Top 4 Best Power Rack Exercises

A power rack is designed to promote better physical health while putting your safety first. In an effort to ensure that it maximizes on its use, it is designed to cater for a number of exercises. In this, it is one piece of equipment that will help you achieve more than one workout routine. In fact, you can work on more than five routines depending on the type of power rack you have. The best power rack exercises include: Squats, bench presses, shoulder presses, and pull ups. Here is what you need know about these four basic and most popular power exercises.

Perform Squats And Overhead Press Using Power Rack


Squats take on the most popular power rack exercise. Though there are also different categories methods of doing the squats. However, they all have a simple laid back routine. Squats will help buildup your limb muscles and generally keep you feet. To perform this exercise:

  • Ensure that the height you place on the safeties matches that of the squat at the bottom.



  • Looking at your 6RM, load the bar and ensure that the weight you are loading is less in weight by 10% of your 6RM.
  • Squat under the bar as you position yourself. Feet should be flat on the ground and the loaded bar positioned on your upper back below neck and shoulder.
  • Once you are comfortable that you are balanced, take off the bar from the safety locks. Your hands hold on the bar to avoid accidents.
  • In this position, lift it up to your standing position and lower to the previous squat position where you get back and place the bar on the safety pegs. Repeat this process a number of times before getting off your position. About 3-4 times.

Bench Presses

Bench presses on Power Rack seek to improve your overall physical strength. This is a popular exercise for both male and female counterparts. To get you started:

  • At the center of the power rack, position a flat bench. This level flat bench goes into good use as you do not get strained.



  • Depending on how far you can lift, set the safety bars in position t keep you from accidental injury.
  • On the bar, load up roughly about 10% – 20% of weight that is more than the normal you would load up for 10 reps.
  • Lie down on the bench facing upwards and unrack the barbell. Start by lowering the bar to the safeties. Pull them back up to full extension.
  • The workout requires that you lower and raise the safeties. You do not necessarily have to lower and raise to the same level. Differentiate the distance which allows you lift through differentiated ranges for better results.
  • Repeat a few times though it is advised about 6-8 times before taking a break.

Shoulder Presses

A shoulder press will work on your upper body to build muscle and increase your strength. To get you through this:

  • Stand straight and spread your feet and shoulders apart. Talk a hold of the power rack bar.



  • Remove the bar from the rack and hold it at the front of your shoulders.
  • With your chest out, squeeze together your shoulder blades.
  • Take up the bar over to your head and ensure you retract your head for safety purposes.
  • While over your head, take it slightly back so it is in line with the back side of your head. Hold in that position for a while then gradually take the bar back to the shoulder position.
  • Repeat the lift and drop positions a number of times to fully exploit your potential.

Pull Ups

Pull ups work to better your upper limbs and increase body strength as you workout by lifting your entire body’s weight. To do this on the power rack:

  • Position the bar depending on your height and hold it close by your fingers and not your palm.
  • Breathe in and pull yourself up in the process while lifting your chest and not your shoulders.
  • During this workout, bend your elbows and always look towards your bar for better results. Keep in mind that the more you exercise the more numbers you can work out.

The above best power rack exercises will tend to your every physical well being. While there are more exercises to work out on a power rack, these have gained popularity amongst individuals. Though they sound simplified, they bring out the very best of you. I think you should know about some exercises shouldn’t do on power rack. You can be sure that you will be increasing and building muscle while at the same time increases your overall strength.

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