How to Choose the Best Rice Protein Powder

Eating healthy is becoming the philosophy of many. It is proven that being physically active is not enough to keep a healthy lifestyle, especially for adults. Complementing exercise with a balanced diet is recommended because the right food and supplements will help individuals boost their mental and physical power over time. One of the best supplements that you can add to your balanced diet is the rice protein. It is best to know how to choose best rice protein powder. By knowing the factors to choose the best rice protein powder, you can maximize its benefits in your life.

rice protein powder

The rice protein powder is a popular alternative for protein supplements. Extracted from brown rice, this type of protein supplement is commonly in the form of powder. According to studies, rice protein powder is easily digestible as compared to whey powder. It also has vegan qualities since it is similar to soy. Another known fact about rice protein powders is that they are gluten-free, which makes them an important part of the diet for people with allergies and sensitive stomachs.

Rice protein powder can be bought in natural food and health stores. These are commonly packed in isolates or concentrates. Isolate powders contain 90% protein while concentrates contain about 30% to 85%. The pricing of these products depends on the powder quality. If you choose the best rice protein power, you need to consider the quality, as well as other factors.

Factors to Consider when You Choose the Best Rice Protein Powder

It is recommended to choose the best rice protein powder for your diet needs. Remember that a daily diet consists of a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, quality fats, minerals and vitamins. By knowing what factors you should look for in determining the best choice in the market, you will achieve a healthy lifestyle. Having the knowledge on how to choose the best rice protein powder will also be in helping other people out when they are faced with the same predicament. Here are the factors that you should take a look at to choose the best rice protein powder.


Quality should be one of the top factors that must come to mind when you question yourself on how to choose best rice protein powder. Reading customer reviews is always the best way to choose the best rice protein powder when it comes to quality; however, you can also read the label and judge for yourself. The amount of protein in the product is naturally shown on the label, so you would know if it purely isolates or a concentrated type. By knowing how much protein you need and how many percent product packs, you will be able to choose the best rice protein powder.


The taste is one of the factors that you should consider choosing the best rice protein powder. The bitter aftertaste is essentially a discouraging quality; however, there are manufacturers that focused on this problem in order to provide tastier and healthier alternatives to the public. Nowadays, customers can choose from flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. Using natural preservatives, manufacturers offer new flavors, so it can easily be masked in desserts, smoothies and other food. You can also choose a neutral taste if you are not crazy about the idea of flavoring.


The price is also a factor on how to choose best rice protein powder. Rice protein powder products that contain lesser protein supplements are said to be cheaper. If you are tight on budget, this might be a great alternative. If you are balancing your diet with a lot of protein supplements, then rice protein powder concentrates are not a bad thing. However, if you can afford the expensive ones, then it should not be a question since you are investing in your health. Reasonable pricing should be a factor on how to choose best rice protein powder.

The Benefits of Rice Protein Powder

Rice protein powder provides a lot of benefits to people. Whether they are isolated from whole grain, white or brown rice, these powdered products are still great alternatives for other protein- based powders, like soy. Vegetarians, bodybuilders, health buffs and people with weak gastrointestinal systems are usually the ones who stock up on rice protein powder.

The nutritional benefits of rice protein powder are countless. Since protein is a vital part of the daily diet, the powder provides the body with the essential amino acids, fiber, carbohydrates and vitamins B and E. By incorporating it in your food, you are naturally doing your body a favor with just a little effort. Unlike other protein powders, it lacks the bad stuff, such as sugar, fat, sodium and cholesterol. In addition, rice protein powder is easily incorporated in any food or drink.

The rice protein powder also has hypoallergenic benefits. Studies show that it will not irritate the stomach, making it a great protein supplement for people suffering from gastrointestinal ailments. These may include food allergies, lactose intolerance and an irritable bowel syndrome. By eating rice protein powder, these people would not need to risk their symptoms just to provide their body with the right amount of protein. Research also shows that the consumption of endocrine protein from brown rice protein powder will lower the overall heart disease risk of a person.

Vegans also find rice protein powder as an excellent alternative for their protein needs. Since most protein- based food is from animals, and then they are naturally eliminated in the diet of vegans. Supplying their protein needs was a challenge, until they discovered the benefits of rice protein powder. This supplement is plant- based, so vegans and vegetarians did not have any trouble in incorporating them in their average diet.


After knowing how to choose best rice protein powder, you will surely find the right match for your needs. It is important to know the rice protein powders do not satisfy your protein needs completely. Some people eventually consume rice protein along with other protein in order to achieve a balanced diet. If you are unsure on how to choose best rice protein powder, you can read customer reviews on retail websites, or ask people if they can provide referrals. Knowing the pros and cons of each brand will surely help you choose the best rice protein powder and purchase the most favorable product for your needs.

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