Top 3 Best Balance Board Reviews of 2018

best balance board Review

Balance board is very versatile workout equipment with which you can perform loads of different styles of exercises that target your core muscles. You can perform static as well as dynamic balance training with these boards making it ideal for professional athletes, beginners and for physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

This article will shell out in-depth balance board reviews on some of the best ones available in the market. Also, you will discover what are types of balance boards and the different types of exercises you could perform with these boards.

Top rated 3 Best Balance Board 2018 Reviews

Out of all the Balance boards available out there, I have made the selection job much easier for you by reviewing 3 best Balance Boards for 2018. You can select the one that meets all your requirements.

  • Revolution FIT 3-in-1
  • ProFitness Wooden Balance Board
  • IndoBoard Balance Board with Roller

Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Balance Board - Best For Everyone

Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Balance Board Training System

Made in USA, the Revolution Fit 3-in-1 has a heavy-duty construction, certainly assuring high durability.

It can be used by everyone, including athletes, fitness experts, etc. for strengthening, toning and building core muscles and enhancing stability. It also improves your reflexes, boosts recovery speed and builds sense of balance.

Versatile in nature, you can adapt the Revolution FIT 3-in-1 Balance board efficiently into your current workout regimen for more resistance and perform total body workout. It has wobble, rocker and roller, all 3-in-1 style of design.


· Engages core muscles and stabilizer muscles as well

· Can be incorporated with weights, medicine balls or other workout kit

· You can adjust resistance and type of motion on the fly

· Comes included with 3 different bases

· With rocker, you can experiment with new workouts; best for beginners

· Wobble cushion can be mouth-inflated and offers 360 degree motion

· Roller provided is suitable for challenging workouts; best for pros

· Top of Balance board is integrated with Dura-Soft grip for extreme comfort


  • Made with heavy-duty construction; offers durability
  • Versatile in nature, allows total body workout
  • Can be used in living rooms, gyms, etc.
  • Provides firm and comfortable grip while balancing
  • 3-in-1 design is best for beginners as well as pros
  • Strengthens core muscles; enhances balance, stability and reflexes


  • Roller diameter might seem too small for some people

5 Difference Types of Balance Board

Based on the style of its construction, the Balance Boards can be broadly divided into 5 main types. Each type of balance board is unique in its construction, offers different flexibility, has different difficulty level and fulfills different objectives. According to the type of application and purpose of use, you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Following is an in-depth info on main types of Balance boards available and which product is best in those categories.

  • 1. rocker board
  • 2. Rocker Roller Board
  • 3. Wobble Board
  • 4. Sphere and Ring Board
  • 5. Spring Board

1. Rocker Board

Fitter First 20

A Rocker board is the most simplest and uncomplicated type of Balance Board which can be used by beginners for learning new balancing exercises. The underside of the rocker board is integrated with a fulcrum above which a flat board is fitted. This board is either made up of plastic or wood.

It offers bi-directional movements, that is, front-back and side-to-side. This direction can be altered by altering your weight and position on the board. This type of balance board is recommended for static balance training.

Fitter First Pro Rocker Board

One of the best type Rocker Boards available today is this Fitter First Pro Rocker Boards with 20” square deck made from Birch and 14” of rocker base. It is highly recommended for basic static balance training and is ideal for novices who are learning to use balance boards.

The discs on the Rocker board can be adjusted or rolled up or down. Which is why, you can set 3 different angled positions on this Fitter First board. The angles on the board can be adjusted from the range of minimum 10° to maximum 15°.

It is quite affordable, has simple design and can be carried around anywhere you wish. It has been integrated with double fulcrums, which makes it little less challenging than other balance boards. For the injured ones, this can be perfect option for rehabilitation and physio therapy.

What are the benefits of using Balance Boards?

  • Balance board exercises boosts up communication between the body muscles and your brain, hence, improving neuromuscular coordination and your response time
  • Balancing acts highly engages your stabilizer muscles which are not so active in any other type of exercising routines
  • Your brain is highly alert while performing balancing exercises on the board, hence, improves your focusing ability
  • Core muscles of your body are targeted with many of the balance board exercises such as squats, push-ups, further improving your posture and flexibility
  • Core muscles of your body are targeted with many of the balance board exercises such as squats, push-ups, further improving your posture and flexibility
  • It can also help you with strengthening, toning and building your core muscle groups by using balance board with other exercising equipment such as dumbbells or pull-up bar
  • Basic balance boards like rocker boards can be used for rehabilitation and gradual recovery of injured joints/muscles
  • Balance board exercises can also toughen your joints, therefore, reducing risks of injuries, especially ankle sprains
  • It also enhances your patience and concentration power

6 Types of Exercises you can perform with Balance Boards

Below given is a list of different exercises you can safely perform with these balance boards.

  • 1. SQUAT
  • 2. push-ups
  • 3. plank
  • 4. One leg balance
  • 5. Squat to Overhead Presses
  • 6. Mountain climbers

6. Mountain climbers

Just like push-ups, grip both sides of the board with your hands and raise yourself up to highest level keeping your back straight.

Now perform mountain climbers by taking your knees towards your ribs and to neutral position again. Repeat this process to target your core abdominal muscles.

Which Best Balance Board should I buy?

According to the type of application and the level of difficulty you desire, you can pick any of the above products mentioned in balance board reviews. There are different balance boards deliberately constructed for beginners as well as expert trainers.

The Revolution FIT Balance Board is certainly the best amongst all, due to its cutting-edge 3-in-1 type of design. It features rocker, wobble as well as roller style of design all-in-one single equipment, making it highly versatile to use. The heavy-duty construction assures its high durability. All-in-all it is the best Balance board of 2018 with power-packed features and fairly affordable price.

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