Power Rack Vs Squat Stand – What should I choose?

There are quite a few things common between a power rack and a squat stand. Despite commonalities, it is hard to use these interchangeably. Therefore, you should know what is a power rack and what exactly is a squat stand and what are the differences between the two so that you can purchase the right equipment.

In order to get into power rack vs squat stand, let’s begin with their definitions.

Power Rack

Also known as a squat cage or a power cage. It is used for weightlifting without anyone’s help. It is an alternative to a spotter. It uses barbells. It has four posts which give it a look of a cage. Power racks come with a lot of features and extra stations like chin up. It is a complete exercise equipment.

use power rack


Squat Stand

It is an equipment designed and made especially for squat exercise and similar exercises. It has two stands with a support for a barbell. You have to lift the barbell, complete the exercise and then put the barbell back on the stand. It provides you with a natural way to lift the weight which gets a lot easy as compared to lifting it from the floor.


Power Rack Vs Squat Stand

Now that you know the definitions and basic functionality of both the equipment, it is time to compare their pros and cons.


Clearly power rack is much more versatile as compared to a squat stand. You can do squat movements on a squat stand while a power rack can be used to do a whole lot of exercises.


The squat stand is not safe. In fact, this is a major issue with squat stands because you have to put the barbell back on the safety pins on the stand once you are done with the reps. In case, if you cannot make it to the support, you will have to throw the barbell on the floor – as this seems to be the only logical thing to do.

A power cage, on the other hand, is much safe as it comes with safety bars that do a good job of blocking the barbell from hurting you in case if you fail. This also allows you to go the extra mile and put the effort in every rep because you know that you can just drop the barbell anytime you want.


A squat stand does not need a lot of space. You can put it anywhere in the home. It is best for those who have congested homes.

Power rack needs a lot of space. If you don’t have much space in your home, you won’t be able to adjust a power cage. It also needs to have a high ceiling as racks are fairly heightened.


If you prefer safety and versatility, a power rack must be your choice. However, if you prefer cost and space, a squat stand should be preferred.

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