Can You Use Baby Oil As Lubrication? (What You Need To Know!)

The right kind of personal lubricant that you typically use has run out or is out of stock. So there you are, right in the middle of the moment, looking at the baby oil bottle. And wondering, can you use baby oil as lubrication?

Now we all know that baby oil says that it’s suitable for only external use. But does that mean that you can’t use it for sex? Is it safe for sexual activities?

If you keep reading, you’ll find out all the answers.

Can You Use Baby Oil As Lubrication

Can You use Baby Oil as Lubrication?

When talking about lubricants, baby oil might seem like an excellent choice. But that’s not the case. And do you know why? It’s because the oil is either petroleum or mineral-based (baby oil vs. mineral oil). And that makes it unsuitable for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. So let’s find out more about baby oil.

Baby Oil: The Real Purpose

Can you use baby oil as lubrication

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The oil has the word baby attached to it, right? This means that baby oil is only suitable for the skin of babies. The ingredients present in the oil do an excellent job at keeping the skin tender and soft. They also help in retaining moisture.

So the actual purpose of baby oil is to prevent the skin from becoming dry and looking harsh. It is not something that you can use for sexual intercourse. That means you cannot use baby oil as a lubricant.

When baby oil penetrates the skin, especially in massive amounts, it can prove to be harmful. There’s a reason why the manufacturer has mentioned “for external use only” on the bottle. You can use it on your scalp or with your body cream but not for sex.

So this answers the question, can you use baby oil as lubrication?

Latex and Baby Oil: Not a Good Combination

The product is oil-based, isn’t it? And this implies that you might find vegetable oil, hand cream, petrolatum, or mineral oil in a bottle of baby oil. With such ingredients, you can’t use a condom. It tends to disintegrate the quality of latex, which causes the condom to lose all the strength.

And we all know what happens when this happens, right? It can lead to unplanned pregnancy or cause STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). So please avoid using baby oil when wearing a condom.

Now is the time to stop asking the question, can you use baby oil as lubrication, isn’t it?

When do People Use Lubricants?

Can you use baby oil as lubrication

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Using a lubricant depends on personal preferences and taste. But you should know that they tend to moisten genital tissues while also enhancing the sexual fun. A lube does an excellent job at reducing friction, which means making contact more enjoyable.

This is why many people use lubricants with a condom as they reduce irritation often accompanied by latex. And some people use these kinds of products for masturbation.

But the right type of lubricant is what you should be using for the job. These lubricants are not only suitable for external but internal use as well. It means that they won’t cause any harm when they come in contact with the vagina or the shaft of the penis.

Most women who use lubricants do so after menopause. Due to the lack of estrogen levels during this phase, the area does not become wet enough. So penetration can get slightly difficult due to a lot of friction. This is where lubricants come into the picture. But that doesn’t mean using baby oil.

Here’s a fun video for better sex:

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Pros of Using Baby Oil During Intercourse

  • Baby oil is cheap and available everywhere.
  • ​It offers versatility, which means you can use it for protecting skin and moisturizing purposes as well.
  • ​The oil has a slippery quality that doesn’t interfere with your sensations.
  • Since it’s oil-based, the skin does not absorb it, and it stays on for a longer time.

Cons of Using Baby Oil During Intercourse

  • Baby oil might harbor bacteria while also promoting vaginal yeast.
  • It destroys the sound quality of latex, which means condoms might tear during sex.
  • The oil leaves stains on not only your lingerie or underwear but sheets too. This implies that baby oil is not easy to clean after sex.

Cleaning it up requires you to use hot water with mild soap and plenty of scrubbing. And this sounds like a lot of work and irritation, doesn’t it?

The Climax

So what is the final answer? Using baby oil is not safe for anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Instead of baby oil, you can opt for silicone or water-based lubricants. These are specially created for sexual purposes. So they don’t harm your health in any way.

Using baby oil might sound like an excellent idea, but it’s not. The consequences are just not worth the pleasure. So it’s best that you stick to lubricants that are safe for the genitals and the body.

Have you ever used baby oil during intercourse? And did have any side effects on you?

Please don’t hesitate to share your experiences with us below. The more reliable information we have, the better decisions we can make in our sexual lives.

You can leave your feedback in the comments section. I hope the article was informative and interesting. And I hope that you don’t ever use baby oil as a lubricant.

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