What Is The Correct Capsulitis Foot Treatment? Everything You Need To Know

The ligaments surrounding the toe joint form a capsule. And when this capsule becomes inflamed, it leads to the formation of capsulitis. These ligaments are responsible for the proper functioning and alignment of our bones.

So when they get inflamed, the outcome tends to restrict movement. It also gives rise to severe pain and discomfort. So it’s important that you know all about the proper capsulitis foot treatment.

What Is The Correct Capsulitis Foot Treatment?

Our ankles and shoulders are prone to developing this kind of an injury. Sometimes the ligaments tend to overwork or overstretch. And capsulitis is a condition that primarily affects the second toe and the ball of the foot.

So before we discuss the treatment method, let’s find out the causes and symptoms of this foot ailment.

Capsulitis: The Causes

Abnormal movements of the foot place excessive weight or pressure on the ball of the foot. Even the muscles and bones of the second toe get affected by incorrect foot mechanics. And more often than not, it leads to the formation of capsulitis.

But there are other factors too. Let’s find out what they are.

  • Misshapen or unstable foot arch.
  • Bunion deformities that affect foot function and movement.
  • ​Bending the toes repeatedly. This usually happens when your work requires you to climb a ladder.
  • ​Improper footwear.
  • ​Joint injury.
  • Overstretching or overuse of foot ligaments.
  • ​When the big toe is shorter than your second toe, it can give rise to capsulitis.
  • Medical conditions such as arthritis.

Capsulitis: The Symptoms

  • Swelling in the affected region.
  • ​Redness over the toe joint.
  • Once the condition worsens, it can lead to the formation of calluses. These develop on the ball of the foot.
  • ​Walking and even standing seem like extremely painful activities.
  • ​Severe pain and discomfort.
  • The toes and the entire foot tend to become stiff. And this restricts movement.

Capsulitis, Dr. Mark Green, Kansas City Foot and Ankle

Capsulitis Foot Treatment

The thing about capsulitis is that it tends to get worse in no time. And that is why proper capsulitis foot treatment is necessary.

You know it’s too late to opt for non-surgical methods when the second toe crosses over the big one. These treatment options help in stabilizing the joint. So it’s time to discuss what the non-surgical or non-invasive remedies are.

When you first spot the symptoms, you can always make use of the non-invasive approach. These effective methods go a long way in reducing excessive pressure and swelling.

Ice application is also another excellent way of treating capsulitis. All you need to do is place the ice pack on the affected foot for at least 20 minutes. And you can do this three to five times on a daily basis. Just make sure that you leave a gap of an hour between applications.

Depending on your condition, the doctor might also prescribe NSAIDS like Ibuprofen. This is nothing but a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

Other options include wearing the correct shoes for capsulitis or capsulitis foot pads. What these do is help in deflecting the stress and stabilizing the joints.

Now it’s time to discuss the surgical or invasive capsulitis foot treatment. This involves the process of your doctor injecting cortisone into your joints. Cortisone does an excellent job at reducing swelling and inflammation. And it does so because it acts as a strong immunosuppressant.

If this particular method doesn’t work, the podiatrist will offer no other option but surgery. Since the condition arises due to bone abnormalities, it’s important to correct them. And this kind of surgery involves repositioning the bones of the injured joint.

But this is something that doctors recommend after exhausting all other treatment options. The severity of capsulitis varies from one person to another. So your doctor will first examine your condition. And then he or she will come up with the best possible solution to end the deformity. Even if that means performing surgery.


So this is what you need to know about the condition of capsulitis. It arises when the ligaments in the toes become inflamed. The foot ailment is often accompanied by severe pain. And it mainly develops in the ball of the foot or the second toe.

Physical stress on the joints, often a result of deformities, tends to overload them. And when this happens, your joints experience excessive pressure.

Such a tragedy can also occur due to incorrect footwear. In fact, wearing high heels is more harmful for your feet, knees, and back than you can imagine.

So please make sure that you opt for treatment as soon as you spot the first symptoms of capsulitis. It’s important to take the necessary steps if you want to reduce pain and swelling. Failing to do so might aggravate the condition, leading to surgery. And we all know how costly a surgery can be, right?

So what’s your take on this particular topic? Is there something that you think we forgot to discuss here? Please do let us know. You can drop in your thoughts in the comments section below.


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