Best Shoulder Braces Reviews 2018 – The Best Way to Protect Your Joints

best shoulder braces reviews

Wearing a shoulder brace reduces the stress on muscles and joints, it then facilitates your daily activities. Also, it gives more support to the upper back and shoulders without requiring you to compromise the natural gesture and posture.

However, wearing a low-quality shoulder brace may make the pain worse, and even cause more severe injuries.

There are now thousands of shoulder brace brands in today market so what we need is a source of reviews to facilitate your buying and using decision. Thus, this article provides everything to know about the shoulder brace and recommends the best shoulder braces of this year 2018.

Top 5 Best Shoulder Braces 2018 on the Market

Product Name


Our Rating

Best For

Vive Shoulder Brace


Best Price

EVS Sports SB02 Shoulder Support


Best for Overall Support

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support


Best for Joint Healing Process

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support


Best for Rotator Cuff Injury

Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support


Best for Stability

The EVS Sports SB02 Shoulder Support is the best choice for me. It does not only offer massive support to your shoulders but also comes with high-class design. The features of heating and compressing also work excellently in this product. The EVS Sports SB02 really worth its weight in gold.

For those who are looking for a best-price brace, Vive Shoulder Brace should be a priority. With the appealing pricing and moderate level of support, this brace is perfect for budget buyers and patients with light need of support.

The Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support is famous for rotator cuff injuries, even the severe cases. It equips you with high-quality heat treatment and great compression, making it possible to recover from most cases of the shoulder injuries.

In-depth 5 Best Shoulder Braces Reviews:

1. Vive Shoulder Brace - Cheap Shoulder Brace

Shoulder Brace by Vive - Rotator Cuff Support for Injury Prevention, Dislocated AC Joint, Labrum Tear, Frozen Shoulder Pain

The Vive Universal Shoulder Brace serves the purpose of soothing mild shoulder pain and discomfort by offering moderate support to the rotator cuff. It thus enhances your shoulders’ stability.

The Vive brace does its primary function excellently. For those who are looking for a reasonable support to shoulders and those who are in search of a brace that assists the injured muscles, this brace is a perfect choice. It also helps to protect against re-injury.

The Vive shoulder brace is made of neoprene and premium fastening materials. Thus, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear on and ideal for light exercising and daily activities. Also, the extra-strength fastening material enables you to adjust the brace so that the tightness fits with your body and your feeling of comfort.


  • Good overall support
  • High-class materials
  • Straps adjustability
  • Well-designed for subluxation/ instability
  • Easy to put on


  • Not enough support in some cases
  • One size does not fit all

2. EVS Sports SB02 Shoulder Support - Best for Overall Support

EVS Sports SB02 Shoulder Support (Medium)

The universal no snag design fits both sides of the shoulders. Additionally, the Neoprene construction offers an excellent alignment for the upper back and the shoulder. For active people, it allows easy movements for everyday activities.

The enhanced fit of the brace promote overall breathability. And that’s the reason why most people go for this brace for their intense training or massive support to shoulder. Also, the arm part of the brace is adjustable, making it fits for each certain size of users.

Many people with torn rotary cuff reported to feel much more relieved using this brace, In other words, the EVS SB02 does great work in providing massive support and correct position to your shoulders. In fact, not only people with injuries need support, but people with muscles strain will also find this brace helpful. It facilitates all the daily activities and gives you the freedom in your movement.


  • Comfort
  • Good alignment
  • Massive support
  • Pain soothing
  • Good stability


  • Some fake products are being sold in the market
  • Small sizing

3. McDavid 463 Shoulder Support - Best for Joint Healing Process

McDavid 463 Shoulder Support

The McDavid 463 Shoulder Support is best for relieving pain and promoting healing process of the shoulder injuries. The construction of the brace keeps you warm and dry. And the best part is, it offers both support and compression to the shoulder area.

The material was rough and tent-like, providing the durability to the product. And many people claimed that they have been using it for 2-3 years without having any tear on the brace surface. So even for active people that require excessive movements every day, this brace still does the good work.

Many people thanked this brace for their recovery from AC separation and other shoulder injuries. It also gives enough stability to the shoulder to not dislocate when you move. In addition, the adjustable hook offers different levels of compression. In short, for stiff upper back and shoulder severe pain, the McDavid 463 Shoulder Support is a must-have item.


  • Effective in pain relief
  • Thermal and compression therapy
  • Durability
  • Easy to wear
  • Simple and lightweight design


  • Not so comfortable straps
  • Too much compression

4. Neo G Shoulder Support - Best Shoulder Brace for Rotator Cuff Injury

Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support fully adjustable for tightness/compression

The Neo G Medical Grade VCS Shoulder Support is ideal for rotator cuff injuries, muscle strain and sprain. By stabilizing the joint capsule, it helps to relieve the pain from tendon and ligamentous injuries. At the same time, it promotes the healing process through thermal therapy.

As compared to the EVS brace, this one is even more useful in heat treatment. And we all know that the combination of compression and heat is always useful for relieving pain and accelerating the healing process.

The universal size also works well for this brand. Most users complimented a lot about the comfort of wearing this shoulder support. It offers the breathability while still providing an appropriate amount of heat and compression to the shoulder area.


  • Excellent heat retention
  • Flexibility
  • Lightweight materials
  • Great sling for rotator cuff injuries
  • Good upper arm support


  • Hurt feeling
  • Not easy to put on alone

5. Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support - Best Shoulder Brace for Stability

Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support

The Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support is best for giving stability for major ligament sprains, unstable joints, and muscle strains. Moreover, it provides the correction positioning for the shoulder and offers top of the line relief. This brace has 3 levels of performance, among which level 3 is the highest level of protection.

Stabilization is what Shock Doctor 842 Shoulder Support does the best. So if you are looking for a locker for your shoulder that will not restrict much of your gesture and posture, this brace is for you.

This brace does a great job in aligning the shoulder to the correct position. It helps to hold your shoulder in a correct and comfortable position while still allowing you to use your arm quite freely.


  • Good alignment for shoulder and upper back
  • Versatile design
  • Great compression
  • Flexibility while wearing
  • Variety of sizes


  • Little support
  • High price

How do Shoulder Braces work?

Generally, the shoulder brace provides support and stability to your upper back, shoulder, and neck. Also, it acts as a form to align your shoulder with your upper back. As a result, it lowers the tension on your ligaments and muscles.

shoulder braces work

Specifically, when you work or perform daily activities, you need your muscles to exert the force, which lays the pressure on your shoulders. And that’s where the shoulder brace comes in to help. It supports your shoulder in the way that it allows the muscles to rest and correctly positions your shoulder.

Besides supporting your shoulders, the shoulder brace also helps to maintain spinal alignment. Thus, it prevents the possible back pain and soothes your movement. Also, many of the best shoulder braces are designed to eliminate the rounded and hunched shoulders. The upper back will be kept in correct alignment with the shoulders and free from pain.

shoulder brace support

And the best thing about a shoulder brace is that it offers the comfort while working and moving. You are thus can focus on your own activities while still letting the brace does its work.

Additionally, for those who are suffering from shoulder or upper back pain, a good shoulder brace will not only support the joints but also offers compression of the surrounding skin and tissues. Along the way, it can also provide protection to the injured area and reduce the risk of dislocation.

Last but very not least, wearing a shoulder brace keeps your shoulders from moving into the vulnerable areas, making the pain heal with ease. For its variety in usage, wearing a shoulder brace has been a common solution in most cases of shoulder pain and injuries.

How to Use Shoulder Brace?

All the shoulder braces are symmetrical so that it can be used either for the left or right shoulder. The brace is really easy to put on.

First, insert your arm into the brace by sliding it to the armhole. Then, secure the straps around your chests. Finally, secure the upper then the lower strap for your comfort.

For the shoulder braces with 2 arm holes, just put it on like you are putting on a backpack. Then, get the straps from the back and pull over.

What Makes a Good Shoulder Brace? How to Choose a Good One?

Ease of movement

A good shoulder brace never compromises your movement for the effect of supporting the joints. Instead, it should be designed with lightweight and elastic features. A high-class design will offer the breathability and comfort while moving.

Appropriate amount of compression

The best shoulder braces do not only focus on providing you the support but also put on the shoulders a right amount of pressure. The compression positively affects the joints in returning to the proper position. It thus helps to reduce the severity of rotator cuff injuries.

Overall support for joints

This feature is always the primary function of a shoulder brace. And a trustworthy brace should do this job with high performance. In fact, “support” here means many things: alignment for the shoulder, relief for the muscles, and promotion for the overall upper back area.

Which Shoulder Brace should I buy?

We have come to the end of this writing with the thorough understanding of shoulder braces and the pros and cons of each recommended brands.

And as I believe a good brace should be like a nice hug to the one who wears it, I think the EVS Support SB02 does the best job among the top 5. It embraces, protects, and supports your joints with its high-class materials and design.

It’s my choice, how about yours? Which feature of which brace do you enjoy the most? Strongly hope my writing provide useful information that helps you to finalize your top favorite shoulder brace.

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