How To Use And When To Use A Power Rack?

Health is indeed our wealth because without its good condition, we will not be able to achieve our goals in life as well as decrease our life span. It is a good thing that people are aware of its importance and doing things to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are ways on how to be healthy such as balanced diet. It is our primary fuel to perform many different tasks or activities on a daily basis and if we don’t pay attention to it, we will suffer in the end. Another important thing is exercise. It is like an oil which makes a machine works smoothly and efficiently.

Without an exercise, our body will be “rusted” like an unused machine. It is important that we give attention to our fitness because it will help us to be healthy. There are exercises that are easy to perform and sustain while some are tough to achieve but very possible with the help of different equipments that we usually see in gyms and fitness stores.

One of the most popular equipments that offers efficiency and benefits is the power rack. It is a huge bunk of steel where bench presses and weightlifting can be done. Curious on how and when to use it? The answers are indicated below.

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How to use a Power Rack?

It is also called a power cage or squat cage (although they are different) which has four upright beams. A power rack can be extended from 5 to 7 feet so that there will be a wider scope of exercise that can be done.

One must be able to be familiar with the features it has such as:


These are the ones that hold the barbell at any height for different exercises such as squat. These saddles can be moved in order for you to find the right spots or height where you will start or initiate a particular power exercise.


These are the ones that catches the barbell and an assurance that any accidents can be avoided as long as it is properly set up or arranged in the power rack.

best attachments for power rack


Various tips when using a Power Rack

Trial and error

For first timers, it is ok if you seek assistance from a spotter for you to be able to set the pace for your exercise. But if you are a fast learner that can be taught or can learn by watching videos, trial and error is the first tip for you.

It means you have to test the power racks efficiency and versatility by using a light weight. Set the saddles and bars at certain height and holes and lift the light weight. If it feels alright for you then that is the suitable set up and if not, you just have to try another setting.

Check for stability

This is a very important tip because even if a power rack is a huge bunk of steel and can hold certain weight, there will be instances that it will rise off the ground because of two reasons. First is because the weights are not properly placed.

Second is because it is standing unevenly on the floor. Make sure that the weights are properly arranged and put rubber stops at the bottom of the beam to stop it from moving.

Perfect time to use it

Actually, there is no perfect time to use a power rack because it can be used anytime as long as the individual is ready and free of things to do. For those who have power rack at home, they hold the time because the equipment stays and waiting to be use.

If there will be a proper time, it is the time when one is free from work, school and other stuffs as well as the time when one is well prepared to used the best power rack based on his or her needs or standards.

It is important to give attention to our health so we can do things we want in the future without any complications. An exercise and a balanced diet will surely keep one on the right track. An equipment like power rack will keep one from developing and improving his or health condition and goals.

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