the difference. But if you end up wearing the wrong kind, then the proper mechanical support and flawless basic protection to the feet are compromised.

When this occurs, the body inevitably tries to make up for the loss of protection and support that should have provided to the feet by redistributing weight. Once the body forces itself to redistribute weight, the anatomical alignment, and posture of the spinal cord are subjected to inevitable and abnormal change. And this is exactly what causes lower back pain.

It may be minor in the initial stage, but it can get more complicated than you can imagine if you don’t decide to immediately act upon it by changing to proper, appropriate footwear.

Wearing shoes for lower back pain can really go a long way in providing that required mechanical support and basic protection. That your highly useful feet need in order to keep that spine healthy and not “misplaced”.

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How to Treat Lower Back Pain at Home

What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Lower Back Pain

The essential features that you should look in the best shoes for this disease are supposed to be providing the following the three qualities to your feet:



A comfortable fitting shoe offers limited compactness around the heel and the midfoot paired with a slightly roomy forefoot area. This is largely provided when your shoes are well equipped with enough padding and contours.



The importance of this particular characteristic cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to buying the most suitable shoes for lower back pain. More flexibility means less stress on the spine to perform all kinds of movements. So the best shoes are those that allow your toes to flex as much as they like in order to carry out a range of movements quite smoothly.



Balance should be your shoes’ middle name. Because without balance, you’d be injuring not only your feet and spine but also many other parts of your body. So make sure that the best shoes you choose to relieve lower back pain offer exceptional balance in order to secure your feet across a range of motions.

Features to take into account when buying the best shoes to relieve lower back pain:


 Heel Counter

Now all walking and running shoes have a heel counter, obviously, but what they all don’t have is a snug heel counter. A not too tight and not too loose heel counter does the job of supporting the back of the heel in the most effective manner.

It also ensures that your feet are protected from over pronation and supination.



The midsole is the region where most of the support, cushioning, and flexibility is put up. It is considered to be the most important part of the shoes. So if you want to invest in the best pair of walking or running shoes for lower back pain. Then ensure that the midsole is equipped with enough support, cushioning, and flexibility.



The job of excellent insoles is to provide maximum shock absorption along with reducing the impact of rough ground felt between the foot and the shoe. These are the kind of insoles you should be looking for in order to prevent any possible injury and further damage to your low back.


Toe Box

The most suitable toe box is one that neither restricts the movement of the toes nor gives them too much wiggle room. The former reduces flexibility while the latter causes excessive shifting and irritation. Ideally, the amount of distance between the big toe and the end of one side of the toe box should be the length of either one-half or the full thumb.

In-depth Reviews Top 5 Best Shoes for Lower Back Pain

ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 20 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano 20

The ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 20 Running Shoes are the most stable running shoes meant for those suffering from lower back pain and particularly overpronation. These shoes have been on the market in the topmost position for over 20 years and that says a lot, doesn’t it? The uppers are constructed with mesh, which is just what you need to obtain a more snug fit in order to relieve lower back pain. They are as practical as they are functional.

So if you’re someone who runs or even walks on the same kind of terrain daily. Then the amount of cushioning and support provided by the ASICS Men’s Gel Kayano 20 Running Shoes will be simply perfect for you.

Let’s talk a little about the exceptionally built toe box. It is spacious enough to enable the foot to smoothly expand once it comes in contact with the ground. This helps in naturally providing shock absorption as soon as the foot spreads out on the ground. The addition of damping material does tend to make the shoes a tad heavier. But that doesn’t seem like such a bad idea when it also offers maximum cushioning to your feet.


  • ​Great choice for long distance runners.
  • ​Suitable for wider feet.
  • ​The midsole provides maximum traction between the inner footbed and the foot.


  • ​Heavy weighted.
  • ​The ball of the foot region of these shoes is thin and low.
adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost M Running Shoe

How can you not trust something that’s called Adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost M Running Shoe! There’s so much healing in the title of the product itself. These best for this disease have plenty of cushioning in the toe area paired with a lifted front design.

This highly efficient combination ensures that your feet enjoy a smooth landing and takeoff. The shoes are constructed with seamless mesh, which is a feature that you will appreciate once you realize just how secure and exceptionally breathable it makes the shoes.

In order to protect your foot and ultimately your spine from any possible injury or further damage, the Adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost M Running Shoes are armed with plastic between the heel and the forefoot.

What this piece of plastic does is effectively protect the midfoot area. The use of stretch web rubber in the construction of the outsole ensures maximum physical resistance along with durability. You can put these on and run or walk for miles and miles without having to worry about giving rise to any kind of lower back pain.


  • ​Provides great arch support.
  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Maximum cushioning in the heel area.


  • ​Thin and poor quality laces.
  • ​The forefoot is too narrow.
New Balance Men's MW577 Walking Shoe

If there are any the best shoes for lower back pain on the market that, after you wear them, you don’t feel like doing anything but moving, then let us introduce you to the New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes. They are the kind of shoes that your feet will feel so comfortable in that even the slightest possibility of lower back pain will seem like an impossible occurrence.

What makes them suitable to prevent or relieve lower back pain is the fact that these shoes are well equipped with the most appropriate features that provide ultimate cushioning and comfort. The addition of ABZORB midsole cushioning, exceptional Strike Path outsole, padded tongue and collar. And walk specific comfort footbed are the four truly remarkable features that I personally find very helpful as far as lower back pain is concerned.

With the New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes, you not only eliminate the possibility of lower back pain but also foot pain. Thanks to its abundant padding. You can wear these shoes for as long as you want, which makes them suitable for passionate walkers. This might be a good option for those who want to invest in shoes for lower back pain that is super comfy but not too sporty.


  • ​Wide toe box.
  • ​Exceptional support.
  • ​Light duty walking shoes.


  • ​Squeaky insoles.
  • ​Not fit for daily use.
Saucony Men's ProGrid Ride 5

If it’s important to you to find for lower back pain the best shoes that you can wear on a daily basis, the Saucony Men’s ProGrid Ride 5 Running Shoes might be the aptest choice for you. These shoes have the much-needed snug fit around the heel area that significantly contributes to maintaining the natural posture and alignment of your spine. Also remarkable is the shoe’s wide toe box, which leaves enough wiggle room for your toes to carry out all kinds of movements without pain or discomfort.

The Saucony Men’s ProGrid Ride 5 Running Shoes are armed with Hydrator Collar Lining. This fabric is highly beneficial in enhancing the skin to skin feels around the collar while also getting rid of moisture. Not many shoes for lower back pain have this particular feature, so that’s good news, isn’t it? What is truly marvelous is the Heel ProGrid technology that absorbs most of the shock upon landing and makes the transfer to the toes a smooth experience. What can be better than this for lower back pain!


  • ​They have a solid base.
  • ​Lightweight but abundant cushioning.
  • ​Maximum durability in the most vulnerable parts of the shoe, like the heel area.


  • ​The fit may be a tad too snug for some.
  • ​They require a pretty long break-in period.
Brooks Men's Beast '12 Running Shoes

The Brooks Men’s Beast ‘12 Running Shoes are yet another pair of shoes for lower back pain, but what makes them stand out is their remarkably unique combination of flexibility and cushioning. These shoes are constructed with extremely lightweight mesh, which supplies the upper with extra flexibility along with sufficient breathability. The insoles have a very useful liner that makes treading on moist or damp surfaces possible.

The most important part of any running or walking shoe is its midsole, which has been given its due attention in the Brooks Men’s Beast ‘12 Running Shoes. The midsole has a pretty neat cradle design that alone does the job of keeping your midfoot in place without excessive rubbing while also providing optimal support to your heel and ankle region. It’s the unnecessary and excessive tension buildup in the heel and ankle area (sometimes due to running incorrectly) that causes lower back pain in the first place and the Brooks Men’s Beast ‘12 Running Shoes eliminate that possibility altogether.


  • ​Provide phenomenal arch support to alleviate or prevent lower back pain.
  • ​Can be worn daily to cure foot ailments like plantar fasciitis.
  • ​Heavy-duty stability shoes.


  • ​Not enough pronation control.
  • ​Poor quality.

Wrapping it Up

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems faced by many people across the globe. Whatever the cause for this pain, the most effective and natural way to deal with it or to prevent it completely is by wearing running or walking with the best shoes for lower back pain. These shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and cushioning to the midfoot, heel, and ankle region. Because these are the areas that lead to the misalignment of the spine if and when they’re subjected to excessive misuse or pressure.

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To make things simple, we can pick the best option from our list that has fantastic overall construction and performance. It’s the New Balance Men’s MW577 Walking Shoes. They provide the much-needed comfort in the midfoot and heel along with maximum flexibility and balance to the feet. The insoles are exceptionally shock absorbent and the toe box wide enough. So the possibility of low back pain arising due to the absence of these two highly beneficial features gets eliminated.

The best way to test the credibility of such shoes is to check whether they give you the feeling of literally moving on immediately after you wear them. That’s how one should feel in the shoes designed to prevent or relieve lower back pain, just get on with it!

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