Top 5 Best Under Desk Elliptical Reviews 2018

best under desk elliptical reviews

Many a times, we realize that our body needs to get in shape and it is high time now you performed some exercises, but, the hectic schedule won’t allow us to do so. Working Men and Women who devote most of their time sitting on a desk working will find it strenuous to get back home and workout.

So, this is where an Under Desk Elliptical will come handy. Find out which is the Best Under Desk Elliptical for you from the following 5 Under Desk Elliptical Reviews.

Top 5 Best Under Desk Elliptical 2018

Under Desk Elliptical or Mini Elliptical?

Under desk Elliptical or Mini Elliptical or Portable Elliptical, yes, just the same. It is basically a pedal machine that can be utilized by the desk-bound working people in offices or in homes. Slide it under the desk at the position which is best comfortable for your posture, place your legs at the either sides on the raised pedals and you are all set to exercise. Some models have simple functioning whereas others can perform multiple functions efficiently.

Do Under Desk Ellipticals really Work?

Research shows that many severe health problems evolve by sitting for longer hours. Metabolic diseases, heart risks, obesity are some of them caused to people having sedentary work lifestyle. Hence, using Under Desk Elliptical will provide some sort of activity to your body reducing the corresponding risks and promoting blood circulation as well.


Some of them have Display panel to showcase the pedal rotations and distance travelled to calculate burnt calories.

Another benefit is that, the exercising will overall help your brain to reduce stress, if caused due to work, as it encourages positive thinking. Plus, it does not even disturb your ongoing work.

Some of them are also foldable; you can take it with you during long travel journeys as well. Most machines have resistance adjustment controls to decide the intensity of workout as per user’s convenience.

Following Under Desk Elliptical reviews will help you to know what all unique features and benefits each one encompasses.

Top-rated 5 Best Under Desk Elliptical Reviews:

1. FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

FitDesk introduces their version of Under Desk Elliptical that has lowermost pedal rotation height, of just inches 8 inches, so that your knees would not get thudded every time. It is pretty compact can easily slide through and operated under the desk of even 25 inches.

There is a Magnetic Resistance control with 8 options for you to adjust the resistance you wish the pedal should offer. There is also a Foot-shifter right beside these options for hands-free adjustment and no hindrance while you work.

The high velocity Flywheel is well-balanced; you can pedal efficiently even for a long period with very low noise generated. The product comes with an optical Desk stand to detach the 6 function electronic Display panel and place it on your desk to track your improvement handily.


  • Has an inbuilt rolling foot massager to aid your feet from pains or strains
  • Framed with high quality steel for enhanced durability
  • Has inbuilt wheel and grip handle to allow portability with no trouble
  • Large platform pedals to place your foot comfortably
  • Rolling chair wheel lock to secure the wheels of your chair with the machine for immovability
  • For smooth pedalling, has fluid rearward and frontward shuffle motion
  • White Finishing looks elegant
  • Very quiet operation thanks to Magnetic resistance
  • Easy to set up assembly


  • Needs to lube after a while of use
  • Machine is slightly long, might pop out of your desk

2. Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Stamina hosts this In-Motion Elliptical Trainer that has a multifunctional monitor to track your fitness progress with a scan option that flashes these records every 6 seconds. For a change in exercise and to activate distinct muscles in your legs, the direction of pedalling can be reversed as well.

If you want to perform standing exercises then In-Motion Elliptical might be suitable for you, especially the ones than do not have sedentary job but would like to have a petite elliptical trainer in their homes.

The electronic digital monitor provided will track the strides per minute, time spent doing so, stride count and calories burnt. To decide the intensity of pedalling, you can adjust the tension knob conveniently.


  • Is compact and lightly weighted
  • The chassis with foot-pedal-only design makes it ideal to fit under any desk or even closets swiftly
  • Low-impact operation does not strain the back, hips or legs
  • Non-slip Pedals are textured to provide firm grip
  • Robust construction made from steel for long lasting usage
  • Comes in three distinct colour palettes for user’s suitability
  • Versatile use: Standing or Sitting handling, reverse and front pedalling
  • Reverse motion helps burn more calories
  • Quiet operation
  • Flat-foot platform of pedals favours standing exercises
  • Is portable to carry anywhere you wish and is inexpensive comparatively


  • Performing Standing exercises without a handle can be challenging, you will need better sense of balance
  • Has weight limit of 250 lbs. which makes it impractical for heavy weight people planning to utilize it
  • Stride length is short

3. DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White

DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White

This Bike Pedal Under Desk Exerciser from DeskCycle has very low pedal rotation height of just 10 inches making it apposite to be used under desks of even 27 inches proficiently. There are 8 different calibrated resistance stages showcased from easy to heavy resistant motion to be chosen as per user’s liking.

The mechanism integrated in this machine for Magnetic resistance and the first-class quality components used, are just same as the MagneTrainer. There is a 5 function electronic display that has Speed (of pedalling), Time, Calories (Burnt), Scan and Distance (Travelled) selections.


  • Magnetic resistance included makes the operation smooth and Super-quiet
  • Lower height and wider base allows improved steadiness
  • There is a desk display stand made from steel, provided to detach the display panel and place it on the desk for handy access
  • Even students having Age more than 5 years can use it capably; improves focusing power and creativity
  • At the lowest resistance level, it is super-easy and smooth to pedal
  • Forward and reverse motion for improved workout
  • Pedals has Velcro straps for superior control
  • Online calorie Calculator is provided on the website for exact stats
  • Simple to assemble
  • Scan setting when commanded displays all stats every 3 seconds


  • If your height is more than 5’8” then you might need a taller desk otherwise it would be uncomfortable for you
  • Display panel looks low quality
  • Pedals are not wide enough, feels a little uncomfortable

4. jfit Mini Elliptical/Stepper with Adjustable Angle Under Desk & Stand Up

jfit Mini Elliptical/Stepper  with Adjustable Angle Under Desk & Stand Up

J/fit presents this Mini Elliptical that can be used for Under Desk as well as Stand up exercises. It has a smart and exclusive adjustable angle pedals up to 3 positions to adapt to the sitting and standing positions competently. It has a top grab handle and rear wheels provided to carry it around anywhere and a front grab handle for added assistance.

An inbuilt rolling chair lock secures the wheels of your chair with the Elliptical for sufficient steadiness. Large rollerblade wheels integrated in this machine allows smooth and quiet operation throughout; such design is more resilient to wear and tear.

To know your progress, it has a turning dial Monitor from 1050 Series that displays Time, Distance travelled, Speed and calories burnt. A tension knob provided lets you adjust the resistance from easy to heavy.


  • Burns around 300 calories during sitting exercise, even more while stand up
  • Display has large numbering, are easily viewable even while standing
  • Light weight of just 24lbs. makes it ideal for portability


  • Needs lubrication time to time for easy-going use or else makes squeaky noises
  • Short stride length makes it hard to workout, especially for tall users
  • Is a little long, might stuck out if you have short-length desk

5. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0418 Magnetic Mini Exercise Bike, Gray

Sunny Health and Fitness delivers this model of Mini Exercise Bike that has a compact design and light weight, perfect for portability. It has a Patented Magnetic mechanism which allows smooth and noiseless operation with a Micro Tension knob that has 8 levels for resistance adjustment.

As per your liking you can adjust this intensity from easy to heavy pedalling. The LCD screen displays Time, Speed (of pedalling), Distance, ODM, Calories burnt, runs on batteries.


  • Has a handle to favour portability
  • Pedals can work suitably well with both hands as well as legs
  • Scan mode lets you view all the display functions continuously
  • Non-slip large pedals with textured design for finest grip
  • Good quality plastic straps to secure the foot in place
  • Weighs 24lbs. which is heavy enough to stay in place while exercising
  • Bottom feet of the machine has rubber lining to avoid slipping
  • Bidirectional pedalling, forward and reverse motions will target different muscles at a time for enhanced workout session


  • Has a weight limitation of 220 lbs. making it unworkable for heavy weight users trying to lose weight through this elliptical
  • 14” high pedals, might be a problem for tall users
  • LCD display is hard to understand at first with less-informative guidance provided

How to Choose the Best Under Desk Elliptical?

The pedal rotation height of the elliptical is the key factor that should be considered before buying it, particularly for tall users. Make sure you know the dimensions of the chair and the desk you use, to select a best Under Desk elliptical for yourself.

If you wish to use them at different places, opt for the ones having grip handles, rollers and light weight body for easy portability.

If you do not really have a sedentary work style but desire to have a petite elliptical in your apartment to carry out stand up and sitting exercises then there are 2 in 1 elliptical as well that allows flexible angled pedals to do so.

Cheaper elliptical machines will be having less resistance to wear and tear with low quality components used to build it and also might be slippery.

Whereas some first-class bike peddler elliptical will be expensive but will prove as an amazing feature-packed product that will be satisfactory.

How to Use this Under Desk Exercise Equipment Correctly?

Whenever you place your feet on the angled platform pedals, you will undoubtedly feel a relief in your legs rather than when you normally place it on the floor.

Certain type of instability if felt, you could always just place a Floor Mat below the elliptical or support it against a wall for better steadiness.

The chair you sit on should be comfortable and tall enough to easily allow your legs to access the elliptical, especially for tall people. Always sit with a straight posture for better results and make sure the desk height is suitable enough, your knees will not be thudded against the desk this way.

Best if you have an adjustable height desk to accommodate any size of elliptical smartly.

Some shortcomings of this "Mini Elliptical"

Not necessarily every machine, but some of the Mini Elliptical have noisy mechanism making it awkward to be used in offices which might distract your colleagues as well. The feature-rich elliptical devices are expensive, might dig a hole in your pocket.

If you are taller than 5’7” then some of the heighted elliptical machines like 13” high or more will be uncomfortable for you.

If your machine does not have straps for foot or rolling chair lock, then it might be slightly difficult to secure the user with the machine.

Which Under Desk Elliptical should I Buy?

Considering all the above mentioned facts, the DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser fulfils many of the features that usually should be comprised in such machines.

It has Magnetic Resistance for smooth and quiet mechanism, Velcro Straps to secure the foot in place only provided with this product, desk stand made from steel which will certainly be durable, lowest pedal rotation height to provide easy access to even tall heighted users which is absent in most of the elliptical mentioned. For a change, it can perform forward and reverse motions as well for healthier workout.

One thing that makes it stand out from all the other ones is that it can be used by the Students under the age of 5 as well, makes it perfect to enhance creativity, improves focusing ability and keeps you active. All these things make it the best Under Desk Elliptical amongst others.

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