What Is A Steroid Pack For Back Pain That You Should Know About?

Every standard method has been tried to get rid of back pain, but none of it seems to have worked, right? Back pain is something that not only causes physical pain but also mental pain due to the number of daily activities you have to put on hold because of this pain.

How many more days off can you take from work after all? Have you ever been suffering from back pain for a while? Have you ever tried every medical and even non-medical treatment methods that have somehow failed to work?

I’m sure you must have at least heard of steroid pack for back pain. Haven’t you?

Steroid Pack For Back Pain

What are Steroid Packs?

Steroid pack, popularly known as Medrol Dose Pack, is an effective anti-inflammatory medication to treat severe as well as mild pain arising along the whole length of the spine. This includes neck and back pain.

Steroid packs or Medrol Dose Packs are prescribed as any other medication; to be taken at a high dosage initially in order to instantly relieve back pain . Then steroid packs reduced to a lower dosage for a period of five to six days.

When an oral steroid like this has proven to be quite effective in treating serious conditions like herniated discs, you know that it’s undoubtedly going to drastically contribute in relieving your mild or severe back pain as well.

In fact, in cases of herniated discs, steroid packs also contribute in speeding up the recovery process. While it’s true that there are many natural and non-medicinal remedies too, that may help you get rid of the pain. But many times these natural remedies don’t produce the kind of results you want them to.

So in such cases, resorting to oral steroids in the form of Medrol Dose Packs is not such a bad idea. Especially when they have proven to be quite effective for short term gain as well as long term success.

what is a steriod pack for back pain

What You Should Know about Medrol Dose Packs?

Just before you form an opinion about steroid pack for back pain, it is only fair that you know all that you need to about it. A Medrol Dose Pack is an oral steroid that is prescribed for not more than 7 to 14 days.

Initially, it starts with a large dose that provides instant relief to the back pain, and then later this dose is reduced to a minimum so that the pain doesn’t develop again.

Now I’m going to use a medical term; Methylprednisolone. It is the appropriate medical term for this oral steroid. And like every other steroid or medical component, steroid packs also have their own side effects and conflicts that depend on your bodily functions and system.

I am not a doctor so I’m not going to waste your precious time by writing about these side effects and conflicts. The best advice that I can give you is to consult your doctor since he or she is the one who is well aware of the kind of health issues you face and how you are treating them.

steroid pack for back pain

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But if I had to list just one common and pretty negligible side effect, it’s the increase in appetite. And that too only for a very short span of time. It’s very common and, at the same time, as insignificant as it is short-lived.

The thing about Medrol Dose Packs is that they are quite easily prescribed by doctors in order to help you with relieving back pain instantly. So when all other methods fail, you simply pay a visit to your doctor, he or she will prescribe the steroid pack, you go to the pharmacy, and buy the oral steroid.

This treatment method is pretty simple. But remember that your doctor needs to see you before prescribing Medrol Dose Packs. It’s always better that way.

And once you’ve used these steroid packs, relief is just around the corner. This brings us to the next section of why you should be using Medrol Dose Packs in the first place.

(Do you know how long does sciatica pain last?)​

Why do You Need to Use Medrol Dose Packs for Back Pain?

Simple & Effective Home Remedies For Back Pain

Natural remedies are not all that bad when it comes to back pain. In fact, they are one of the most effective treatment methods for any pain caused due to the spine. But in some cases, these natural remedies only work when the pain is not too severe. So in order to reduce the level of pain, a drastic yet non-invasive treatment method is the order of the day.

​Stretches for Back Pain Relief

This is the drugs back pain significantly contributes in providing the much-needed relief. And it’s after you obtain this relief that you can switch back to some effective natural remedies. Although, from what I’ve seen and heard, I don’t think that would be necessary as Medrol Dose Packs eliminate back pain completely.

Back pain causes high levels of inflammation and what Medrol Dose Packs do is help you get rid of the inflammation as soon as possible. So relief comes quicker than most other effective treatment methods.

steroid pack for back pain

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How to Use Medrol Dose Packs for Back Pain?

steroid pack for back pain

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It’s as simple as taking the medication with either food or milk. Steroid pack normally starts with a heavy dose and once your condition improves, you can reduce the dosage to a bare minimum. The length and amount of dosage are decided by a medical professional, depending on certain personal medical conditions.

So it is always a better idea to consult your doctor first before taking the medication. It is also a better idea. In fact, the best idea for the health of your spine, to strictly follow the dosage instructions.

Taking the medication consistently can really make a huge difference. And likewise, not taking the medication consistently, can lead to the development of some other problems in the body.

And just like any other oral steroid, increasing the intake of the medication or staying on it for much longer than is necessary can prove to be counterproductive. Not only will your back pain still exist but you will be making your body more susceptible to catching on the side effects of the medication.

Suddenly stopping the medication will inevitably lead to some withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, headache, dizziness, weakness, muscle pain, and weight loss. So it’s better to consult your doctor and have him or her reduce your dosage gradually.

So you won’t experience such symptoms at extreme levels. Keeping your doctor updated about even the slightest unnatural or unusual occurrence because of Medrol Dose Packs will not only benefit your spine but also your overall health.

​How to Take a Medrol Pack? (Methylpredisolone)


There are millions and millions of people around the world who suffer from back pain. It’s a very common problem among working adults. So it’s pretty obvious that the treatment methods found are also abundant. And they all work in their own distinct manner for different kinds of people.

But steroid pack for back pain, also known as Medrol Dose Pack, is the kind of treatment method your body will inevitably respond to after you’ve tried every other way of curing the back pain that has been a literal pain in your life for a while now.

After reading about what exactly is a steroid pack and why and how you should be using it, you hopefully now understand its importance as far as the spinal cord is concerned. And I hope it provides you the relief you need to go about your daily activities in the most comfortable manner.

Have you ever tried using Medrol Dose Packs for back pain or neck pain? And for how long did you use it before the pain actually vanished?

Since we spoke about some side effects, did you experience any and how bad were they?

Please let us know in the comments section below. The more practical information we have about this oral steroid, the easier it will be for us to decide whether we want to use it or not.

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Greg - November 15, 2018

Had laminectomy 6 weeks ago due to excruciating sciatica (from L4/L5 down leg, through foot). I would cry the pain was so excruciating b4 laminectomy. Seemed to be getting better, but slowly. And pain in leg was still quite bad after 4.5 weeks. Some of the symptoms (numb knee, stabbing pain in ankle went away right after surgery). The rest is diminishing slowly. Doc gave me 4 mg dose pack. It literally took almost all the pain away. Thought I was cured. Pain came back with vengeance after disepack. I see doc tomorrow. I am hoping this is actually a good sign and recovery is simply slow.

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