How to Increase Growth Hormone for Height?

Height is one of the top concerns to human’s appearance as well as health.

The hormone that has the greatest impact on the height is called Growth Hormone.

How to Increase Growth Hormone for Height?

Mainly, Height Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced primarily during the teen phase and will slow down with age.

It is the pituitary gland which is responsible for the bone’s growth, and the body’s metabolism.

Therefore, if we can trigger this gland to keep producing the GH, we can keep increasing our height even after 18.

Let’s learn a bit about HGH. Besides, we’d like to suggest 7 viable ways you can practice to keep your height growing at any age.

HGH and Its Responsibility

Height Growth Hormone is brought from the pituitary gland to help grow the bones and muscles.

At the optimal level, this hormone is vital in forming strength and supporting exercising.

Those who have low GH level may face negativity of life quality, higher chance of gaining fat and, to some degree, heart disease; let alone the shortage in height that impairs the appearance.

Fortunately, you can choose the living style to make a significant impact on the HGH to boost your height.

Let’s check out these natural methods to increase your HGH level evidently proven.

7 Optimal Practices to Increase HGH for Height

1. Get rid of Body Fat

Body fat relatively decreases the HGH production that declines your growth in height. It is one of the influential impacts to drag your growing down.

Start to get rid of fat, especially in the belly, to optimize your HGH levels at the same time protect yourself from other potent illness.

2. Arginine Supplement

This arginine is a kind of amino acid that is said to be able to boost the growth hormone when taking along with exercise.

However, to have it show the obvious result, high dose per body mass should be taken not in coincide with working out.

3. Less Sugar Intake

The higher the insulin level, the lower the HGH production.

Try to reduce the sugar and refined carbs intake.

Consuming too much sugar can defect pituitary gland from creating the sufficient level of HGH. It also leads to weight-gaining and obesity.

In this case, you should have a balanced diet to maintain in-shape health meanwhile stabilizing the GH in the body.

4. Less Food before Sleeping

Night time is when the pituitary gland produces the maximum amount of HGH.

Having meals too close to bedtime raises the insulin levels and blocks the release of HGH at night.

Nevertheless, you can eat 3-4 hours before going to sleep because insulin levels tend to go down after consumed in this amount of time.

5. GABA Supplement

This supplement is a non-protein amino acid functions in sending signals around your brain.

It is a calming agent used in soothing the central nervous system aiding good sleep. Studies show that it also increases your HGH levels.

In particular, GABA can leap your HGH up to 400% at rest and a half of that percentage at 200% while exercising.

However, GABA’s long-term benefits have not been proved clearly.

6. High-Intensity Exercise

Working out is the most effective way to raise your HGH levels.

Specifically, weightlifting has the most apparent outcome of increasing HGH if the session occurs with limited rest periods.

One claim from HGH Therapy for men shows that applying simultaneously appropriate insulin measuring and frequently recommended exercise performing can benefit the increment of HGH.

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High-intensity workout, in addition, boosts the other aspects of health including lowering the insulin levels and losing more fat which contributes to the spike of HGH.

7. Sleep Optimizing

Growth Hormone production takes place primarily when you sleep.

In other words, the largest pulses happen before midnight accordingly with your circadian rhythm.

Therefore, the strategy is to get an adequate amount of good sleep to enhance long-term HGH processing.

Some tips for you to get a tight sleep:

  • Avoid exposing to blue light
  • Read a book
  • Have a comfortable bedroom
  • Don’t consume caffeine


It is unavoidable to have a healthy level of HGH as it assists the functions of cell repairing, body metabolism, and growing your height.

We hope these simple pieces of advice will help you improve your HGH levels.

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