Best Tennis Shoes 2018 for Men, Women & Junior : Reviews & Buying Guide

As a matter of fact, tennis shoes are one of the most substantial gears that highly influences your tennis game. They will decide on how comfortable you feel, how fast you can move laterally, how long you will be able to stay on the court and the quality of your performance as well. Wrong and uncomfortable tennis shoes make you prone to injuries and also badly affect your performance.

Tennis shoes are expected to put up with the rigors of tennis. To help you with the selection, we’ve put together a list of Best Tennis Shoes for Men, Women as well as juniors. Use the following Tennis Shoes reviews to learn about their features and how they perform. Let’s begin!

best tennis shoes for men, women, junior

Top 9 Best Tennis Shoes 2018 on the Market


How to choose the Best Tennis shoes?

1. Foot Type

There are 3 main types of feet: Pronated, Supinated & Ideal Feet.

You can know what type of feet you have by 2 ways:

- Notice the wearing on your tennis shoes. If the inner sole and area around the ball of your foot have worn out, that means you have Pronated feet. If the outer part of the heel has worn out, that means you have Supinated feet. Ideal feet will cause equal amounts of wearing all throughout the shoes.

- Another way to test your foot type is by dipping your foot in water and placing it on a surface such as brown paper bag or concrete floor. Check the trace mark that is left on this surface.

type of foot

Source: http://www.youractivefeet.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/PronationFoot.jpg

Pronated Feet

If the arch is nearly negligible or low, and the trace shows the complete mark of your foot, that means you have pronated feet. Pronated feet tend to roll inwards and are most likely to get injured.

People with pronated feet must look for tennis shoes that offer ample amount of support, stability and has low arch support. For pronated feet, most of the wearing is seen to be on the front area of your feet.

Do you have pronated feet? Have a look at these Babolat SFX Women, made to stabilize your low arch feet. For Men, Adidas Performance Men's Barricade Court Wide might be the best preference.

Ideal Feet

If the arch appears to be neutral (not too flat nor too high), you have ideal feet. The golden parachute for people with ideal feet is that almost all types of tennis shoes can be used by them, depending on their own personal preference.

Prince Men's T22 is a perfect option for Men with ideal feet. As for women, check out these equally impressive Prince Women's T22.

Supinated Feet

If the arch (open area) appears to be high, you have supinated feet. Such feet tend to roll outwards because there isn’t enough arch that offers inner stability to the feet.

Tennis shoes used by supinated feet tend to wear out much faster as compared to other foot type. And mostly, the wearing can be noticed around heel and toe areas. People with this type of feet must use shoes with extreme flexibility, durability, enhanced cushioning and intermediate to high support for the arch.

Adidas Performance Men's Barricade V Classic is going to work wonders in absorbing shocks and providing flexibility to your lateral moves. Similarly, Adidas Performance Women's Barricade V Classic W is an impeccable choice for Women with high arch feet.

2. Court

Tennis shoes are also designed particularly for each type of court surface, be it hard, grass or clay.

Hard Courts

Hard courts like concrete surfaces tend to abuse and wear out your tennis shoes pretty quickly. So, you have to choose tennis shoes that have durable outsole and supportive upper design.

Usually, shoes made for hard courts have their upper and outsole made from tougher materials like leather or vinyl. Such tennis shoes make it a point to provide excellent shock absorption and cushioning to your feet.

New Balance Men's MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe has just the right amount of durability needed for hard courts. Women tennis players, on the other hand, would love these Asics Gel Resolution 6 WIDE Women's Tennis Shoe to play on hard courts.

Clay Courts

Clay courts or grass courts are obviously much softer than hard courts, so the tennis shoes made for these surfaces have synthetic uppers. Moreover, the design of such shoes also features herringbone tread pattern so as to avoid the debris from getting clogged in.

Clay/grass courts might cause the player to slip or slide too much. And that is why, it requires shoes with remarkable traction on the sole for better maneuverability, prevention from slipping and speedy movements.

In the market today, Adidas Adizero Ubersonic Clay Men’s Tennis shoes happen to be on trend for clay courts. ASICS Women's Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay Tennis Shoe would work impeccably for Women who seek excellent traction on soft courts.

3. Material

  • Cushions: Tennis shoes are generally made from 2 types of cushions: PU (polyurethane) and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate). EVA cushions are lightweight and very flexible but lack stability and durability. Whereas, PU cushions are stable and equally durable, but are heavy in weight.
  • Midsole: This is the material the lines the bed of your tennis shoes to soothe your feet and provide comfort. Midsoles are made from varying thicknesses and can be made from either EVA or PU. Both of these materials are equally durable and flexible.
  • Upper: This is the area that is wrapped all over your feet. Most of the uppers are crafted from synthetic or leather. Some of them have mesh design to promote breathability and lightweight feature. Synthetic uppers offer extra support than mesh uppers and also tend to stay dry. You may also find shoes with combo upper materials such as synthetic and mesh; ideally providing both breathability and support.
  • Outsole: Outsole is the bottom of the shoe that highly influences traction, support, and steadiness. It is the part that is prone to wear out very quickly, as it constantly causes friction with the ground. Look for shoes with durable outsole material like rubber, along with traction pad that suits the type of court surface you play on.
  • Toe Cap: Toe cap is the part just above the toes and they are supposed to be reinforced so as to protect medial foot drag and toe drag.
  • Toe Guard: A toe guard is the additional rubber material incorporated at the front of the shoe to protect toe drag.
  • Sole: Sole tends to wear out even more rapidly than outsoles. Most common types of soles found in the tennis shoes are: herringbone patterns and non-marking sole.

    Herringbone pattern soles are exclusively designed for supporting lateral movements and prevent you from slipping. They are exceedingly durable; optimal for hard courts.

    Non-marking soles are designed to not to stick to the ground as you are moving laterally. They are specifically made to protect the courts from damage or marks. Non-marking smooth soles are preferably used for indoor sports.

4. Playing Style

Playing style determines how you move around the court. Tennis shoes you choose must be able to put up with your playing style, or else it will be a waste of money! So, there are two basic types of play styles:


Here the players usually spend more of their time at the back of the court and engage in lateral movements. And so, baseline players must have tennis shoes with ample amount of lateral support, cushioning and enduring sole.


Serve-and-volley players spend most of their time near the net and generally put their emphasis on toes. So the shoes suitable for this playing style would be the ones that have reinforced toecaps and soles. Foot drag is a common problem for serve-and-volley playing style, so players must look for shoes with a durable outsole and extra arch support.

In-depth Top 9 Tennis Shoes Reviews:

1. For Men

Adidas Barricade 2016

adidas Performance Men's Barricade 2016 Tennis Shoe

Recently re-designed Men's Tennis shoes i.e., Adidas Barricade 2016 features revolutionary “Boost cushion” under the heel to soothe your heel areas.

If you are an aggressive and highly active tennis player, these pair of shoes will be pie-in-the-sky for you!

Often cheaper shoes tend to make your feet sweaty and uncomfortable. That’s not the case with Adidas Barricade 2016. It has been reinforced with lightweight TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) skin for optimal ventilation, longevity and ideal support.

Worried about foot drag? Wear-resistant ADITUFF will wrap around your medial forefoot and toe to safeguard it against any possible foot drags.

ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2

ASICS Men's GEL-Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe

Put on the ASICS GEL-Solution Speed 2 and you will know how extremely fast and lightweight it feels! It delivers a low-to-the-ground sense and enhanced stability, all thanks to the wide toe box and lowered arch.

For easy and flexible movement, the Speed 2 features Gel Cushioning system along with Solyte midsole- a perfect design for aggressive players. Moreover, the outsole of these shoes are shockingly durable, without any signs of wear-out.

On the downside, the traction of the Speed 2 is not that impressive, but its lightweight design and amazing comfort overpowers its every flaw!

ASICS Speed 2 is also popular for its two layers of memory foam found on the lining of the collar, giving each player a personalized fit.

New Balance MC806 Stability

New Balance Men's MC806 Stability Tennis Shoe

New Balance MC806 Stability Men’s Tennis shoes deliver ultimate on-court stability and comfort. Its excellent design comes with ROLLBAR technology, C-CAP midsole and ABSORB cushioning, all of which provides breathability, amazing motion control, and extreme comfort.

Upper of MC806 has been crafted with full-grain leather, allowing your feet to breathe well and move flexibly. Additionally, perforated toe box safeguards your foot against injuries.

The midsole is the most vital part of the Men’s tennis shoes, and MC806 features injection-molded C-CAP midsole which is light, firm and very flexible. As for outsole, the herringbone outsole offers optimal amount of traction, be it for pivoting or lateral motion.

2. For Women

ASICS GEL-Resolution 5

ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 5 Tennis Shoe

ASICS strives to amaze us with this impressive update of Gel Resolution line delivering high performance and comfort. ASICS Gel-Resolution 5 features updated fit and ample amount of cushioning for your excellent on-court experience.

Gel-Resolution 5 comes with soft upper material so as to improve the flexibility and comfort of the tennis shoes. As soon as you strap them on, you will certainly recognize the comfort of this updated design.

The design of AHAR (ASICS High Abrasion-resistant Rubber) outsole has also been improved to be more durable and responsive, even in high-wear areas. Patented GEL Cushioning system by ASICS effectively absorbs shocks and is meticulously designed to support the natural gait of your foot.

All in all, it is an amazing choice for rigorous tennis players who seek stylish yet high-performance tennis shoes.

New Balance WC806 Stability

New Balance Women's WC806 Stability Tennis Shoe

Deliberately designed for enthusiastic female tennis players, the New Balance WC806 has a classic heritage design offered by a trustworthy brand.

The new design offers superior support and stability. Non-marking herringbone outsole has been incorporated with “Ndurance Technology” for optimal traction and longevity. Besides, a 10mm drop from sole to heel adds to the comfort of the shoe.

Full-grain leather upper, C-CAP midsole and long wear drag tip allow for ultimate motion control on the court. The ROLLBAR technology, rear foot movement minimizer and LIGHTNING DRY liner on the shoes are all made to deliver high performance and comfort.

New Balance 806 shoe is a huge complement to your play and works impeccably on every part of the court.

​Adidas Asmc Barricade 2017

adidas Performance Women's Asmc Barricade 2017 Tennis Shoe

Now take control of your game with these Adidas Asmc Barricade 2017 Women’s Tennis Shoes. Designed for agility and perfect balance on all types of courts, these Tennis shoes won’t fail to surprise you with its performance.

Lightweight and ventilated design comes with Primeknit two-layer mesh upper that snugly wraps itself around your foot. 3D TORSION® is what gives extra stability to your mid-foot, allowing you to work on your footwork. The aesthetics are enhanced with a Stella McCartney logo imprinted on the tongue and heel of the shoe. ADITUFF reinforced here will offer better resistance against abrasion while you serve or slide.

An impeccable combo of fashion and functionality, the Adidas Asmc Barricade is greatly trending for 2018. Providing state-of-the-art comfort, the midsole of the shoe features ADIPRENE+ technology to optimize its cushioning and rebound properties. All of these remarkable features along with the inspiration of fashion icon Stella McCartney will definitely dazzle tennis players.

Women who want a stylish pair of shoes along with superior performance should not miss out on these amazing Adidas Asmc Barricade 2017 shoes!

3. For Juniors

Babolat Propulse Bpm All Court

Babolat Propulse Bpm All Court Junior Tennis Shoe

Modelled as per its adult version, the Propulse BPM Jr. by Babolat has gone through updated design changes to be lighter, faster and supportive. It aims to provide excellent traction and durability to suit junior players.

Babolat Pure Motion system offers a personalized fit, thanks to the locked-in feeling achieved due to Foot-Belt and its Cell Shield Technology. Michelin outsole has been crafted by keeping aggressive tennis players in mind so as to offer them with durability on all types of court surfaces. Given its synthetic leather with mesh design, the Upper is made to provide comfortable fit across your forefoot.

Its Kompressive system in the heel absorbs shock and is further incorporated with Ortholite insole to soothe your feet. As for construction, BPM Junior tennis shoes are similar to the adult version, just are slightly smaller in size.

What about durability, you may ask? The tennis shoes are more prone to wear-out on the sides, which is why BPM Jr. Shoes are reinforced with extra material on the sides for longevity. Babolat Propulse BPM is one of the best Tennis shoes out there for skillful junior tennis players.

​ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 GS

ASICS Kids' Gel-Resolution 7 GS Tennis Shoe

Those of you who have worn the ASICS Gel-Resolution series are certain to expect high-performance and premium quality of support, stability, and comfort in these shoes.

Gel-Resolution 7 GS prove to be one of the most comfortable and highly stable shoes for juniors. New updated design provides just the right amount of support while offering flexible movement for your footwork. Following its adult version, the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 GS also features Rearfoot Gel Technology Cushioning system to attenuate shocks and for an effortless transition to midstance. Rubber outsole is made to withstand games on all types of courts while providing precise traction.

Whereas, the superior Flexion Fit Upper of 7 GS makes it one of the favorites amongst junior tennis players. These shoes are highly regarded and fall under the category of topnotch tennis shoes line.

​Adidas Performance Barricade Team 4 XJ

adidas Performance Barricade Team 4 XJ Tennis Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Exceptional in performance and low to the ground, the Adidas Performance Barricade Team 4 XJ Junior shoes showcase exclusive perforated upper.

ADIPRENE®+ cushioning in the forefront provides dynamic and responsive push-off, along with smooth running experience. Furthermore, this cushioning also protects your forefoot from damage. Non-marking rubber outsole is made from special materials, so they don't leave any virtual trace marks on indoor floors. Plus, they also feature grip and pivot points. Such shoes are aimed to be used for indoor sports where a lot of footwork is required.

OrthoLite® is the insole material used in these 4 XJ shoes that is formed by open-cell polyurethane foam. Such insoles are highly breathable, endurable and prevent the oncoming of fungus, bad odor and bacteria. Seeing its dandy features, 4 XJ Tennis shoes are best suitable for beginner players.

Some Facts You need to Know about Tennis Shoes

Difference between Running shoes and Tennis shoes?

Running and Tennis, both of these activities heavily depend on footwork. The only difference is the way in which feet are used to perform these activities. And that's why, it is extremely necessary for you to use the footwear that is specially designed for that sport.

  • Cushioning: Running shoes are designed to support, cushion and stabilize your feet. As you run, you are just moving in one forward direction. And so, such shoes are designed to help your body balance itself against the austerity of running. Your heels and toes strike on the ground causing impact. To minimize this impact, running shoes generally feature cushioned heels and toe areas. Since there is little to no side-to-side movements, the running shoes lack lateral stability. Tennis shoes, on the other hand, are not only cushioned but also feature specific design tactics for your flexible lateral movements.
  • Low-to-the-Ground feel: Running shoes focus on cushioning, whereas tennis shoes focus on lateral support and steadiness. Tennis players move quickly from side-to side rather than straightforward running (heel-to-toe impact on the ground). Which is why, apart from cushioning, tennis shoes also need to provide lateral balance and low-to-the-ground feeling. More the player feels lowered to the ground, more stable will be his lateral movement. And this is exactly the reason why tennis shoes have less cushioning as compared to running shoes.
  • Weight: If running shoes are heavy in weight, they are going to make your pace slow. Tennis shoes are also designed to be lightweight, but not as much as running shoes. Rather, tennis shoes give more emphasis on durability and support rather. Tennis shoes are supposed to be worn exclusively during tennis game. As for running shoes, people might wear it casually as well. And thus, running shoes are found to be more flexible, cushioned and lightweight. Whereas, tennis shoes are more supportive, endurable and stiff in design.
  • Sole: Sole plays a vital role, especially for tennis shoes. Frequent side-to-side moves, quick starts/stops, sliding of player causes a significant amount of abrasion on the sole. Which is why, tennis shoes are designed to be more durable as compared to running shoes. If the sole on the tennis shoe becomes smooth and worn out, so much that it does not offer proper traction, they are to be discarded immediately.

Can you wash Tennis shoes?

Tennis shoes are prone to become dirty due to sweat, dust particles or debris that is picked up while playing. So, YES you can wash tennis shoes (Leather or fabric) every so often. You can even wash them in a washer, except when the manufacturer particularly mentions not to do so. Washing process is extremely simple and takes just about few effortless steps.

Can you put Tennis shoes in the Dryer?

  • Do not place your tennis shoes in a clothes dryer. High heat utilized in such dryers might cause your shoes to lose their silhouette, completely ruining their fit and supportive design aspects. Let them dry naturally in a proper ventilated area. If you just have to use a dryer, then use the air-only dryer cycle.
  • Stuff up your tennis shoes with crisp white paper, so the shoes won’t lose their shape and remain stiff
  • When drying leather tennis shoes, avoid placing them under direct sunlight. Or else, it will dry the leather rapidly, leading to cracks. You can place them under a fan to quicken the drying process.

How to clean white tennis shoes?

  • Discard any possible debris or dirt from the shoes with a rigid brush. Remove the dirt or dust from the soles as well, with the help of tweezers and a knife (with flat blade).
  • Undo the laces. Remove the insoles. Fill up your sink with water and add few spoons of dish detergent.
  • Place the tennis shoes in this sudsy water and let it soak for 1 hour
  • Take a brush with soft bristles and scrub your shoes gently. You just need to clean the upper part of the shoes, as inner part will be naturally cleaned due to soapy water.
  • Drain this dirty water and refill the sink with clear water again
  • Place the shoes in the sink and rinse off all the soap from the shoes
  • Rinse it again under running tap water and blot the shoes with a towel
  • Let them dry naturally
  • Insoles must be dried separately, before you reinsert them
  • For washing in a washer, you can place the tennis shoes in a mesh laundry bag and wash them with warm water and heavy-duty detergent
  • If the shoes are expensive, we recommend gentle hand washing instead of washer.

Where to buy Tennis Shoes?

Myriads of leading Tennis Shoe brands such as ASICS, Adidas, NIKE, Babolat, Wilson, New Balance... and so on have established their own online stores for your convenience. You can purchase your best preferable shoes directly from their websites.

But, if you are confused between different products and would like to do some comparative research, then browse through sites like Amazon.com, eBay, TennisExpress, etc. Different leading brands are brought together here on one single online platform, so you can efficiently compare them and go through user testimonials as well.

Which Best Tennis Shoes should I choose?

In a nutshell, all of the above mentioned Best Tennis shoes offer optimal support and have something in store for each type of player, be it Men, Women or Juniors. As tennis is the game that requires fast footwork, your chosen tennis shoes ought to be super comfortable.

Ultimately, you are going to find your ideal pair of shoes that offer endurance, agility, and speed to your game.

From heaps of products available in the market today, we have shortlisted some of the best ones in the above Tennis Shoes reviews. Hope it helps to pick your best-suited one.

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