How To Get Straight Hair For Guys Without Going To The Salon?

When you don’t have straight hair, you want them. And when you do, you want wavy or curly hair. The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it? But this article is about how to get straight hair for guys.

Now it’s only logical to think that you can achieve that look simply by heading to the salon. But not everybody likes to spend big bucks at the hair salon. Especially when you know that you can get the job done in the comforts of your home. And you don’t need expensive, fancy appliances too. For example, a blow dryer is more than enough for the task.

So what you see below is both artificial and natural methods of straightening hair for men.

How To Get Straight Hair For Guys

Straightening with Hair Products


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When you opt for permanent straightening, you have to use products such as chemical relaxers, keratin treatment, straightening creams, etc. So let’s find out more about that!

1. Using Straightening Creams

Mens hair straightening cream is a product that gives you the desired result without using any heat. All you need to do is apply it on the hair. Once every strand of hair gets coated with the cream, it keeps them from becoming curly.

2. Using a Blow Dryer

If you want to know how to get straight hair for guys, then you should learn to use a blow dryer. The only drawback to this is that blow dried hair remain straight for only a short period. And washing them resets the original quality and texture of the hair.

Most men who want straight hair opt for the blow drying method. That’s because this particular appliance allows you to shape your hair in different ways all by yourself, even at home.

How to Use a Blow-Dryer - Best Hair Tips for Men - Details Magazine

3. Using Straightness

This is one of the best mens hair straightening products for tough curly as well as wavy hair. They use heat to help you achieve that perfect look. So it’s important that you purchase a model that is high in quality. But please make sure that you use the appliance carefully to avoid any possible side effects.

4. Using Chemical Relaxers

The chemicals include calcium hydroxide carbonate, ammonia, etc. These particular elements go a long way in straightening the hair by bonding those wavy and curly textures.

But there is a major downside to chemical relaxers, obviously. Since they are chemicals, they can cause severe hair damage if used frequently. On top of that, some chemicals might give rise to scalp allergies. So it’s best to test the waters first before you decide to use such a product for hair straightening.

5. Using Japanese Thermal Reconditioning

What is Japanese thermal reconditioning? Well, the method involves the use of deep conditioning along with applying chemical relaxers. Heat is also a part of this particular method. If you want to know how to straighten hair for men permanently, then this is it.

6. Keratin Treatment

Formaldehyde is a product that you can use to reduce those curls and achieve a smooth, straight hair texture. It comes in the form of liquid keratin that does an excellent job at sealing every strand to keep it straight.

Men who don’t have too many curls tend to opt for keratin treatment as the method doesn’t work well with tight curls. And here’s the best part. With keratin treatment, the effect lasts for as long as three whole months.

7. Using Flat Irons

Everybody knows about this, right? The size of the iron varies and offers different temperatures. But the standard size is an inch wide with a heating capacity of 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

When using a flat iron, please make sure that you don’t hold it in one position for more than 3 to 5 seconds.

Hair Care for Men : How to Flat Iron Men's Hair

Straightening Naturally


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How to straighten mens hair naturally? Here’s the answer!

1. With Milk

What milk does is straighten wavy and curly hair. All you have to do is fill up a bottle, the spray kind, with milk. Spray some of it on your hair 30 minutes before washing. You can even use a comb, the one with wide teeth, to eliminate the tangles.

Then all that’s left to do is shampoo as well as condition. And not just hair straightening, milk offers plenty of other benefits for the hair too.

2. With Castor Oil

Oil is always beneficial, isn’t it? Castor oil, in particular, does an excellent job at straightening hair most naturally. You can massage the oil into your wet hair after washing them. Then use a hair dryer on high temperature. While drying, comb them with the wide-teeth comb. In the end, pat your hair using a damp cloth before drying them with a fresh towel.

3. With Lime Juice and Coconut Milk

How to get straight hair for guys using coconut milk? Here’s the answer. Mix some lime juice with coconut milk and place the solution in the fridge. Wait for the mixture to look like a paste before rubbing it into your hair. Wrap your head with a fresh towel for at least 30 minutes.

Then shampoo your hair thoroughly. Don’t forget to condition them too. After washing, you’ll notice that the strands now look straight and will remain like this for as long as two months.

That’s About It!

So this is how to get straight hair for guys. I’ve listed both natural remedies and hair products for the job. You can opt for whatever suits your needs and preferences the most. Just remember that it’s always a better idea to not use harsh chemical products for your hair and skin. So keep the use minimal or instead choose natural remedies to achieve the desired look.

What do you do to straighten your hair? You can discuss your methods in detail in the comments section below. Please feel free to list down as many methods as you like. You can also drop in your comments and feedback.

I hope the article was interesting and informative. Thank you for reading.

Have a great day!


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