The Benefits Of Cajeput Oil: You’ll Be Amazed

Who doesn’t love essential oils, right?

Imagine one day, you walk to your house after a long hard working day and feel the relaxation immediately.

“What is the difference?” - You wonder.

And guess what?

It is from the fresh scent of the essential oil flowing from a vaporizer that your mom has just bought.

How peaceful it is!

If you are also keen on essential oils, good news is that there are a variety of these products for you.

However, it might be difficult to choose one.

Therefore, we are here to help you.

Renowned for the beautiful foliage, exotic flowers and attractively fibrous white bark, Cajeput Essential Oil would make you fall in love with it instantly.


It not only helps you calm your mind but also brings out tons of benefits.

In food and beverages, cajeput oil is used as a flavoring in very small amounts.

How about we take a look at it, shall we?

Without no further ado, let’s start with:

What is Cajeput Essential Oil? 

Cajeput oil is also called Cajuput oil.

This oil is extracted from the twigs and leaves of the cajeput tree (Melaleuca Leucadendra)

This tree has thick white wood. It is found in Australia, the islands between Australia and Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam (called "Tinh dau tram")

The name “Cajeput” comes from the Indonesian word Kayu Putih meaning “white wood”.

It has many health benefits from treating respiratory systems in distress or relieving pain and so on.

Want to know more? Here’s the best part:

Benefits of Cajeput oil  

Fight infection

If you have problems with infections from bacteria, virus, and fungi, well, cajuput is definitely for you.

You can also apply it externally on the wounds from rusty iron to prevent tetanus.

Drive away insects

One of the good sides of this essential oil is insecticidal properties.

You can spray its diluted solution to drive away mosquitoes, ants and other pests.

Moreover, you can rub the solution on the body to keep insects away.

This might surprise you:

If you drink water with a bit mild diluted solution of cajeput oil, it would even help you kill intestinal worms.

Relieve Congestion

Are you annoyed of the congestion of the nose, throat and other respiratory organs?

Don’t worry as cajeput oil can help you free from them.

Here’s is the kicker:

  • Put a few drops in the vaporizer. This would distribute its aroma in the environment.

It exerts a calming effect on the nasal passage, then your stuffy nose is unblocked.

However, if you have problems with asthma, be careful.

The oil is also an irritant, it may worsen asthma in some people and even trigger an asthma attack.

Use it only under the instruction of professional.

Promote Perspiration

One of the best properties of cajuput essential oil is that it stimulates the organs.

Therefore, it helps create a warming effect, promotes circulation, activates secretions.

Besides, it also stimulates the Eccrine glands and acts as a Sudorific.

This effect is beneficial to the body as it removes the toxins from the body.

Reduces Pain

Don’t need to drink any medicines to reduce pain anymore as this oil is analgesic in nature.

As you might know, Neuralgia can cause you severe pain.

This pain is due to the compression of the Glossopharyngeal or the ninth cranial nerve by the surrounding blood vessels.

Cajuput essential oil can relieve the feeling of pain and relax the blood vessels.  

When you apply it locally like in an infected tooth or forehead in case if having a headache, it gives quick relief.

If you have a fever, you can make a mixture of water and cajuput essential oil.

After that, soak cotton cloths in this water, then apply it to the skin of the person.

It would help cool down the body.

You can also reduce fever by drinking it in highly diluted solutions.

Skin Care

Hello ladies, you might love this:

Cajuput essential oil can be a great buddy in your daily skincare routine.

Its antibacterial properties not only prevents infection but also tones the skin.  

Thanks to this, it is used widely in cosmetics and antiseptic creams.

Eliminates Flatulence

Yes, gas is painful, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Fortunately, if you have a Cajeput essential oil in your medicine cabinet, you can put gaseous problems behind you.

Cajuput oil has carminative properties.

This restricts the formation of gas and then, therefore, helps remove it in the intestines.

Above are the main benefits of Cajuput essential oil.

Wait, it is not the end!

Everything has two sides, even with this amazing oil.

Let’s check it out:

Cajeput Essential Oil Side Effects: 

If you want to use it with other medications, consult a physician to see if it has any adverse side effects.

It is not supposed to be safe for the use of pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding and maybe children.

As we mentioned above, those suffering from asthma should be aware as this oil can trigger an asthma attack.

Essential oils which have high levels of 1,8 Cineole are generally not recommended for children or people with allergies.

For some people, it still could cause irritation and sensitization. So, be careful if you feel something different in the body.

You can mix this oil with other essential oils to experience maximum benefits.

Now, what is your choice?

If you want to find essential oil which brings fresh scent and benefits your health. Cajuput oil is a great choice.

You can utilize it when you are anxious, in pain or fighting infections.

And of course, use it to take care of your skin.

It is all in one.

Only make sure to use it just a little bit at first and watch how your body reacts to the oil.

Comment below if you have any feedback of Cajeput essential oil. We would love to hear it.

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