Best Tennis Racquet 2018: Top 4 Reviews & Ultimate Buying Guide

With everyone talking about high-tech features regarding Tennis Racquets (Racket), how do you exactly choose which model is best for you? Selecting a brand new Tennis racquet can be a mind-bending process, as your overall performance highly depends on it.

With heaps of Tennis brands flooding the market and so many buying criteria, one might wonder where do you exactly start? That is when this Tennis Racquet reviews and Ultimate Buying guide will come to your rescue.

Let's have a look at Top 4 Best Tennis Racquets available in the market today and compare them in terms of their features and performance factors.

best tennis racquets reviews

Top 4 Best Tennis Racquet 2018 on the Market

Product Name


Our Rating

Wilson BLX Four 105 Tennis Racquet


Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Best for INTERMEDIATE Player

Babolat Pure Drive

Best for ADVANCED Player

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet

Best for JUNIOR


Types of Tennis Racquets

Choosing your best suitable tennis racquet can be an overwhelming process as there are so many aspects you need to consider. To name a few, you need to check its power, grip, frame material, stiffness, head size, etc. How do you exactly figure out which one’s going to be ideal for you?

For better understanding, you ought to know that all of these Tennis racquets fall under 3 major categories stated below:

1. Control Racquets​

  • Control Racquets are geared for Tennis Pros and top-level club players. Reason being, the professional players have already mastered the techniques and skills needed to generate their own power. So, now they seek Tennis racquets that will provide them with enhanced control in their hand for working on the accuracy of strokes.
  • Such racquets are heavier in weight, feature small head size (85-98 sq. inches), are made from flexible beams and also are much thinner. All of these design aspects result in creating a low-power racquet so Tennis Pros can use their own power and get better control over the racquet. Control Racquets work best for Hard-hitters.
  • Smaller the size of the racquet, smaller will be the sweet spot and hitting area it provides. Therefore, Control racquets are only recommended for high-level professionals, as they are less likely to make any mistakes in strokes.
  • Talking about the length, Control racquets are somewhat short in length. Which is why, players get less overall leverage when they’re hitting the ball. But, the amount of control over the head of the racquet and maneuverability is great while swinging.
  • The frame of a Control Racquet is often made to be flexible and less stiff. For this reason, when the ball actually hits the racquet, it sits on it for a little longer period of time. Hence, the player gets more control when hitting.
  • Control racquets are heavier in design, so they are expected to be harsh on your arm. Hitting with a Control Racquet needs proper technique, footwork and precise form, so as to prevent your arm from injuries. (Weight range: 300 g to 340 g)

One of the Best Control Racquets available in the market today is this Prince Textreme Warrior 100 Racquets. It is a highly impressive combo of Comfort, Control and feel. Stable and speedy design is optimal for advanced players.

Important Note: A sweet spot can be defined as the specific area on the racquet that acts as a platform for a great hit and return. Larger the racquet, bigger will be the sweet spot.

2. Tweener Rackets

  • Tweener Racquets lie somewhere in the middle category of Power racquet and control racquet. In simple words, such Racquets are all-rounders with sound amalgamation of power and control.
  • Tweener racquets are ideal for amateurs, young players as well as recreational players who have gained some skills and want to switch to something that gives them more control.
  • Tweener racquets have mid-size head (95 to 102 sq. inches), average length (27.5 to 28 inches), are semi-stiff and not too light nor too heavy (9.5 to 11 ounces)
  • Given these features, Tweener racquets can be classified as a wide-ranging category with myriads of models falling under this group. Each player is free to choose their most suitable racquet based on their style and skill level.
  • Tweener racquets offer great power ranging from Low-Medium as well as Medium-High; impeccable choice for intermediate to advanced players.

3. Power Racquets

  • As name suggests, Power racquets are designed to help players (novice to intermediate players) hit the ball fiercely without them having to put-in much effort. Such racquets are great for players who are yet to learn proper technique, skills and form, thus, are not able to generate their own power for hitting strokes.
  • Power racquets are generally built with an oversize head, stiff frame, more length and lightweight frame. An oversized head (107 to 135 sq. inches) will provide ample amount of sweet spot and hitting space to the player, so there’s a huge margin for making mistakes. Adding to it, an Oversize head will give enhanced power to the racquet.
  • Longer the Tennis racquet, greater will be the leverage a player gets while swinging. This enables players to create added power, without much effort (ideal: 27 to 29 inches of length)
  • When you hit a ball, a stiff frame will not allow itself to flex too much. Due to this, the ball will rebound much faster with high speed, without demanding aggressive energy from you.
  • One more thing, the lightweight construction of Power Racquets will make them easier to swing, without being severe on your arm.

Best Power Racquet which has bagged extreme popularity amongst Tennis players is the Babolat Pure Drive. With precise maneuverability, power exertion and spin, the Pure Drive just can’t go wrong for amateurs as well as Tennis pros.

In-depth Top 4 Best Tennis Racquet Reviews of 2018

1. Wilson BLX Four 105 Tennis Racquet - Best for Beginners

Wilson BLX Four 105 Tennis Racquet 4-3/8 - Unstrung

Technical Features:

  • Head Size: 105 sq. inches
  • Length: 27 inches
  • Weight: 9.2 oz.
  • Stiffness: 73
  • Balance: 7 points Head Heavy
  • Beam Width: 25mm
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Swing weight: 289
  • Swing speed: Slow
  • Ideal Swing: Short to Medium
  • Grip: Wilson Comfort Hybrid
  • Composition: Basalt

Wilson BLX Four 105 Tennis racquet is deliberately engineered for beginners and intermediate players who seek maximum power and spin. Thanks to its Hammer Weighing system, the weight has been distributed such that it is heavier towards the head, relieving the handle from weight. Which is why, players get extreme control and depth with BLX Four.

Because of this head-heavy weight distribution, the BLX Four also provides some weight to the ball for precise power exertion and stable shots. All this is perfect for players who have low to medium pace in the game.

Fancy large sweet spot? The 105 square inches of head size in BLX Four provides big sweet spot to deliver specific shots with utmost ease. During serves, the lightweight frame makes it very effortless to whip through. Double Holes Grommet technology (increased diameter of grommet holes) along with fan string pattern enables flexible movement of strings, further providing more control.


  • A perfect amalgamation of comfort, maneuverability and power
  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Head-heavy frame provides control and power
  • Hammer technology gives big sweet spot
  • Made from Basalt fibers, extremely stable
  • Lightweight frame


  • Might vibrate slightly

2. Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet - Best Overall (Editor's Pick)

Head Ti.S6 Tennis Racquet

Technical Features:

  • Head size: 115 sq. inches
  • Balance: 8 points Head-Heavy
  • Stiffness: 75
  • Length: 27.7 mm
  • String pattern: 16 Mains x 19 Crosses
  • Strung Weight: 252 grams/ 8.9 oz.
  • Beam: 28.5 mm
  • Swing weight: 318
  • Swing speed: Slow-Moderate
  • Composition: Titanium and Graphite
  • Grip: HEAD Cushion Grip
  • Power Level: High

HEAD is one of the leading manufacturers of premium-quality tennis racquets. The HEAD Ti S6 flaunts a very stiff construction of titanium and graphite for optimal performance with great power and durability. Yet, its lightweight frame is perfect for players with short and compact swings.

The SofTac™ grip provides comfortable feel while you are up against a strong competitor, whereas the ShockStop Technology is incorporated to reduce unnecessary vibrations. HEAD Titanium S6 is best suited for beginners who have slow to medium swing speed and usually need a big sweet spot.

Open string pattern provides a large sweet spot without compromising on control of the user. While, light swing weight allows for great maneuverability. Players can concentrate on controlling swings and enhancing their game skills with the help of huge sweet spot provided by HEAD Ti S6.

Head-heavy body and straight beam of this model provides impressive torsional stability. Titanium Tennis Technology features a composite weave of durable Titanium and ultra-light graphite fibers. Further, this results in weight reduction, but provides great power and racquet stiffness.


  • Oversize head (115 sq. inches) gives maximum power to the player
  • Head-heavy frame, Open string pattern and Wider beam gives large sweet spot
  • SofTac™ grip prevents twisting of racquet
  • ShockStop™ Technology works to reduce vibrations
  • Super-stiff construction with Titanium and graphite fibers
  • Lightweight and great for maneuverability; Weighs just about 8.9 oz.


  • Strings that come with racquet (Pre-strung) are of poor quality
  • Frame tends to break; Not as strong as claimed

3. Babolat Pure Drive - Best for Advanced Players

Babolat Pure Drive Racquets


  • Length: 685mm/27”
  • Head Size: 645 cm/ 100 sq. inches
  • Weight: 300 g/10.6 oz.
  • Balance: 320 mm HL/7pts
  • Type of Swing: Moderate-Full
  • String Pattern: 16x19
  • Composition: Graphite

New updated version of Babolat Pure Drive brings out the transformation in modern tennis games. That’s because the sweet spot is moved closer towards the tip of the racquet, providing excellent power. Adding to it, the FSI (Frame String Interaction) Technology is engineered to bring more feel to each shot played by the player.

A tight drill pattern allows for dense string spacing, thus providing enhanced control and better consistency on all of the shots. Unique elliptical shape of the frame is designed to provide resistance against torque and excessive flexing, so the player has more power on strokes.

Babolat Pure Drive also features an EVO beam with different frame thickness, again for added power. Black and blue aesthetic features with a zing of white gives a sleek appearance to the Pure Drive.

Bottom line is, the Pure Drive is a heavy racquet featuring small head size, especially crafted for intermediate to advanced players. It includes 1 year of Factory Warranty as well.


  • Great spin and control
  • Well-balanced frame provides power
  • Amazing grip
  • Available in various grip sizes
  • Durable construction- made from Graphite
  • Ideal for advanced Tennis Pros


  • Does not come pre-strung
  • Some players might feel it’s too heavy

4. Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet - Best for Juniors

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet


  • Strung Weight: 200g
  • Head Size: 95 sq. inches
  • Pattern: 16x19
  • Unstrung Balance: 1 point HL
  • Beam Width: 21mm C Beam
  • Age Group: 7 to 8 years
  • Cross section: 21mm C Beam
  • Series: US Open
  • Composition: Aluminum

Wilson US Open Junior Tennis Racquet is approved for players with the age of 10 and under. Extremely lightweight in design and absolutely easy-going for Juniors, the Wilson US Open Junior racquet is offered in several sizes and comes included with a Tennis booklet elucidated for children.

Use it for Games or practice sessions, this racquet comes pre-strung so you can use it right out of the box. The frame is effortless to swing and is made from aluminum for better longevity. As you might guess, the racquet allows for excellent maneuverability across the court.

Exclusive C-Beam Technology featured in the cross section of the racquet offers just the right amount of stability and control. Here’s the best part, the mesmeric US OPEN® graphics imprinted on the racquet gives a star appearance to it.

This US Open Junior racquet is a part of US Open Series.


  • Comes pre-strung
  • Perfect for juniors (with Age 10 and under)
  • Lightweight design allows effortless maneuverability
  • C Beam Technology provides control and stability
  • Includes 1 year warranty
  • Offered in variety of racquet sizes
  • Free “Tennis4Kids” booklet is included
  • Extremely affordable


  • Construction quality is poor

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet?

Your ideal Tennis racquet is the one that greatly compliments your skill levels and form.

Beginners must opt for a primary-level and versatile racquet that comes pre-strung and provides large sweet spot.

Intermediate players can go for lightweight and small racquets if they are yet on the learning side. But, if they have just enough form and skills, they can go for larger racquets.

On the contrary, advanced players must look for premium-quality racquets that offer superior power, durability and feel.

Before you select your ideal type of racquet, make sure you understand below given factors that highly impact your performance:

choosing the perfect tennis racquet


1. Head

Head of the racquet is nothing but face of the racquet, including both frame as well as strings. You need to check two main aspects related to the Head of the racquet:

  • Head size: Power of the racquet greatly depends on the size of the head. Larger the head size, more will be the power, sweet spot and hitting space. And so, racquets with larger head will provide forgiveness when you perform off-center hits. Head size can range anywhere from 85 to 135 square inches, most common range being 95 to 110 sq. inches. 
  • Small racquet head size will favor advanced players who need more control, while larger head sizes are recommended for beginners and intermediate players who seek more power and big sweet spot. Head sizes can be differentiated in 4 sectors:

    · Oversize (Power): 107 to 125 sq. inches

    · Super Oversize (Power): As large as 135 sq. inches

    · Mid-plus (Power + Control): 95 to 105 sq. inches

    · Midsize (Control): 85 to 95 sq. inches

  • Head Shape: Head shape of the racquet completely depends on your personal choice on how your racquet must look and also your skill level to some extent. Oval-shaped racquets bear their sweet spot at the bottom half of the body. Oval racquets gives amazing feel and is often preferred by traditional players.
  • Tear-drop Head shape allows for large sweet spot as the racquet is quite large, ideal for beginners.

2. Length

​Length of the racquet is measured from base of the handle to tip of the head. Racquets that range anywhere from 27 to 29 inches in length, all fall under the legal limit for tournament games. The most standard size of racquet is about 27 inches long. Longer the racquet, greater will be the leverage during serves as well as its power. Long racquet also improves your reach towards groundstrokes.

You need to understand that, longer racquets are generally designed to be lighter than standard length of racquets. That’s because, if they are long as well as heavy, your performance will be very unwieldy.

3. Weight

Power and control are both equally affected by the weight of the racquet. To offer more power to the players, Manufacturers are evolving the design to shift the weight towards the head of the racquet.

  • Racquets that are designed with heavier head and lightweight handle are called as Head-Heavy. Whereas, those with lighter head are called as Head-Light. To decide on these factors, you need to measure the balance point of the racquet.
  • Balance point is the point where racquet’s length is accurately balanced. To determine this point, place the racquet on a straight rod and adjust it until the racquet sits straight and does not lean on any of the sides.
  • If this balance point is above half-way up the racquet, then it can be termed as Head-Heavy (HH)
  • If this balance point is below half-way down the racquet, then it can be called as Head-Light (HL)
  • If this balance point lies in the middle area of the racquet, it’s called as Balanced.
  • Balance point is measured with points, each point being equal to ⅛ of an inch. For example, if a racquet is 8 points HH (head-heavy), that means the balance point is 1 inch above the middle of the racquet.

Heavy (Head-Light) rackets weigh more than 11.5 ounces and offer excellent power and control. They are much more stable, powerful and cause less vibrations. However, they demand more energy from the players. HL racquets are preferred by advanced players.

Mid-weight (Balanced) rackets weigh between 9.8 to 11.5 ounces and offer just the right amount of control and power. Versatile group of racquets fall under this category, so most of the players can find their ideal racquets easily.

Ultra-light (Head-heavy) rackets weigh from 9 to 9.4 ounces and provide amazing control over strokes. These are recommended for young players. Light racquets offer maneuverability, allow faster swings and require very less energy from the player. On the down side, such racquets might create more shock in the wrist, elbow or shoulder.

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Racquet is the Best Lightweight racquet today in terms of maneuverability and control.

4. String Pattern

There are two kinds of string patterns: Open string pattern and Closed string pattern. String pattern is responsible for overall performance and feel of the racquet. Open string pattern of a racquet will cause greater deflection when the ball hits, further creating greater ball rebound energy.

Open string pattern does not feel very tight as compared to dense string pattern, even when both of these are strung with same tension (for same racquet). Due to wide spacing in Open string pattern, the ball sits onto the strings for a little longer. This provides an amazing spin potential to the player. However, Open string pattern is prone to early breakage due to its flexibility.

Dense String pattern does not deflect too much when impacted with ball, thus creating less rebound. Such racquets also deliver less spin potential to the player but are endurable. Dense String pattern is recommended for hard-hitters or players who do not use much spin in their strokes, rather need enhanced control.

5. Grip size​

Accurate grip size will enhance your control over the racquet and also boost your overall performance. Too small grip size will cause the racquet to twist, further leading to tennis elbow. Too large grip size will decrease the wrist snap during serve shots. Hence, it is very important for you to select accurate grip size. For adults, grip sizes can range from 4 to 4.625 inches.

To measure your precise grip size in inches, measure the distance from middle line on your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

Accessories You ought to buy with a Tennis Racket

By some means or the other, below-mentioned accessories play a great role in maintenance of your Tennis racquet. All of these accessories are very significant and certainly worth investing in.


Everything that you’ll need on a Tennis Game session can be handily stored in a Tennis bag. From a Tennis racquet to water bottle, set of Tennis balls, T-shirt, shoes, etc. all can be carried in one bag. They are usually offered in various sizes and styles, going from Backpack-style or Shoulder-style.

tennis bag


We’ve heard of several cases where Manufacturers generally provide low-quality of strings that break easily. It is always better to invest in superior quality of Tennis strings so as to avoid sudden breakage during games.

tennis string


With a Tennis Stringing machine, you don’t have to pay frequent visits to the stores, every time your racquet’s strings are damaged. Such machines work as a long-term investment, saving cost as well as time of the players. Plus, you get to string your own racquet, as per your preference.

Best tennis stringing machine Reviews


Tennis Grips are thin and soft in texture, made to provide enhanced thickness on the handle of your racquet. The sole purpose of Tennis Grips is to offer utmost comfort to the player and absorb excess sweat.

tennis grips

Where to Buy Tennis Racquet?

A well-established platform like is a great source to buy Tennis Rackets. That's because, you can find all of the Tennis racquet brands at one place, making it much easier for you to compare different models and go through their features.

Moreover, you can also browse through the user testimonials for each of the shortlisted racquet models, before making your final decision!

Which Best Tennis Racquet should I buy?

In a nutshell, selecting your best suitable Tennis racquet is quite daunting, especially for newbies. A tennis racquet is an expensive gear, so you need to make sure that whichever model you’ve chosen for yourself greatly suits your skill level, form and playing style.

To avoid any issues, you can borrow any of your friend’s racquet to get a better idea about the swing and weight. This way, you won’t go wrong during your final selection.

All of the above-mentioned models are Best Tennis Racquets available in the market today, each being suitable for different type of player. Make use of the buying guide and choose your impeccable racquet from these Tennis Racquet reviews.

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