Best Shoes For Swollen Feet – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews of 2019

The swelling of the feet and ankles is a very common occurrence, which means that the causes are abundant. Conditions like high blood pressure, injury, and pregnancy are some of the common causes that are not in your hands to control.

What I mean to say is that these conditions inevitably cause swelling of the feet, no matter how hard you try to avoid it. On the other hand, the most common cause that can be controlled in order to not give rise to swollen feet is wearing uncomfortable shoes.

More often than not, we wear shoes that may not fit us properly or shoes that we’re not comfortable in. We mainly do this only because these pair of shoes ‘”look good”. But vanity comes at a price, doesn’t it?

So it’s very important to wear shoes that fit properly and that make your feet feel comfortable. When you have a high blood pressure problem or an injury, or when you’re pregnant, it is always advisable to wear the best shoes for swollen feet.

Best Shoes For Swollen Feet - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

Top 8 Best Shoes for Swollen Feet of 2019

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These kinds of shoes not only help in reducing the swelling and discomfort but also ensure that your feet are in a healthy condition at all times. They have the ability to do what your current “good looking” shoes aren’t doing enough, providing sufficient support and protection to your feet and ankles.

What Causes Swelling in the Feet?

So whatever the cause, swelling in the feet is the result of the formation of fluids called edema. Medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure along with factors such as wearing tight fitting shoes lead to the formation of edema.

And once this fluid is released, immediate steps need to be taken in order to not confound the problem even further. So if you’re still wearing tight fitting or uncomfortable shoes despite having swollen feet or during pregnancy, chances are that you’re harming your feet in much more ways than you can imagine.

And, believe me, you don’t want your feet to not function properly. Such a tragedy puts your entire life on hold and you don’t want that, right?

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The Undeniable Truth About Swollen Feet That No One Is Telling You

How does Proper Footwear Help in Reducing Swelling of the Feet?

Uncomfortable and tight fitting footwear curbs healthy blood circulation, which leads to the formation of the fluids called edema.

So it’s only logical that the best shoes for swollen feet are built in such a way so as to provide enough room to not restrict blood circulation. Shoes that are not too tight and that don’t require a considerably longer break in the period are the kinds of shoes that one should be wearing with swollen feet.

Shoes that are created to help you deal with swollen feet are built with the ability to conform to the shape of your foot. This helps in providing your foot with enough wiggle room and breathability to significantly reduce swelling.

Also, these types of shoes have a comparatively wider toe box, which is a huge plus point if you have wider shaped feet or when you’re pregnant.

the best shoes for swollen feet


What are the Features that you Should Take into Consideration?

When it comes to the best shoes for swollen feet due to various medical and non-medical conditions, there are certain characteristics that provide utmost comfort and support to your feet. These are the kind of qualities that one must absolutely keep in mind when buying footwear to reduce swelling in the feet.

​Easy to Put on and Take off

Isn’t it better when you can easily put on and remove shoes without struggling with a narrow opening? And especially when you have considerable swelling in the feet, a wide opening can really go a long way.

In fact, some of the best shoes for such purposes have an extra wide opening. This makes wearing and taking off the shoes a completely effortless and natural process.


Support is one element that your foot needs when it is swollen up like a water balloon. In fact, even minor swelling, if not taken care of immediately, can lead to a condition that will inevitably require more support.

And the kind of support, especially underfoot support, that some of the best shoes provide make walking and even standing on your feet throughout the day a less painful and uncomfortable experience.

The kind of shoes you should be wearing in order to reduce swelling should provide an efficiently structured support to the underfoot region. This must extend from the heel straight to the arch, enabling the foot only to flex where it can naturally.

the best shoes for swollen feet


Long Straps (only when the Shoes have Straps)

This feature is very helpful in providing your swollen feet with maximum comfort so you can walk for longer periods of time. Longer straps in shoes allow you to make the maximum adjustment. Imagine having swollen feet and wearing tight fitting shoes. You don’t want to be causing any more trouble than there already is, right?

Plus, when the swelling eventually subsides, you can easily tighten up the shoes and wear them on a daily basis. That’s what adjustable straps are for; practicality.

Removable Insoles​

What happens when you buy shoes with removable insoles? Especially shoes that are created to cure a certain foot condition. You get two pretty awesome benefits; the first benefit is that you can easily remove and wash these insoles so your feet are enclosed in a clean and healing-friendly environment.

The second benefit is extremely valuable when it comes to healing foot ailments such as swollen feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, etc. It’s the fact that you can remove these insoles and add orthotic insoles that provide additional comfort and healing qualities.

These are what orthotic insoles look like for flat feet:

the best shoes for swollen feet


In-depth Reviews of 8 Best Shoes for Swollen Feet

Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clog: WOMEN/MEN


Dansko Women's Professional Oiled Leather Clog


Dansko Men's Professional Oiled Leather Clog

The high-quality clogs that the brand Dansko manufacturers are quite popular in terms of their practicality as well as construction. The Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clogs are work shoes that you can wear when you have swollen feet and a job that keeps you on the go all day. Because how many more leaves will you take from work due to this condition?

The Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clogs provide your feet with the kind of protection they need in order to not only reduce swelling but also keep your legs and back in good condition.

So your natural body alignment gets enhanced with these shoes. Constructed with durable leather, they have a synthetic sole which offers exceptional arch support. Shoes that have more than adequate arch support have the tendency to reduce a considerable amount of swelling in the feet.

And that makes the Dansko Professional Oiled Leather Clogs one of the most suitable choices for your swollen feet.

We Like

  • ​They fit perfectly (means they’re not uncomfortably tight) even with thin socks.
  • ​Arch support is outstanding.
  • ​The oiled leather doesn’t scuff at all.

We Don't Like

  • ​There is insufficient cushioning inside the shoe.
  • ​They require a break-in period.

Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe: WOMEN/MEN


Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoe,Black,8.5 M US


Skechers Performance Men's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe,Black,10 M US

One of the best shoes for swollen feet created by the most reliable footwear brand, Skechers, offers your injured or damaged feet with more than just comfort. The Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoes look very smart and can be worn on a regular basis with both casual and work wear.

That’s a huge advantage when you’re looking for the most comfortable shoes to wear on a daily basis. It’s not like medicine; you take it only when you’re sick. You can wear these shoes regularly to ensure that your feet are happy and healthy at all times.

Now let’s get to the remarkable features of the Skechers Performance Go Walk Slip-On Walking Shoes. These shoes are extremely lightweight in design, which means absolutely nothing will exert pressure on the affected region of the foot and nothing will slow you down.

Another truly exceptional feature is the company’s unique GO impulse sensors. What these do is provide maximum flexibility so you can have a more responsive experience, especially when it comes to walking.

To top it off, the Resalyte cushioning that offers topnotch protection and orthotic insoles that destroy bad odor make these shoes perfect for someone who wants a practical as well as “good looking” pair of shoes for swollen feet.

We Like

  • ​The outsoles offer maximum flexibility.
  • ​They are very versatile; you can wear them on a daily basis, and walk as well as run in them.
  • ​Even without socks, there’s no possibility of rubbing or chaffing.

We Don't Like

  • ​The outsoles tend to grab hold of pebbles.
  • ​They don’t provide sufficient arch support.

Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker

Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker,Black,11 XX (US Men's 11 EEEEE)

What’s better than a leather walking shoe with no laces to tie? The Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneakers are easy to put on and take off, which can feel like a blessing in disguise when you have swollen feet. These shoes are great for when you want to walk and run errands despite the swelling in the feet.

There are two long Velcro straps that offer maximum adjustability. I personally love this “slip-on” feature as it makes life a lot easier when you don’t have to struggle with both, getting your swollen foot inside the shoe and the pain that is usually accompanied with it.

These best shoes for swollen feet are equipped with slip-resistant and shock-absorbent EVA midsoles. Such kind of midsoles can really help you with effectively reducing swelling in the feet by ensuring that you don’t damage or injure the affected area any further.

With a perforated upper which offers optimal breathability to the swollen regions, the Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneakers are the most comfortable shoes that you can wear to achieve maximum relief.

We Like

  • ​Lightweight.
  • ​Wide enough to avoid excessive stress excursion on the upper part of the foot.
  • ​Washable leather.

We Don't Like

  • ​When you add orthotic inserts, it might cause some pinching.
  • ​They make a lot of stretching noise.

New Balance Women's WW577 Walking Shoe

New Balance Women's WW577 Walking Shoe,White,9 B US

New Balance does it again with its WW577 Walking Shoes. This footwear brand has all types of shoes that have the ability to tackle with all kinds of foot problems. And as far as the best shoes for swollen feet are concerned, the New Balance WW577 Walking Shoes with its rare hook-and-loop straps provide your feet with maximum adjustability. And this further provides a pretty snug fit for your swollen feet.

These adjustable straps significantly contribute in adding physical resistance along with balance to your walking, running, or even standing activities.

New Balance leather is effective in giving your feet the chance to breathe in the best possible manner (find out how to select the best footwear materials here). And this can really go a long way when the swollen areas on your feet need some air to naturally heal on its own. The company’s exclusive ABZORB feature installed in the heel yields maximum comfort, contributing to the shoes’ deserved popularity.

The insoles are removable so you can make use of orthotic inserts whenever you like. Removable insoles also mean washable insoles, so that’s another pretty awesome advantage. Due to its stabilizing technology, known as Walking Strike Path, New Balance WW577 Walking Shoes might be a good choice for those who want to buy a pair of the best walking shoes for swollen feet.

We Like

  • ​Wide toe box.
  • ​They provide phenomenal arch and ankle support.
  • ​The leather upper adds durability to the shoe.

We Don't Like

  • ​The insoles, despite being thick, don’t offer enough cushioning and support.
  • ​Poor ventilation in the upper part of the shoe.

Toms Classic Canvas Slip-On: WOMEN/MEN


TOMS Women's Classic Canvas Slip-On,Ash,8 M US


TOMS Men's Classic Canvas Slip-On,Black,11 M

If it’s important to you to find an on-the-move pair of shoes for swollen feet, the Toms Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes might be an excellent choice for you. These best shoes for swollen feet have been on the market for quite a while now and that’s because of a reason, right? They’re the most effective shoes when it comes to the comfort of your feet.

The Toms Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes have a very practical design with a canvas upper that boasts the brand’s unique TOMS toe-stitch. This is paired with an elastic V shoe construction.

I really appreciate this particular design component considering the amount of ease it provides in wearing and taking off the shoes when you have swollen feet. The insoles have sufficient amount of cushioning that helps to reduce the swelling.

The best part about the Toms Classic Canvas Slip-On Shoes is its latex arch insert. This does the job of providing that additional comfort your foot needs, especially when it’s injured, damaged, or in this case, swollen. And apart from comfort, the shoes also offer phenomenal flexibility and resilience as well. This is only made possible with the addition of outsoles that are made of high-quality mixed rubber.

We Like

  • ​They are exceptionally stretchable, so you can easily wear socks without messing with the perfect fit.
  • ​Durability is through the roof.
  • ​High-quality materials and construction.

We Don't Like

  • ​The thin tread is not weather-friendly.
  • ​Not suitable for long walks.

The Bottom Line

Whether you like it or not, some medical conditions inevitably cause swelling in the feet. So isn’t it better to be prepared to deal with it instead of putting your life on hold until the swelling subsides? The latter can be a really stressful and, most importantly, a very painful experience.

It’s always a better idea to learn to deal with the situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible, right? And that is why I have selected the New Balance WW577 Walking Shoes as the best shoes for swollen feet. Reasons you already know, but let me go through them for you one last time.

  • Dual hook-and-loop adjustable straps; so putting on and taking off the shoes will not be a problem at all.
  • Underfoot support is guaranteed due to the presence of padded collar and tongue along with stable cushioning provided by the shoes’ polyurethane midsoles.
  • Removable insoles; so you can easily wash them or replace them with customized orthotic inserts that significantly help in treating conditions like swollen feet.





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