Best Tennis Ball Hoppers 2018 : Top 4 Reviews & Definitive Buying Guide

Whether you are a rookie Tennis player, a coach that trains tennis players or a Pro, you just got to love the concept of a Tennis Ball Hopper. The handiness and expediency that this accessory offers is exceptionally time-saving and thoughtful.

With a Tennis ball Hopper, you don’t need to go around courts and pick up balls manually by bending over all the time. A Hopper will do it slickly for you in no time, saving you from the fatigue.

Best Tennis Ball Hopper Review

Best Tennis Ball Hopper has to be the one which has a study rust-resistant frame, offers sufficient longevity, picks up tennis balls with ease and includes handles that can be inverted to form a stable stand.

Let’s have a look at Top 4 Best Tennis Ball Hopper Reviews in detail and also check out the Ultimate Buying Guide to buy this accessory.

Top 4 Best Tennis Ball Hopper 2018 on the Market

Product Name


Our Rating

Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers (Max 140 Balls)

Best EDITOR's Pick

Gamma Sports Premium Tennis Teaching and Travel Baskets

Best PREMIUM Tennis Ball Hopper

Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

Best BUDGET Tennis Ball Hopper

Everlast Elite Adjustable Speedbag Platform

Best Ball Hopper on WHEEL


In-depth 4 Best Tennis Ball Hopper Reviews:

1. Gamma Tennis Ball Hoppers - BEST EDITOR'S PICK

They are available in various designs, each featuring different capacities. From 50 to as many as 140 balls can be stored in these hoppers, you can choose whichever feels most suitable to your game. At full capacity, the hopper is capable of loading a high-end Tennis ball machine as well.

Gamma Sports Tennis Ballhoppers

Made from heavy-duty carbon steel wire, its construction is further treated with premium-quality Diamond Clad weather-resistant coat for enhanced durability in any bad weather settings. Which is why, Gamma Tennis Ball hoppers are extremely endurable and efficient to use.

This high-quality Tennis court accessory has wear-resistant feet to withstand rugged use. Boasting a smart design, the hoppers are very easy to maneuver and the handles can be locked for convenience of picking up tennis balls. The smart hinged lid design comes attached at the top of the hopper to prevent the tennis balls from spilling out.

All of these hoppers are a highly impressive combination of fine quality and budget-friendliness, and that is why it is certainly the Best Tennis Ball Hopper available in the market today. Gamma backs them will full money-back guarantee for customer satisfaction. Professionals, Tennis coaches and even amateurs can use them. And, assembling process of this hopper is a breeze!

If you are worried of the hopper being heavyweight, you can choose the small-capacity hopper from the wide-ranging series. Those are quite lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • Cost-effective hoppers
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Locking handle and hinged lid included
  • Wide range of capacities available- Maximum 140 balls


  • Handles are poorly designed
  • Might feel too heavy for some of you

2. Gamma Ballhopper EZ Cart

Deliberately made for ease of Travelling between different locations, the Gamma Sports EZ Travel Cart features a unique foldable design. It has a massive capacity to accommodate about 150 balls, which is essentially ideal for practice sessions.

Gamma Sports Premium Tennis Teaching and Travel Baskets

Crafted with steel wire inner frame, this Hopper has been further processed with powder-coating for high endurance. Robust yet lightweight design allows easy maneuvering within courts.

Nylon bag with durable straps feature heavy-duty metal snaps at 4 corners to secure the tennis balls snugly into the basket. Moreover, it has been reinforced with an exclusive cross-brace system so that the bag won’t sag when the hopper is fully loaded.

Foldable design and removable handle allows you to store this EZ Travel Cart into the trunk of your cars. Locking swivel caster wheels makes portability inside the court a breeze!

Want to know the best part? Gamma offers you full money-back guarantee on this product as well! All of these amazing features and premium design is what makes this product the best one for Tennis player seeking high-capacity and travel-friendly equipment. Even though it somewhat expensive, it’s first-class construction and high durability is worth investing in.


  • Superior quality frame; Durable design
  • Large holding capacity of 150 balls
  • Travel-friendly foldable design and detachable handle
  • Includes caster wheels for quick portability


  • Might be too heavy
  • Does not really pick up balls; Just a storage cart

3. Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick-Up Hopper

Wilson 75 Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

If you are bound to your budget constraints to buy a Tennis ball Pick-up Hopper, then this one from Wilson might be the final searching spot for you! With its holding capacity of 75 balls and an exclusive ‘No-spill’ Lid, the Wilson 75 Hopper is pretty practical and handy to use.

An impeccable choice for both professionals as well as novices, this basket has been constructed from lightweight yet hard-wearing graphite for better longevity.

The handles can be inverted to form a lockable stand, so that you can carry it around and practice your shots whenever needed. Wilson 75 Hopper demands slight assembly, but you are provided with clear instructions and all the necessary tools as well.

For picking up balls, all you need to do is place the open-bottom wires over the ball and press it down a bit. The balls will then be squeezed up into the basket (Balls are not included with the hopper). When completely inverted on the legs, the hopper measures approximately about 33 inches, which is ideal for quick practice sessions.

Even though Wilson 75 Pick-up hopper cannot be folded, you can just disassemble it for easy portability via cars. Assembling and disassembling process does not take too much time.


  • Ample capacity- Holds 75 balls
  • Inverted legs can be locked for better stability
  • Comes with a lid to prevent the balls from spilling out
  • Extremely low-priced
  • Includes instructions and tools for assembly
  • Backed with 1 year of warranty period


  • Welding on the hopper tends to wear out
  • Locking nuts are of poor quality

4. Tourna Deluxe Cart Ballport with Wheels

Tourna Ballport Deluxe Cart with Wheels

Flaunting a heavy-duty and durable polypropylene construction, Tourna Ballport Deluxe Cart looks pretty rugged and solid. It comprises of a lightweight frame with no wires or welds whatsoever; so rest assured that the Hopper is free from rust or wearing.

The crate-like looking hopper is engulfed with patented aspects as it includes handles that slide in up/down position and can be locked with the help of inbuilt locking mechanisms. This allows you to completely slide it up to its maximum height or slide it down to your desired level of height for compact storing. It is up to 33” long.

Top of the basket features bars that won’t allow tennis balls to spill out. For lifting tennis balls, you just need to place the bottom rolling bars over balls and they will be easily squeezed up into the basket within seconds.

Best thing about Tourna Ballport Deluxe Basket is that it comes with wheels for convenient maneuvering within tennis courts. The basket can hold up to 80 balls. Complete frame of the basket is further reinforced with panels for extreme sturdiness.

All of these remarkable features are offered at an awfully reasonable price. If you are seeking a unique and rugged hopper that does not feature a typical wire-like appearance, you can go for this one.


  • Comes with wheels
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Holds 80 balls
  • No-spill lid included
  • Rugged design; No thin wire-like design
  • Lockable sliding handles are handy to use


  • Might not be as durable as claimed
  • Wheels are poorly designed

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Tennis Ball Hopper

Selecting your ideal type of Tennis ball hopper can be perplexing, as there are heaps of products available out there. Whether you are a Tennis coach or a regular tennis player, this accessory will effectively save your time and exertions. So, what are the factors you need to consider while purchasing the Best Tennis Ball hopper? Below we have enlightened these factors, so that you know you how to invest into something worthy.

Budget and Quality

You need to look for a Hopper that is made from durable frame material, that won’t wear out beforehand. Often cheap hoppers tend to withstand the use for a very short time. While looking for an affordable Hopper, make sure you don’t compromise with the quality of the construction.

Choose the Hopper that is averagely priced and is made from fine-quality materials. Most of the hoppers in the market today feature wire-like design made from steel, but you can also find some exclusive models made from polypropylene like Tourna Hopper.


The frame of the tennis ball Hopper generally undergoes some kind of coating procedure for extra protection. Cheap quality of coating might chip-off after repeated use. So make sure to look for premium-quality and durable coating, such that it can capably withstand any weather conditions and is fairly resistant against rust.

Convertible Feature

Handles that can be converted into legs of a Hopper allows you to use the Hopper as a heighted storage basket, from which you can easily pick up Tennis balls and practice your shots without bending down every time.


A tennis ball hopper should not be extremely heavyweight, such that it becomes extremely difficult on the user to carry it around. It should be fairly lightweight in design. Even best when the Hopper comes with transportation wheels for your suitability. A heavyweight hopper will just kill the sole purpose of investing into such equipment as it is supposed to save your efforts. You can try Gramma in this case

Storage Space

If you have a limited space for storing the Hopper, you might want to skip the ones that come with extremely large basket or non-removable handles. Such hoppers won’t fit smoothly into the trunk of your car. Look for a foldable design or the ones which can be disassembled. For this case, you can try Gramma Premium


If you are looking for large storage capacity then choose the hopper that can pick up and store about 150 to 300 balls like Gamma or Gamma Premium. Such high-capacity hoppers are also capable of loading Tennis Ball shooting machines. Whereas, if you are a beginner and need an economical pick-up machine then you can go for low-capacity ones that can store balls anywhere from 50 to 100 such as Wilson 75-Ball or Tourna

Adjustable Height

A hopper that comes with adjustable handle will allow you to customize it to your most desirable level. When fully extended as a stand, you won’t have to bend down every time to pick up balls from the basket. On the contrary, if the handles are non-adjustable and short, it might cause you to bend over each time to reach out to the balls, which is quite exhausting and useless.

Locking Feature

To pick up balls without much glitches, make sure to look for handles that lock up in place. This will save you from the annoying problem of handles falling off every time. A locking mechanism will also provide stability when the handles are used as a stand. This feature is available on Gamma

Which Best Tennis Ball Hopper should I buy?

If you are someone who regularly plays tennis or trains players, then a Tennis ball hopper is a must-have accessory for you. This gear is easy to use, exceptionally handy and portable. Your back will be saved from bending several times, along with your valuable time.

Amongst all the mentioned products, the Gamma Tennis Ball Hoppers has to be one of the Best Tennis Ball hopper available today. With heavy duty construction, you also get variety of designs and capacities in this series. All of which are made from sturdy steel wire and reinforced with weather-resistant coating. It is a perfect choice for professional, beginners as well as Tennis coaches.

You are free to choose from comprehensive range of capacities, right from 50 balls to as huge as 140 balls of basket capacity.

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