What Happens If Plantar Fasciitis Goes Untreated?

Every year as many as 2 million Americans get affected by the conditions of plantar fasciitis. It is a common condition that takes place due to overusing of the heel tissue during activities of walking or running. The pain in the disease starts mainly in the arch of the foot and then reaches out till the heels. The patient can feel the pain most when they get up in the morning and place their feet on the floor, or also when they have been sitting for prolonged hours at a single place. What happens if plantar fasciitis goes untreated?

What Happens If Plantar Fasciitis Goes Untreated?

How Plantar Fasciitis does Take Place?

Plantar fasciitis is mainly a degenerative condition that takes place due to overuse of the tissues of the plantar fascia. When the plantar fascia stretches, it causes a tear in the tissues and hence, the pain starts. This is not a sudden thing and the conditions keep on increasing gradually over the passing time. If the condition is left untreated, it will go on deteriorating each day.

what happens if plantar fasciitis goes untreated

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How can be Plantar Fasciitis Treated?

There have been a number of treatments that were advised for the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Some of such treatment options are the application of the ice pack, iontophoresis, and stretching. Often in the case of initial pain, these options may work, but at a later stage, only one thing acts the best and that is through physical therapy.

Massage therapy during nights, before going to bed can give best results and this can be noticed when the patient gets up in the morning and lands his or her feet on the floor.

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What Happens if Plantar Fasciitis goes Untreated?

Plantar fasciitis is not a sudden process and it increases gradually over the time. It is very much necessary to treat the condition at the earliest to get rid of the increasing pain. But there are many people who leave the condition of plantar fasciitis untreated due to which they often face a number of serious problems.


When you notice that you are having a problem of plantar fasciitis, the next immediate thing that you need to do is rest. You need to give a lot of rest to your feet and heels and should avoid strenuous activities such as long walks, running or standing for long hours. If you continue these activities, the pain in your heel will reach a stage when you will be not able to tolerate it.

Changing Posture

If you have pain in a particular portion of your feet or your heel, then you may tend to walk supporting some of other portion. For example, if you have pain in the centre of the heels, then you may soon start walking supporting on the sides of your feet. This may allow you to walk comfortably for some time, but then it may create some other trouble for you such as posture issues and pain in some other parts of the body.

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Intolerable with Weights

Initially, you may have a problem only when you are standing for long or walking too much or running too fast. A time may soon come when you may start having pain in your heels even when you carry some heavy object from one place to another. It may happen that it is a matter or a few minutes, but still, this may also cause pain in your heels.

Heel Spur

If it is just the pain, then still you can manage by walking with some other posture or by forcing yourself to walk. The problem increases further when you get heel spur. As this is known as a calcium deposit on the heel, the area hardens and you have a maximum problem in walking or even at times standing, even more, a few minutes at a single place. This can be the worse stage in case of plantar fasciitis or the condition may worsen even more if the situation of plantar fasciitis is not treated on time. Learn more what is the treatment for heel spurs?


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What may You Have to Face?

There may be still people who must be thinking that they will be able to cope up with the conditions of plantar fasciitis without treatment. This is a very wrong conception as because people suffering from untreated plantar fasciitis often have to lead a lifestyle that has to be supported by others.

  • These patients are not able to walk alone and need a support to go from one place to another.
  • When they sit at one place, they think several times before getting up due to the pain they have to suffer.
  • They are not able to carry any heavyweight while standing or walking as this creates more pressure and hence the pain increases.
  • There are at times midnight pain in the heels and the feet arch that is unbearable.
  • People trying to use alternative ways to walk with the pain, often land up messing with their own posture.
  • Even wearing hard soul-shoes or high heels are just something that is very painful to hear. These people can wear only certain types of shoes that have a soft soul or medically prescribed souls.


Almost 1 in every 10 Americans faces the problem of plantar fasciitis. Though there are a variety of effective treatment options available today, but still there are many people who leave the condition untreated that makes the situation even worse.

Plantar fasciitis is not a very deadly disease that cannot be treated. Today there are a number of options through which the condition of plantar fasciitis can be easy treated or can be at least reduced down. The only thing is that a number of people may ignore the treatment part and think of carrying it just the way it is. This is the situation when it worsens and finally reaches a stage that is unbearable. It is important for the patients to notice it even when they start feeling a slight pain in the heels or the feet arch while running, walking or standing. Not recognizing or leaving it ignored will just give you pain in coming years.


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