Top 5 Best Pedal Exercisers 2018 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Pedal Exercisers reviews

Having hard knocks to spare some time for exercising from frenetic work schedules? Then a pedal exerciser might be what you need. Pedal Exerciser is portable exercising equipment comprising of platform pedals, just like ordinary bicycles, to perform stationary pedaling as a quick cardio session. When secured on the table, you can operate it with hands as well.

Best pedal exercisers favor strengthening and toning of leg or arm muscles, boost up blood circulation, so on. Be it during deskbound jobs or in homes watching TV, you can work-out anywhere. Get a thorough notion from following pedal exercisers reviews.

Top 5 Best Pedal Exercisers 2018 on the Market

Patented Magnetic Resistance, forward and backward motions, lower pedal rotation height of just 10 inches, 8 calibrated resistance levels, wider base and secure Velcro Straps are all the features that qualifiest DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser to be best one amongst all.

The unique and advanced Cool Rev technology offered by Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Pedal Exerciser which is also entirely foldable is quite impressive and versatile in its own way.

The next preferred pedal exerciser is from Exerpeutic that offers motor-driven design with adjustable speed and overload protection feature found in no other bike exercisers mentioned.

In-depth 5 Best Pedal Exercisers Reviews:

1. Fit Sit Deluxe Foldable Pedal Exerciser from Platinum Fitness:

Platinum Fitness Fit Sit Deluxe Folding Pedal Exerciser Leg Machine

This Pedal Exerciser from Platinum Fitness is quite obliging for strengthening or rehabilitating legs and arms. It has a 5 function LCD screen which readouts exercising time, pedaling count, rpm, calories burnt and speed.

Innovative Cool Rev Technology incorporated into it secures the unit from getting overheated that may have destructive effects on users, generally found in most of the competitor’s exercisers. Even during most intense workout sessions or long lasting use, it does not get that heated.

The most noteworthy feature of this exerciser is that it can be completely folded to store in any compact space or carry around anywhere without any hassle. The Anchor strap included secures the exerciser at one place without slipping while you work-out. This strap issupposed to be linked with the chair for a firm setting. They are made available in 5 distinct colors for user’s suitability.

Power-coated finishing makes the cleaning of Fit Sit very effortless, the foot pads of pedals is designed such to leave no markings and pedal straps included here makes the job of pedaling much more stable.

Fit Sit is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee, if you are unhappy with its purchase for any reason. Also, has impressive Unlimited Lifetime warranty.


  • Advanced and unique Cool Rev Technology
  • Adjustable resistance to decide intensity of workout via tension knob provided
  • Wide pedal platform of 4” for comfortable foot resting


  • Slightly noisy

2. Vive Pedal Exerciser - Low Impact Compact Bike ideal for Medical use:

Pedal Exerciser by Vive - Portable Medical Exercise Peddler

Vive represents this Pedal exerciser that features a portable and petite design to carry it around anywhere you wish. Both hands as well legs can be used to operate this pedal exerciser, when pedaling through hands, make sure to secure it on the table.

The resistance can be adjusted as per your convenience that decides the intensity of your workout via the tension knob provided at the front.

The large-sized digital LCD Monitor has 7 exercising functions like Scan, Time, RPM, Odometer, Calories burned, Distance and speed, which are quite easy to read.

The unique Anti-slip and scratch-resistant pedals made from rubber ensures durability and user’s safety against sliding. This exerciser from Vive is even beneficial for the rehabilitation exercises that need low-impact intensity.

It is extremely versatile, can be used in homes, offices or anywhere you please. It comes with a remarkable 1 year of warranty period for best after-sales experience.


  • Scan function of the LCD screen displays all the exercising modes for few seconds
  • Foot straps provided secure the foot in place for a firm pedaling experience
  • Low-impact petite size exercising bike, best for rehabilitation purposes


  • Tends to wobble whenever speed is increased.

3. MagneTrainer-ER Mini Pedal Exerciser for Arm and Leg Exercises:

MagneTrainer-ER Mini Exercise Bike Arm and Leg Exerciser

Integrated with Patented Magnetic resistance, the MagneTrainer-ER Mini Bike lets you adjust the resistance up to twice the range than offered by many of the existing competitive magnetic pedal bikes.

Compactly designed with 15 inches width of base, it can be placed under any desk of offices easily. Versatile in use, it allows both leg or arms exercises and can be used for intense workouts as well as rehabilitation exercises. Made from robustly designed steel frame, this exerciser is certainly built to last.

For added stability during exercising, steel base and wider pedal platform are offered with adaptable Velcro Straps on pedals to put up with all foot sizes easily.

The battery-powered (single AA batteries) electronic display screen shows the speed, calories burned, time and distance travelled. Incorporated with heavy-duty durable pulleys and flywheel, finest quality German Flywheel bearings and wide 4V belts, the MagneTrainer will surely be durable.


  • Patented Magnetic Resistance ensures super-smooth pedaling with forward and reverse motions
  • Multiple resistance levels favors physical therapies as well as regular workouts
  • Sturdy steel frame offers durability and noiseless operation


  • Might be too tall for some desks.

4. DeskCycle Low-height Bike Pedal Exerciser :

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

DeskCycle Under-desk Bike Pedal Exerciser has a very lower pedal rotation height of just 10 inches which makes it perfect to be used under the desks having height of even 27 inches with ease.

8 distinct calibrated resistance levels displayed here allows easy-going to heavy intense workouts, users’ can decide on the resistance as per their expediency.

The lowest level resistance offers very low-impact and smooth pedaling ideal for physical therapies. For promising steadiness, the DeskCycle has low height and wider base preventing the unit against wobbling. For a superior control of users on the unit, Velcro Straps are built-in here.

The cohesive system for Magnetic resistance and the state-of-the-art mechanisms used in this DeskCycle Bike Exerciser is same as that of MagneTrainer. This Patented Magnetic Resistance allows ultra-smooth and noiseless operation in both forward and reverse directions.

The electronic display screen comprises of 5 functions to view exercising data such as Speed, Time, Calories burned, Scan and Distance Travelled. The Scan mode, when instructed, shows all the data every 3 seconds.

The DeskCycle comes with a steel-constructed desk display stand so that you can detach the monitor from the unit and place it on your desk for handy functioning.


  • No sweat assembling process
  • Students above 5 years age can safely use it, helps to develop focusing power and shape creativity
  • Website offers Online Calorie Calculator for exact training stats


  • Pedals are not that wide which might not be liked by some people.

5. Exerpeutic Motor-driven Bike Pedal Exerciser with Anti-skid Mat:

Exerpeutic Motorized Leg and Arm Exercise Bike with Bonus Mat

Exerpeutic hosts their version Pedal exerciser that is motor-driven to carry out low-impact exercises easily. You can also use it without the motor for additional resistance needed for intense workouts.

Versatile in nature, you can use it during sedentary job profiles, in homes while watching TV or using PCs. Both, the legs as well as shoulder/arms exercises can be performed with it easily, place it above the table or desk for the arms exercises. It majorly promotes healthy blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and develops balance.

The LCD screen displays Distance, Time, calories burned and speed for suitability. There is a grab handle provided at the top of the unit for no-trouble portability.

The pedal exerciser initiates on standard 120V and consumes 6.5W of power. The pedals have detachable foot straps provided to offer the user with more control while pedalling. It is backed with an impressive 1 year warranty period.


  • Comes pre-assembled, pedals are foldable
  • Motor speed is adjustable and it has overload protection aspect
  • The product comes with a non-skid floor mat for reassuring stability


  • Pedal platform is not wide enough, might be uncomfortable for some users.

Which Pedal Exerciser should you buy?

With all the incredible featured-packed qualities in a one petite unit, the DeskCylce Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser is clearly one of the best pedal exercisers amongst all.

It accomplishes all the aspects that are generally looked-for in the bike exercisers. The Patented Magnetic resistance with both forward and backward directions is what makes it unique from the other mentioned pedal exercisers. Due to this, it offers smooth and noiseless functioning, perfect to be used anywhere.

The Velcro Straps offered give extra control to the users on the pedals, which are absent in others. The steel-made desk stand, lower height and wider base are features that make it apposite for lower desk heights and taller users as well.

You should definitely opt for this pedal exerciser if you are looking for a versatile and proficient unit to carry out pedalling in both the directions for added intensity.

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