The Truth about Pea and Rice Protein Powder

Protein powders have been wonderful tools in keeping the body fit and healthy. The reason for its uprising is due to the advancement of technology. Most health buffs and body conscious individuals look forward to its power and benefits. Two of the most popular and uprising protein powders are the pea and brown rice. These plant-based proteins are a perfect combination when it comes to high amount of amino acids and fibers. The following are the facts about pea protein and rice protein.

pea and rice protein

Pea edges whey

It is evident that pea protein edges whey in many different ways. When it comes to the manufacturing, pea is created naturally unlike whey which are genetically touched, implemented and processed. In this area, people will be assured that the former is safer and healthier than the latter. When it comes to muscle development and strength improvement, the former levels up with the latter which has been established for great combination in muscle building.

Sustainable Protein Source

This powder is sustainable because it’s easy to be grown. Yellow pea is the usual source of this powder. This particular plant-based protein is easy to manage even at a small area because it usually needs minimal source to be taken care of. This is the reason why it is considered environmentally sustainable.

Easy to formulate

This powder is very easy to formulate with other product which really shows versatility and compatibility of its purpose. It is usually mixed or go along with rice protein powder and the effects are unfathomable. The compatibility with these two formulates a great amino acid profile. The other good thing about pea protein is that the taste, quality and texture is not badly affected when mixed with other isolates.

Great for digestion

Just like rice protein powder, the digesting ability that this product possesses is really remarkable. As we all know, digestion is very important because in this process, all the foods are trimmed down while the nutrients are properly distributed in the body. Due to the fiber present with this powder, the chance of great digestion is possible.

Just like others, it has side-effects

Let’s face the reality, there is no perfect product. Everything has its own disadvantage and the edge will only be determined with the advantages that surpass the negative.

Potential of Gaining Weight

Though it is great for losing weight and keeping the body fit, excessive intake of this product can lead to addition of fats or weight. Remember to take this powder in moderation so that you will achieve optimum results without complicating your weight.

Joint Pain

Excessive intake of pea protein powder can also cause joint pain. If you experience gout, you should considered not engaging or taking too much of this powder because the uric acid enables to trigger gout flare up.

Pea protein powder is truly essential as well as compatible with rice protein powder. Both are great contribution to an effective diet. This will be achieved if you buy the best protein powder in the market.

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