Top 4 Back Stretchers 2018 Reviews: Best-quality Lumbar Supports

best back Stretcher reviews

Back Stretcher device can strengthen your back, enhance the body posture, regain natural curvature of your spine and might also positively aid back aches.

Best Back Stretcher is the one that is comfortable, not too hard, provides full lumbar support and is easy to carry around. People who have gone through recent surgeries or have injured back must consult professionals first before using these.

Below given Back Stretcher reviews, will explain which models available in the market are best for 2017.

Top 4 Best Back Stretchers 2018 on the Market

In-depth 4 Best Back Stretcher Reviews:

1. Back Magic Plus- Back-Stretching Device

Back Magic Plus - Back Stretching Device

Deliberately designed to relieve your persistent back aches, Back Magic Plus is one of the affordable and effectua lback-stretching gear.

This device makes the whole process of back-stretching much easier and efficient, without worsening your back’s current condition. Back Magic Plus can be used by people with back issues, people who have no back issues at all and also health specialists.

Best thing about Back Magic Plus is that, it comes with ‘Trigger Point massage’ top surface featuring 10 nodes that resemble our thumbs tips. These nodes are designed on both sides of the device’s spine cradle.They will help in releasing tension from your back, relaxing your muscles and enhancing stretching.

With regular usage of this back-stretching device, you might get relief from lingering back aches, your posture will be enhanced and the natural curve of your back will be reinstated. If you feel like your muscles have stiffened, you can use Back Magic plus to instigate flexibility in your back and shoulder muscles as well.

It is extremely lightweight (2 pounds) and compactly designed for easy portability. Due to its fully adjustable design, beginners as well as advanced users can conveniently change the stretch height as per their comfort level.


  • Top surface has ‘Trigger Point massage’ design
  • Allows 3 levels of height adjustment of the device
  • Ideal to be used by novices as well as pros
  • Lightweight and petite design
  • Relieves back aches, enhances posture and makes your muscles flexible
  • Extremely affordable
  • Top and bottom parts are backed with 5 years of limited warranty


  • Nodes on the top surface might feel uncomfortable for some users
  • Might not give same effective results for all types of back aches

2. Comfort Fit Lumbar Stretcher Device with Acupressure

Comfort Fit Lumbar Chronic Back Pain Stretcher Device with Accupressure

Featuring Acupressure nodes on the top surface, this Comfort Fit Lumbar Stretcher device will help in massaging your back’s tension points, relieving any possible back pain and relaxing your stiff back muscles.

It has 3 different settings for adjusting its height level, so that beginners can start with level 1 and then gradually increase the stretch height for maximum outcomes. This Comfort Fit device also helps in improving your body posture, make your muscles more flexible and rebuild the natural curvature of your back.

For optimum results, you need to use this device twice a day, for 5 minutes. Its travel-friendly compact design allows you to carry it around anywhere you wish. Whether you have a perfectly healthy back or have constant back aches, you can efficiently use this device for back-stretching.


  • Backed with Limited Lifetime Replacement warranty
  • Has 3 settings for adjusting height levels
  • Highest level from the ground is about 4.33 inches
  • Compact and portable design
  • Optimum for back-stretching and restoring natural curve of your back
  • Has Acupressure nodes on top surface for relaxing and massaging your back
  • Comes with a replacement for center foam


  • Acupressure points might feel too excruciating for some users
  • Top board might seem hard to bend while assembling

3. Magic Back Stretcher Lumbar Support Device

Magic Back Stretcher Lumbar Support Device For Upper and Lower Back Pain Relief

Ergonomically designed with adjustable 3 arch levels, Magic Back Stretcher Device allows users of all ages, with any fitness level to use it capably. All-in-one design of this device improves the posture of your body, provides lumbar support, stimulates flexibility of muscles and relieves chronic back pains.

Magic Back stretcher claims to help users with spasms of spinal muscles, pinched nerves, slipped disk, herniated disk, disintegrated back, tight knots in back, etc. to attain constructive results towards these issues.

The top surface has massage nodes for massaging the pressure points on your back and relaxing the muscles. The product comes with a chair belt so that you can use it while elongated sitting periods as well.


  • Made from thick heavy-duty ABS plastic
  • Petite design, easy to maneuver around
  • Comes with a DVD, Instruction Manual and chair strap
  • Backed with 100% money-back guarantee
  • Has 3 settings for adjusting stretch height level
  • Comes packaged in a gift box for easy storage or convenient travelling
  • Thumb tip nodes on the top offers light massaging to your back while you stretch


  • Might not be effective for people with severe back issues like spondylolisthesis
  • Some users might find its surface too hard
  • Assembling the product seems difficult due to hardness

4. True Back- The Original Back Stretcher Device


Qualified by FDA and EU as a Class I Medical Device, the TRUE BACK ORIGINAL Back stretcher device is perfect to be used for spinal decompression, reducing back pain/back stress, improving posture of your back, boosting blood circulation in your back and stimulating flexibility in your muscles.

It is downright natural drug-free device which is compactly designed so that you can use it in your homes, offices, etc. This back-stretching device is beneficial for both, people with back issues as well as those who have perfectly healthy backs.

You can easily adjust the traction effect by switching arch of the device; beginners can start with placing low arch side under their lower back whereas advanced users can set the high arch beneaththeir lower back.

Center rails on this device features 30 molded suspension points that deliberately support your total body weight, relaxes your back muscles and stimulates blood circulation. It just weighs 4 pounds and measures 24” x 10” x 4”, hence it allows stress-free portability.


  • Comes with 90-days money-back guarantee and Lifetime Limited Replacement Warranty
  • Officially registered as an Orthopedic Traction device
  • Relieves back aches, back stress and discomfort
  • 30 suspension points on the top allows muscle relaxation
  • Qualified by FDA and EU as a Class I Medical device; Can be used by doctors, health professionals
  • Comes with 2 arch levels-High and Low; adapts with beginners as well as pro users


  • Expensively priced as compared to other back-stretching devices
  • Might not be effective in aiding sciatica
  • Some users might find its configuration slightly uncomfortable

What are the Benefits of using Back-Stretcher device?

Back Stretchers are semi-circular shaped devices aiming to stretch your back, so that gravity can work efficiently towards reinstating the natural curve of your back. There are several benefits of using a Back Stretcher, below given explain few of them.

back stretcher benefits


Aids Back Pains

As you utilize a Back Stretcher, your spine will be stretched boosting up blood circulation and supply of oxygen in the spinal discs area. This further causes the gel-like element in the middle of the spinal discs of the vertebra to increase its volume. Which is what, eventually results in healing your back aches and strengthening your spinal muscles.

Enhanced posture

If you are one of those people who have deskbound jobs or works on a computer whole day, then in the long run you might end up having a crooked back. This condition might worsen up and cause even severe problems like slipped disc, sciatica, degeneration, etc.

Using a Back stretcher will force your back to restore its natural curve and mend your posture better.

Range of motion

With growing age, our back tends to lose its flexibility due to the tightening of upper and lower muscles. With continuing use of a Back stretcher, the tension points on your back will be somewhat massaged causing your muscles to relax and become flexible over time.

Preventive Measures

If chronic back aches are genetically observed in your family, then even people with absolutely no back problems must start using a Back Stretcher. As a preventive measure, a back stretcher will strengthen your back muscles in advance, and hence avoid any forthcoming back issues.


Using a Back Stretching device for a longer period of time might also cause your height to increase (not more than 3 inches) due to the elongated and straighter spine. However, you must use it persistently for several months to see any visible results.

Affordability and Easiness

Sometimes practicing all the Stretching exercises might feel boring and monotonous. But, with a Back Stretcher device, all you have to do is lay the device on the ground and place your back over the device for minimum 5 minutes, twice a day.

Back stretcher is one of the most inexpensive gears available in the market for back-stretching and aiding back aches.


These anti-gravity devices are generally made from a hard plastic or wooden frame. They are fairly lightweight and have a compact design that can be accommodated in any constrained spaces. You can even carry them around while travelling.

How does Back Stretcher work?

  • When you lay your back on a Back Stretcher, the upper as well as lower stiffened muscles will be stretched, causing them to decompress
  • Designed to be therapeutically comfortable, Back stretcher will fully support your back in suchstretched position
  • Now, the constant anti-gravity effect will cause your back to retain its natural curve
  • The crucial aim of Back stretcher is to flex out every vertebra existing in your back, further relieving pressure off it
  • When this pressure is relieved, the roots of pinched nerves become more relaxed and your spinal configuration also feels more flexible
  • The discs and joints in your back, due to the back-stretching, will allow more essential fluids and oxygen to be absorbed. Which is what, will heal your back and stimulate its normal functioning
  • Effects of gravitational pull will cause our spine to get pulled down during day-to-day life. So, back-stretching naturally neutralizes this effect and makes it vertically elongated by generating a space between vertebrae. And, that is how a Back Stretcher ultimately works
  • This created space between vertebrae might also aid sciatica or bulged discs
  • Frequently using back Stretcher will provide excellent visible results and also strengthen your back muscles against future aching issues or injuries.

Some Exercisers can do with Back Stretcher:

For achieving positive results out of a back-stretcher, you can also additionally try out myriads of exercises and yoga positions to aid your back issues. These exercises will help to improve your overall cardiovascular health.

First of all, place your Back stretcher device on the floor and slowly position your back over it, bend your knees while you are laying back. The wider end of the device must be close to your glute muscles.

If the device has a spinal cradle, make sure to position your spine right in the center of this cradle (beginners can place a pillow underneath their head)

  • Now, start with a simple stretching position- Bend your knees, place your arms naturally on either sides and stay in the back-stretching position for about 3-5 minutes
  • Next, for more intensity, you can stretch your arms above your head and try to touch your elbow to the floor as maximum as possible. This will intensify your stretch and provide more improved results. Make sure to keep your knees bent in this stretching position.
  • Now for an Extreme Stretch, you can expand your legs completely touching to the floor as well as stretch your arms above your head (like stated above)
  • Get off the equipment and relax in a sitting position for some time before starting off any regular activities
  • You can also try out different hand and arms positions like stretching it completely sideways instead over your head. Make sure to experiment new hand positions slowly and softly to avoid any injuries.

Along with above given back-stretching positions, you can also perform Yoga postures and Back-stretching Exercises explained in the following videos for attaining constructive relief from back issues.

Which Best Back Stretcher should I buy?

Back pain can be treated with myriads of rehabilitation options available out there. However, most inexpensive and easiest way to help your back aches, retain the natural curve of your back and strengthen your back muscles is to invest in any of the Best Back Stretcher from above given Back Stretcher reviews.

If you are tight on budget and looking for something equally effective, then Back Magic Plus - Back Stretching Device is well-designed, affordable and lightweight gear that will help you with back aches.

However, for those of you who can afford high-end models must certainly opt for True Back The Original Back Stretcher Device which is highly beneficial in aiding back stress/back pain effectively.

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