XMark Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench XM-7630 Review

XMark XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench Review

Carrying an averagely expensive price tag, the XMark XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench is a pretty strong and rugged workout platform, given to its 1500 pounds of weight capacity.

Recommended for home gyms as well as light commercial use, this FID Bench along with its integrated Leg Brace, provides great comfort, support and corrects your body posture while you perform myriads of weight-lifting exercises.

Following XMark XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench review will provide better comprehension regarding its functional aspects

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Quick Review of XMark XM-7630 Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench

XMark XM-7630 Adjustable Dumbbell Weight Bench Review

Boasting a robust 11-gauge 3” x 2” tubular steel construction, the XMark XM-7630 offers an extraordinary workout platform for all the dedicated weightlifters out there.

Ranging from decline position, all the way up to military press position, the XM-7630 allows 7 different backrest angle adjustments to suit all of your exercise styles. Due to its remarkable 1500 pounds of weight capacity, it is certainly one of the sturdiest Weight Bench crafted for intermediate and serious users.

Additionally, this FID bench is incorporated with an ergonomically designed seat that allows adjustments to 3 different positions, whichever seems more comfortable to you.

Upholstered seat is further reinforced with Duraguard Vinyl Cover for better durability. There is also a foot hold-down bar that is aimed to support your posture during declining workouts.


  • Robustly designed with steel frame
  • Ergonomically designed padded seat with 3 adjustable positions
  • 7 different adjustable positions for backrest
  • Foot brace for extra support
  • 3” thick Duracraft cushioning and Vinyl covering
  • Bolted on skid-resistant bottom feet
  • Backed with limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Hardware provided with the product might seem of poor quality
  • Screws that hold the Vinyl pad might loosen up after repeated use
  • Too high, might be uncomfortable for short users
  • Foot brace is not removable

XMark XM-7630 Review: Features and Specs

Crafted with heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame featuring 2” x 3” of thickness, the XM-7630 is pretty solid and heavy-duty piece of equipment. The square frame is further treated with baked powder coated finishing, so as to be fairly resistant against scratches or abrasions.

XMark XM-7630

With about 1500 pounds of weight capacity, the XMark FID Bench allows you to perform heaps of exercises, all with comfort and better support. When assembled flat, the bench measures up to 52.50” in length, 22.50” in width and 19.50” in height.

height & weight of xmark xm-7630

Featuring an extremely thick 3” of upholstered seat, the XM-7630 allows you to adjust it up to 3 different positions; hence different users can find their most comfortable posture. The seat cushion measures 16” in length and 16” in width.

The ergonomically designed seat has been further secured with double-stitched Duraguard Vinyl Cover that is fairly sweat-resistant as well as tear-resistant.

Duraguard Vinyl Cover

As regards to the backrest, you can adjust its angle up to 7 different positions, so as to perform various styles of exercises in decline, flat or incline positions. These angle adjustments range from: -20°(decline), 0°(flat), 20°, 35°, 50°, 65°, 85°. And that’s not it, the back cushion measures about 33.50” in length and 11.50” in width.

7 different positions of XM-7630

Moreover, you also get a Foot Hold-down Brace, which you can utilize as a supporting platform during your workouts, especially in declining position.

Foot Hold-down Brace

For the ease of transportability, the XM-7630 comes with inbuilt wheels, so you can maneuver the unit around easily and store wherever you please. These wheels also assist you while maneuvering the bench under power racks or cable machines.

inbuilt wheels of xmark xm-7630

And best of all, the XMark FID Bench comes with bolted on Skid-resistant feet, so the unit won’t wobble while you exercise, whatsoever. The product has been backed with Lifetime in-home frame warranty and 1 year warranty on other hardware and parts.

Who does the XMark XM-7630 compete with?

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670

Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench - SB670

With about 300 pounds of weight capacity, the Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench is ideal to be used in home gyms for light/medium-duty use.

At a comparatively cheaper price than XMark XM-7630, the Marcy Utility Bench comes with adjustable backrest whose angle can be set up to 6 different positions.

Hence, it allows decline, flat and incline workouts. Additionally, the seat also adjusts to 3 different positions to suit all types of users. Crafted with 14-gauge steel frame, it is further processed with powder coating for better durability. Marcy SB670 is an entry-level Weight Bench that comes with high-density foam and two-tone padding.

Best feature about this bench that differentiates it from XM-7630 is its foldable design. And, transportation wheels and a hand grip add to its bonus points. However, this bench does not come with a foot brace for support. Marcy SB-670 has been backed with 2 years of Warranty period.

Rep Adjustable Bench

Rep Adjustable Bench - 1000 lb Capacity - Flat/Incline/Decline - FID

Yet again, Rep Adjustable FID Bench is a sturdily built equipment that is optimum for home and light-duty commercial use.

Due to1000 pounds of weight capacity, this FID Bench can be efficiently combined with other effective gear like power racks, smith machines, etc. for an intense workout session.

It allows 7 different ladder positions from -20° up to 85°, whereas the seat can be adjusted to 4 different positions. As compared to XMark XM-7630, it is slightly wider, lengthier and somewhat short in height. When assembled, it measures 54” in length, 17.5” in height and 26” in width. The foot brace has been integrated with Vinyl covered rollers that locks up your feet during decline exercises.

Rep Adjustable Bench is a tad high priced as that of XMark XM-7630 Bench and carries 10 years of frame warranty and 30 days warranty on pads. On the down side, thickness of the pad on Rep Bench is just 2.5”, less than XMark XM-7630.

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Featuring a unique design with removable foot brace, the Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Bench is one of the most effective yet affordable workout equipment.

With about 400 pounds of weight capacity, it is an entry-level bench recommended for beginners and moderate weightlifters. The back rest of the bench can be adjusted to 6 different angles ranging from -17° all the way up to 90°. However, the seat can be adjusted up to only 2 positions.

The bench measures 56” in length, 26” in width and 20” in height. As regards to its cons, the backrest of this bench might seem too long, particularly, short users might find it a bit uncomfortable.

Buying XMark Adjustable Weight Bench XM-7630?

In my opinion, if you are looking for a heavy-duty weight bench which can handle rugged use and high weight capacity, then undoubtedly opt for XMark XM-7630 Weight Bench. Above cited in-depth XMark XM-7630 Adjustable Weight Bench Review outlines that it is an impeccable option for grave to intermediary weightlifters, thanks to its 1500 pounds of weight capacity. Qualifying in its durability, comfort and ergonomic aspects, the XM-7630 might be an optimum gear for your free-weight muscle-building exercises.

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