PowerLine PPR200X Power Rack Review

Powerline PPR200X Power rack

The Powerline Power Rack PPR200X is a perfect buy for basic weightlifting and upper body workouts. It offers some remarkable features at an inexpensive price and has an amply robust design. Below given is an in-depth review of this rack.

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What all do you get with Powerline PPR200X Power Rack?

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Powerline PPR200X Power Rack is an extremely well-built and sturdy power rack that allows you to perform squats, calf raises, incline/decline or flat military presses, shoulder shrugs and so much more.

The rack is built with dimensions of 82” height x 44” length x 46” width, which is towering and spacious enough for tall or bulky weightlifters. It weighs 136 pounds for better stability and endurance while you exercise.

For a safe and efficient workout, this Powerline Power Rack offers a spacious walk-in design with 24” of space between front and rear uprights, which is amply spacious for your free movements and flexible workout. It has 2 lift-offs (heat-tempered) and 2 safety bars (saber-style) provided for a safe and stable workout session. The rack allows 18 adjustable positions for different heights and exercises to add to the versatility of exercising.

This product has been backed with 10 years of warranty period on frame and 1 year warranty on all the other parts, which is an added bonus. It is recommended for novices/moderate weightlifters to perform basic weightlifting exercises and who wish to focus on an intense upper body workout. But, it is certainly not for Pro weightlifters who are seeking higher weight capacity and high endurance.


  • Weighs 136lbs. and has maximum weight capacity of 700lbs
  • Wide walk-in design with plenty of side-to-side room for flexibility
  • Offers 18 different positions for adjusting heights
  • Integrated with a pull-up bar that is knurled for firm grip
  • 2 heat-tempered lift-offs and 2 saber-style bars for safety purposes
  • 10 year frame warranty, 1 year warranty on all other parts


  • Safety bars are painted instead of chrome-plating
  • The paint chips-off very easily
  • Not for Proficient bodybuilders who are looking for heavy-duty use
  • 3” spacing between holes;benching might be problematic

Powerline PPR200X Power Rack Review: Features & Specifications

The 1” chin-up bar provided at the front-top of the Powerline PPR200X Power rack allows you to perform standard pull-ups, close-grip pull-ups or wide-grip pull-ups for strengthening, toning and building the forearms and back muscles. It has deep knurling on the regular to wide grip area for a firm and stablepull-ups. This bar is around 41” wide for better flexibility.

chin up bar

Deliberately designed with a wide walk-in type of frame, this power rack is roomy enough for easy flexible movements. This is best for performing various styles of exercises without having to worry about the limitations that may injure you. The front and rear uprights are about 24” apart for you to get caged-in and carry out exercises efficiently.

walk-in type

The Powerline PPR200X Power Rack can be modified as per your liking with the purchase of accessories like Lateral Pull-down Attachment or Bench, J-Hooks, Weight plate holders, etc.for an advanced and versatile workout session.


Two heat-tempered lift-offs and 2 saber-style bars for safety holds the heavy barbell in place while exercising. This safety feature provided will certainly make your workout more secure and it can efficiently with stand heavy weights for a long period of time as they are built to be of high durability.

safety pin

The Powerline PPR200X is incorporated with 18 holes at a distance of 3” each. These holes offer 18 positions for height adjustments and favors different styles of workouts. This feature makes the Power rack more versatile in nature.

18 holes

The sturdy, stable and highly efficient design of this Power rack makes sure to keep the barbell and the weights in place to prevent them from falling over you. The rack weighs about 136 pounds and has the maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds, which is ideal for basic weightlifting exercises. It is also fairly portable; you can move it around easily as per your convenience.

powerline power rack weight

Who does the Powerline Power Rack compete with?

1. Rep Fitness Power Rack Numbered Uprights with Dual Pullup Bars

Rep Power Rack with Dual Pullup Bars, Numbered Uprights, 700 lb Rated, and Optional Upgrades

Rep Power Rack is certainly a heavy-duty, stable and highly durable power rack with an impressive 1000lbs. of weight capacity, which is more than all the above mentioned power racks.

With 83” of total height, 48” width and 48” depth, it is suitable for even taller and huge users. The rear bottom bracket of this power rack is about 58” wide and is integrated with 2 pegs to store weight plates and add stability to the rack.

Rep Power Rack has been equipped with 2 UHMW-lined (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene) J-cups to store weight bars while lifting. These J-cups also protect the finishing or knurling on the weight bar from wearing away. In the front opening, it measures 44” inside to inside and side opening measures 26” inside to inside, which is roomy enough for flexible workouts.

Made from 11 gauge 2” x 2” steel frame, this rack has black powder coating for better endurance. Some other impressive features of this Rep Power rack comprises of 2 pull-up bars, numbered uprights, 2 safety bars on front, adjustable-width dip handles with padding andholes on the upright with 2” spacing for reliable height adjustments.

It is best for Serious Weightlifters as they can modify its design by buying additional accessories to make the workout more intense as per their choice. You can buy it here.

2. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lateral Pull-down Attachment

Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack with Lat Pull Attachment

With 2” x 2” of frame made from steel, the Valor Fitness BD-7 Power rack Lat Pull attachment is sturdily built for an intense strengthening and building workouts. You can perform various exercises like Lat pull downs, military presses, chin-ups and so on.

There are 4 pegs provided for storing weight plates efficiently, therefore, saving a lot of space. For safety purposes, this power rack comes integrated with 2 solid steel safety rods for squats and 4 solid steel chrome bar supports. There are 17 holes provided that offers 17 positions to adjust heights as per type of exercise.

The utility bar provided with this power rack can be efficiently used for curls or even other accessories and it has thick foam padding to protect your lap. On the front, there is a pull-up bar made from solid steel chrome and is knurled for a firm grip while exercising.

The feature that distinguishes this rack from the Powerline PPR200X is that there is a pulley station provided in the lower section of the power rack to suitably carry out seated as well as upright rows.

It also comes all-included with a Lat Pull Attachment with high and low pulleys with which you can perform various exercises like pull ups, seated/standing row, triceps pull and so on. Maximum weight capacity for Lat Pull is about 250lbs. whereas for bar holder is 500lbs.

This power rack is perfect for home gyms as well as professional gyms, but is expensive as compared to the Powerline PPR200X. Check it out here or Read my full review about Valor BD-7

3. Titan T-2 series Power Rack

Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD Lift Cage Bench Racks stand cross fit pull up

Titan Squat Deadlift Power Rack from Titan Fitness is safe and efficient equipment that allows you to perform military presses, squats, curls, shrugs, bench presses and so much more.

It has a wide walk-in design with inside dimension of 26” between front and rear uprights, which is amply spacious for even tall and bulky weightlifters. Made from 2” x 2” steel frame, this Titan Power Rack is certainly built to be highly durable and has a weight capacity of about 700lbs.It has been equipped with 1” of safety bars as well for safe workouts.

At the front, there is a pull-up bar provided having 1.25” of diameter to efficiently carry out standard chin-ups. The height of the power rack is 83” whereas the pull-up bar is at 80” of height, which is perfect for taller users. Heavy-duty steel J-hooks have been integrated with this power rack to withstand heavyweights while lifting.

At the rear section, there are 2 pegs provided to store the weight plates conveniently and also they add to the stability of the power rack, which is lacking in Powerline PPR200X. The rack offers 28 positions for adjusting to different heights and exercises. These 28 holes are 2” apart which is quite ideal for benching efficiently, unlike the wide 3” distance in Powerline PPR200X.

It is best for beginners/average weightlifters seeking for a sturdy rack for home gyms. You can buy it here or read my Titan T-2 review.

Buying Powerline PPR200X Power Rack?

If you want a power rack which is amply sturdy and stable enough to carry out basic weightlifting exercises at home to build and tone upper body muscles then the Powerline PPR200X is the best choice as it has maximum weight capacity of about 700 lbs.

You can perform various styles of exercises with complete safety as it has been provided with 2 heat-tempered lift-offs and 2 safety bars. Some other remarkable features here include wide walk-in design, 18 different height positions, 10 years frame warranty, 1 year parts warranty and integrated pull-up bar. It is quite feature-packed power rack with an affordable price of just under $400.

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