Top 5 Best Youth Catchers Mitt 2018: Reviews & Buying Guide

You can’t wait to get your son the Best Youth Catchers Mitt that is too good for the price? Below, we’d like to Review deeper into Top 5 youth catchers mitt among so many models available out there on the market. Don’t worry; there’s always hope for you!

Best Youth Catchers Mitts reviews

Top 5 Best Youth Catchers Mitt 2018 Comparison Chart

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Wilson A360 Baseball Glove



How to Measure a Baseball Catcher’s Mitt for Youth?

There’s a big difference between a pair of baseball catcher mitt, and the glove is that the mitt has no area for fingers. It’s because the mitts are designed to control any wild pitch than the normal gloves. If it’s a set of gloves for the baseball, they tend to be measured from the top to heel at a size ranging between 9 - 12 ½”.

On the other hand, the mitts are gauged commonly by circumference ranging from 31 - 34 ½”. To make it clearer, here are the overall youth catchers mitt sizing chart depending on the age:



7 or under

29.5” - 30”

8 - 10

30” - 31”

11 - 13

30 - 32.5”

14 and up

32 - 34.5”

Step-by-step Instructions 

STEP 1: Extend your catcher’s mitt as wide as possible.

STEP 2: Compute around a perimeter that has one measuring tape. It should be the size or circumference of the measurement.

STEP 3: Gauge the baseball catcher’s mitt from its top edge of your index finger to heel.

STEP 4: Subtract it from 12.5, which will be in inches for the biggest mitt on the market.

Well, almost every catchers mitt is measured to be from 32 inches to 34.5 inches, but we see most of them in the size of 34”. It’s primarily based on the catcher’s preference and how strong the hand is or the size of that hand.

Ensure to choose the ones that can fit your hand well and have the deeper pocket to deal with any large size of a baseball.

In-depth Top 5 Best Youth Catchers Mitt Reviews

Remember that a youth catcher mitt is commonly made for younger players who have small hands. Thus, they’re cheaper than those of the adults and also having the smaller areas for little fingers. And the mitts are sometimes availed for the players more than 12 years old, but then, they must use the adult gloves.

So the equipment can make a big difference for the whole game, let’s go and break down the best youth catchers mitt reviews today with us:

1. Mizuno Prospect GXC105

Mizuno Prospect GXC105 Youth Catcher's Mitt

Out of the best youth catchers mitts out there, Mizuno Prospect GXC105 is just great to be out of the box. With a perfect size for the younger players, the mitt can help your son to catch the ball 10 times better than doing it with a normal glove.

Also, the product features the Power Close technology or the extra padding in the palm of the mitt which is believed to make things easier for your son to close the mitt. You can call it the para-shock palm, which feels good for the protection and flexibility.

And guess what? The mitt is also well-known for its Para shock palm that can help to absorb any shock after many repeated uses.

Better than thought, the glove does a great job in offering less rebound and awesome protection as well as the high comfort. It just fits the kid well, not to mention how great its V-notch design is here for the younger catchers. Your kids love how soft they feel and their amazingness in the games once holding.


  • Small but good in use
  • Not too heavy
  • Break in fast, ideal for younger players
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Prevent the difficulty in catching the ball
  • Protect hands when trying to catch it


  • Have some troubles keeping it open

2. Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove

Just another brand new mitt came out, but it might not ever try to break into a hard market, and usually provide the prices that are always cheaper than a few of the other competitors. Designed with the premium leather material, the gloves are known to own the absolute perfection in the whole making.

Akadema AGC98 Prodigy Series Glove

According to some users who have reviewed the product, the glove here comes with a sleek look and is said to guarantee the longest durability. Therefore, no wonder why the glove arrives in the category of the most searched after youth mitts available until today!

It’s nothing else better than the Grasp - Clasp wrist system that can lock your hand in the glove to ensure the suitable catching in the game. The mitt is also constructed with one deep pocket together with one spiral-lock web, which are the most important elements that guarantee the kid to spend an easier time controlling the ball.


  • Good spiral webbing for younger players
  • High quality and flexibility
  • Low-cost option with great quality
  • Specially shaped design allows the kids to earn fast and easy access


  • A decent glove but not still ready for the game as advertised
  • A little too small for the hand
  • Quite stiff when being out of the box

Rawlings Player Preferred Catchers Mitt, Black 33 CM, Left Hand Throw

All the best youth catchers mitt from the Rawlings is said to provide your son with a boosted fit and the maximum control, thanks to their back texture and awesome hand adjustments. And sure enough, it’s not that hard to know that Rawlings is one of the top leaders in baseball suit throughout the sports marketplace, so the mitt is not the exception.

When comparing with other competitors, you’ll see a slightly better price with the Rawlings version. Not just that, the product also features such a strong and durable leather lace for the constant performance, especially since it’s one of those Player Preferred mitts.

If you’re searching for some decent mitts made for recreational players of different ages and skill levels, the Player Preferred series will be the best choice to make. It features the durable leather shells for fast break in together with laces for added strength.

Better than this, the best youth catchers mitt of Player Preferred series can cover any slow-pitched or fast-pitched softball and baseball at the same time.


  • Made of the decent quality leather
  • Owns the extra palm protection
  • Intense and durable laces
  • Great flexibility once it’s broken in
  • Nice leather, color, and good fit


  • The mitt is too small

Rawlings Renegade Glove Series

Having the high quality at a low price, Rawlings Renegade Glove is one of the best youth catchers mitts you just can’t miss this year. Attached to a full grain leather coverage and durable oil-tanned leather laces, the mitt is able to have the minimal break in quicker than we thought.

Besides, since ever its introduction, the model of Rawlings has grown a big fanbase and then becomes one of the best sellers in the company. It’s probably because most of them feel extremely soft and comfortable when wearing in hand. This kind of pleasant feeling is even increased with the nylon finger caps.

It’s just the pro which uses the cushioned palm padding to remove any discomfort from the thrown balls’ impacts. And the Speed Trap technology of this series is just capable of making the gloves easier to close for any player of any particular strength.

Well, if you don’t want your son to hurt his hand every time he catches the ball, choose this for the kid.


  • Partially broke in
  • Improved flexibility
  • High-quality out of the box
  • Good first base glove for the price
  • Ideal size for 9 - 10 years old


  • Leather ties felt stiff
  • Finger separation ropes are easily worn
Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

There’s nothing greater than having the right glove for those who have just learned how to play the game. Let your younger players entertain anywhere on the field with the support of the A360 baseball mitt. The best youth catchers mitt of Wilson is often created for the flourishment of the players, so you can feel secure to have it in hand.

The Velcro strap could make the gloves more fit, not to mention how big and pliable the leather here which can make the mitt itself the ideal of out of the box use without any further conditioning. It’s true that the catcher mitt of Wilson is padded so that any hard-hit ball can’t sting after all.

Therefore, no wonder why the gloves find no trouble in catching any flying ball and working at every position. Let your son hold on when you try to transition the baseball into the throwing hand. This can be seen as one of the sweetest mitts you’ve ever used with the unique web and palm design.

And the black is as sharp as expected that nothing can compete with it, which gives you the feel of a true pro when holding it in hands.


  • Well-made with durable laces
  • Not too hard to break in
  • Great for youth size
  • Good price with decent quality


  • Super small
  • Lack of padding in the palm area
  • Not 100% leather material

How to Choose the Best Youth Catcher's Mitt?

A mitt is one of the most important gears in any arsenal, especially when it can help you to complete on the top during a hard game. Since we’ve already mentioned the best youth catcher mitt reviews, but it also depends on your position in the battle.

Here are some essential elements to consider before buying a mitt that suits your style:

Suitable Price Range

Only go with the catcher’s mitt that can meet both your position and other sizing demands, but more importantly, it’s your budget! Do some researches and compare different sizes available on the market. But never settle for any constructed with artificial materials just to get a good deal.


In term of leather, you should know that we’ve got four types of leathers to select, having different costs and durability degrees to pick up from.

Make sure to buy the leather that is not just soft but also budget-friendly, completely benefiting any younger player for sure. It’s because most of them have not committed to so many seasons of play. Consider the synthetic leather or the pigskin types - they might wear out fast but a good enough investment.

Pocket Size

Speaking of the pocket sizing of your catcher mitt here, it needs to be larger than that of one infielder so that you can catch the flying balls without a difficulty. Each glove is usually gauged by its length while a catcher’s mitt will be estimated by its circumference.

If you’re a fielder, choose your glove depending on the pocket size. For instance, that of a baseman must own one deep pocket with long finger caps since this position asks you to catch several times. On the other hand, as a shortstop, your mitt should have shorter fingers since it asks you to perform quick catch and then release.

Fit Control

There are a few times that we referred to this necessity of fit when you have to wear a mitt. It’s not just the best youth catchers mitt but also the one that has to be adjustable so that you can have that fit customized to you or basically to the hands of a player.

Besides, a few gloves are produced with some wrist adjustments. It could make your mitt fit snug in the hand or just let you easily wear and take it off. You can detect that through the Velcro, laced or buckle system.

Left or Right-handed

There are the mitts specially designed for the left-handed or right-handed players. For instance, once the player throws right-handed, an RH mitt will be the best option, which tends to sit on the left hand. Meanwhile, a left-handed one must have an LF mitt that can sit on the right hand.


Every catcher usually chooses the closed backside of a mitt because it can give the necessary support and protection for the wrist. Besides, it’s possible to opt for the glove having the open back, which owns the wide opening between the strap and the mitt’s upper area. This enables us to have higher mobility and more precise control.

How to Break in a Youth Catchers Mitt?

Even having an awesome catching technique, you might end up dropping the ball if your mitt fight against you. Therefore, it’s best to break it in with the right shape that can increase and never damage your catching skills. Here are the tips:

● Ensure it to sit exactly what you want it to do, get out and play with it!

● Put on the glove when using your mitt, which makes sure that you won’t sweat on or dirt into the leather as well as increase its aging process

● Tighten the laces and have the gear at the best fit so that it can break in fast and ideally for your needs.

● Maintain the baseball in the mitt even when you’re not utilizing it. This tells you how it owns a good and deep pocket to fit your ball well.

Items Should Have with Youth Catcher’s Mitt

Catcher’s Helmet

You just can’t miss the high-end catcher’s helmet since it’s made to guard your son or any player against any other high impact and collisions. It also helps the younger ones to withstand the tension and damage in the hardest gameplays. For professional use, opt for Easton Rival Catcher’s Helmet.

Easton Rival Catcher's Helmet

Check Protectors & Leg Guards

Chest protectors play a crucial role in shielding your son’s torso and even the upper arms as well. But how do they work along with the mitt? Well, they’re made with foam and molded with human’s body so that it can absorb the softball’s impact or shock effectively.

The gear goes with elastic straps wrapping around your shoulders to keep the whole shield in place.

For leg guards, they’re designed to protect your ankles, knees, and legs as well as offer the ultimate comfort for who has to kneel for a long time. You also find the padding inside those guards and a solid shell outside which means guarding the player against any ball from other ones.

In this case, we recommend you to buy the full catcher gear set, such as the Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Catchers Kit for 9 - 12- year old-players.

Under Armour Youth PTH Victory Catchers Kit (9-12)

Which Best Youth Catchers Mitt should I buy?

By having the suitable catcher’s mitt, your son gets a greater chance to win over all games of baseball, but before that; learn more about the best youth catchers mitt we’ve just reviewed for you today. 

Rawlings Player Preferred will be the great buy for you this time. It’s not just a nice glove made of the decent leather but also easy to break in, so waste no time, suit up and play the ball!

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