Top 5 Best Tennis Stringing Machines 2018: Reviews & Buying Guide

Best tennis stringing machine Reviews

A Tennis stringing machine is an equipment used for installing strings into your tennis racquet. Best Tennis Stringing Machine is the one that has high accuracy of tension, efficient stringing time, durable built and demands very low maintenance.

It is certainly a must-have equipment for all tennis players, as it saves a lot of your time as well as money. You don't have to go to a Tennis pro store every time for restringing.

Below given are Top 5 Best Tennis Stringing Machine reviews to help you with the decision of purchase.

Top 5 Best Tennis Stringing Machine 2018 on the Market

Product Name


Our Rating

Klippermate® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine

Best BUDGET Stringing Machine

GAMMA X-2 Tennis Racquet/ Racquet Stringing Machine

Best DROP-WEIGHT String Machine & For BEGINNERS

Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

Best CRANK Tennis Stringing Machine

Gamma 6004 with 6 Point Suspension Mounting System Stringing Machine

Best ELECTRONIC Tennis Stringing Machine

Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

Best for PROFESSIONAL Player or Tennis Stores

This table is just quick review, You can read full review of each product in below


3 Diffetent Types of Tennis Stringing Machine

1. Drop-weight Stringing machine

Drop-weight stringing machine is also known as a constant-pull machine. It has a rod whose end point is integrated with a movable weight. As you move the weight farther away towards the end, the rod will tightly string the racquet. The tension range can be adjusted by referring to the imprinted scale on the rod. Once you select the tension range, the rod is dropped. If the rod drops horizontally parallel to the ground, then the string is considered to have desired tension level.

Klippermate® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine

If not, the strings are constantly pulled up to desired level of tension and continued to be pulled as it stretches. This is how the tension is created and the string is finally clamped. As you can tell, the whole procedure is quite time-consuming.

Such machines are not very user-friendly and take a lot of time for stringing. On the contrary, these machines are very budget-friendly, low-maintenance, durable and ideal for stringing a few racquets per week. Accuracy of tension is good, but not as efficient as Crank or Electronic models. A major con related to drop-weight tensioning system is that rod must be parallel to the ground. Or else, even slight deviation might cause inaccuracy in tension.

If you are constrained to your budget, then Gamma X-2 might be the best Drop-weight type of machine for you.

2. Crank Stringing Machines

Also commonly known as a Lockout type of machine, the crank stringing machine uses a Lever to pull the strings up to desired level of tension. A spring-loaded device in the machine locks the string in place so that it is effectively stretched.

Such machines demand lot of physical efforts from you, but are better in accuracy and reasonably priced. It is more accurate than drop- weight stringing system. In this category we recommend Gamma Progression II to be most optimum one.

Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

3. Electronic Stringing Machine:

By far, this is the most expensive type of machine that is integrated with a microprocessor inside used to measure the string tension. Some other models also use computer-operated Electronic motor to determine the tension.

Electronic machines do not require you to put in much physical efforts. And they are offered in Lockout as well as constant-pull versions, constant-pull being the most accurate one. Which is why, they are generally priced above $3000. Stringing is done much faster and accurately as compared to other types of Machines.

Best one in this category is Gamma 6004 with 6 Point Suspension Mounting, an impeccable choice for Professionals. Electronic stringing machine is widely used in professional stores as well as tournaments.

Gamma 6004 with 6 Point Suspension Mounting System Stringing Machine

How to choose the best Tennis Stringing Machine?

Following are the factors you need to consider before buying any type of Tennis stringing machine:


Tennis stringing machine is offered in two designs: Tabletop and Standalone. If you are looking for a portable device which is fairly affordable as well, then you can opt for tabletop design. They can be easily maneuvered around in any vehicle. On the other hand, Upright type of machine has a stand of its own, providing you with convenience of use and flexibility.

Stringing process will be much faster in upright type of design as compared to tabletop. You will also find advanced features and high-quality built in Upright machines. Which is why, they carry a hefty price tag. On a side note, many Tabletop models are compatible with a stand nowadays.


If you are stringing quite a few racquets per week, you need to see whether the machine is convenient to use or not. In drop-weight type of stringing, you have to lift the lever for every string, which is quite exhausting. So look for Drop weight machines that are offered with one pull action. Electronic models offer most convenient and faster stringing experience.


Every stringing machine is designed with different mounting system. Some models have 2 mounting points, whereas others come with 4, 5 or 6 points. These mounting points hold the frame of the racquet in place. Each type of mounting system design has its own advantage.

2 or 4-point System won’t allow messy entangling of strings or block the holes. But, such system is not very stable as well. Whereas, 5 or 6-point systems work great for oversized racquet frames. It won't distort the frame whilst stringing.


There are three types of clamping systems provided with the stringing machine viz. Flying Clamp, Swivel Fixed Clamp and Non-swivel Fixed Clamp. Flying clamps are separately offered (not attached) along with the machine. Such clamps make use of one string so as to create tension on the next string. Consistency of string tension is not very great, but they are very low in price.

Non-swivel fixed clamps come attached to the glide bars. You need to reposition it while switching from Mains to cross stringing. Range of motion for such clamp is from 0° to 90°. Swiveling fixed clamps have flexible range of motion which allows you to create fan patterns. If you have a Tennis Pro Shop or are a regular professional player, you must invest in high-quality fixed clamps.

For occasional stringing, flying clamps are acceptable. High-quality of clamps will result in highly accurate stringing tension. The string should not be damaged or slipped away from the clamp. If you are on a budget, I would suggest that, it is better to choose a machine with good quality of flying clamps rather than the machine that offers bad quality of fixed clamps.


A good support system will prevent the racquet from any kind of damage or breaking while you string it. The stress in the racquet should be as low as possible during stringing, or else the racquet might develop mini cracks into it. Eventually, this will cause it to break during the actual tennis game. The supports must be as wide as possible. Direct support system is much better than indirect support system, as it never results in cracking of racquets.

In-depth Top 5 Tennis Stringing Machine Reviews:

1. Klippermate® Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

Klippermate® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine

Klippermate is an entry-level Tennis racket stringing machine obtainable at a very affordable price. Made in USA, this drop-weight type of tensioning machine features 2-point mounting system that supports almost all racquet sizes and prevents them from damage. Exclusive Cam String Gripper can complete the whole stringing process in just 30 minutes, no need for any clutch or ratcheting system.

Tabletop design of this machine allows you to use it on any flat surface and carry it around wherever you wish. Along with the machine, you also get strong Steel floating clamps which are backed with remarkable Lifetime guarantee. The base of the machine is crafted from steel for better durability. The tension range for this machine is between 20 to 90 lbs.

The best part about Klippermate stringing machine is that it comes with unlimited lifetime guarantee and 30-days refund policy as well. This versatile machine allows you to string racquetball and squash racquets as well. The product comes all-included with a tool kit, free string and necessary instructions to practice stringing.


  • Reasonably priced
  • No assembly required
  • Includes Free string, tool kit and Instructions
  • Can string tennis, squash as well as racquetball racquets
  • Steel Clamps are very strong and of good quality
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty


  • Tabletop design might not feel too flexible
  • Stringing Process takes a lot of time

2. GAMMA X-2 Tennis Racquet Stringing Machine

GAMMA X-2 Tennis Racquet/ Racquet Stringing Machine

Gamma is one of the leading Manufacturers of Stringing Machines for about 25 years now. This one in particular is called X-series featuring different models viz. X2, X6, X-6FC and X-ST. All of them are designed as a tabletop equipment for effortless portability. Each of them differs in its features, price and functionalities.

X-6 is an enhanced version of X-2 model, but uses the same drop-weight tensioning system. The only pro feature in this model is that it comes with 6-point Mounting system, which allows more accuracy in stringing. Plus, your racket is less likely to twist during the whole process.

X-2 uses a drop weight tensioning system, so it requires a little extra time for setup. Tension range for this particular model is from 9 to 90 lbs. Featuring a 2-point mounting system, X-2 might be not that great in preventing your racket from twisting while you string it. Moreover, it includes floating clamps, which are not as efficient as fixed clamps.

X-6FC is a versatile equipment that does not just string tennis racquet but also can be used for badminton and other types of rackets. It also comes with high-quality clamps that will hold your racket precisely during tensioning.

X-ST is the most advanced and expensive model of this X-series. It operates with manual stringing process, unlike other drop-weight types. Which is why, this particular model offers high accuracy of string tension as compared to drop-weight tensioning system. However, it does require some amount of physical efforts from you. It features 6-point Mounting system just like X-6 and X-6FC models.

All of the models in X- series are offered with complete tool kit along with an inbuilt drawer under the machine to prevent the tools from getting misplaced. The base of all these units is made from lightweight aluminum frame. For those of you who are just beginning to string racquets might want to consider these units from X-series. Even the top-end model from the series i.e., X-ST is quite reasonably priced.


  • Versatile options to choose from
  • Affordable in price
  • Includes all necessary tools and 3 sets of high-quality strings
  • X-2 is backed with Limited lifetime warranty; All the others have 5 years of limited warranty
  • Perfect option for beginners


  • Clamps provided with the unit might seem of poor quality
  • All of them feature tabletop design; some of you might not find it so convenient
  • Instructions provided are insufficient

3. Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

Gamma Progression ST II Stringing Machine

Next up on the line is another one from Gamma called as Progression ST II stringing machine. It is expensive than the above mentioned X-series and boasts a Manual tensioning system. For those of you who prefer Crank stringing machine, this one might be the best option for you. It uses a hand Crank, with which you can set the tension level in the string anywhere from 9 to 90 pounds.

Featuring a 6-point Mounting system, ST II makes stringing tennis racquet frame much easier and precise. Besides, the racket frame is less prone to twisting or distortion. Yet again, this unit from Gamma has tabletop design with extremely lightweight structure. And so, you can maneuver this machine around effortlessly.

The bottom of the unit has been incorporated with two drawers where you can store all of the tools for handy use. Additionally, progression ST II comes with fixed swivel clamps for Precision of tensioning. Not just that, you can even string squash as well as badminton rackets with this unit.


  • Comes with high-quality fixed swivel clamps
  • Includes a tool kit, 3 sets of strings and a user guide
  • Construction is extremely solid and heavy-duty
  • Compatible with a stand (sold separately)
  • Faster stringing process
  • Low maintenance unit


  • It is a little bulky; Difficult to transport
  • Strings that comes with the product are of cheap quality

4. Gamma 6004 Stringing Machine

Gamma 6004 with 6 Point Suspension Mounting System Stringing Machine

If you own a professional tennis Store or you are a professional coach or player, then this Gamma 6004 is of high benefit for you. It is one of the best electronic tennis stringing machine available in the market today, ideal to string bulk quantity of rackets. Designed as a spring tension winder stringing system, this unit can string Tennis, racquetball, squash as well as badminton rackets pretty quickly. Featuring a 6-point Self-centering Suspension mounting system, the racket is free from any kind of twisting.

Swivel fixed clamps provided with the unit are very strong and durable. The Stand included with the machine has Adjustable design and also comes with the tray to hold the tools. As a bonus, you also get 12 sets of Gamma strings for practicing. This product has been backed with 5 years of warranty period. Not just that, you also get a diamond coated string gripper for ease of use. The turntable features 360 degrees range of motion for a flexible stringing experience.

Given all these amazing features, the Gamma 6004 is one of the best stringing machine for tennis store owners or professionals who string their racquets frequently or in bulk quantities.


  • Heavy-duty and durable machine
  • Perfect for Tennis stores and professional players
  • Can String rackets in bulk quantities
  • Fast and precise stringing Process
  • Includes heavy-duty swivel fixed clamps
  • Standalone design is very flexible and convenient


  • Needs to be calibrated properly, or else it might affect tension accuracy

5. Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing Machine

If you are not restricted to your budget and seek an advanced unit then opt for this Prince NEOS 1000 Stringing machine. It is one of the most popular and well-equipped design in the market, known for its performance and reliability. It uses a manual tensioning system, meaning you need to put in some physical efforts for tensioning the string. However the accuracy level for string tension is extremely high. Which is why, it is perfect for restringing in tennis Stores or to be used by professional tennis players.

Featuring 2-point Mounting system, NEOS 1000 is a standalone type of machine with adjustable design. It can capably string rackets faster and in bulk quantities. Single-action string clamp is strong and durable, does not damage the strings at all. The height of Tip retainers can be adjusted to different levels so as to string tennis, racquetball, squash or even badminton rackets. Tip and throat rider clutches the clamps down to secure the racquet frame firmly. The equipment is very easy and convenient to use. Prince NEOS 1000 is backed with 5 years of warranty period.


  • Advanced stringing machine with manual tensioning system
  • High accuracy of string tension
  • Ideal for restringing in tennis shops or tournaments
  • Adjustable design of standalone frame
  • Includes heavy-duty clamps
  • Can string different types of rackets
  • 5 years of warranty period


  • 2-point Mounting system might cause the racket to twist

Should I buy a Tennis Stringing Machine?

Regular tennis players know that Tennis rackets need frequent restringing. The whole process is quite costly and unreliable. More efficient option would be to become a Home stringer. Same goes for owners of Tennis stores, Tennis coaches as well as tournament players.

If you restring Tennis rackets multiple times a week, it is only smart to invest in a good quality stringing machine. You will then have full control over the quality of stringing and can quickly restring your stretchy racket without depending on anyone else.

In all the cases, whether you are a beginner or a professional, a reliable Tennis stringing machine will certainly serve you better in terms of faster and precise stringing process.

How to use a Tennis Stringing Machine?

Following are some factors you need to keep in mind while using a Tennis stringing machine.


Tension on a string is nothing but the pressure that is applied onto a string whenever it is pulled by a stringing machine. This pressure is measured in pounds. Low stringing tension means the ball will bounce more when it hits the racket. On the contrary, high string tension means the player will have better control over the racket so as to master the shots.

Make sure to look for the string tension range that is imprinted on the racket for reference. This range is generally from 50 to 70 pounds. You can customize your desired level of tension. The tighter you keep the strings, more control you will gain over the ball.


There are different types of strings that vary in their quality depending on the price factor. They are made from different types of materials such as nylon, Kevlar (strong synthetic fiber), Zyex, polyester, so on.

Beginners can start with inexpensive strings for practice such as Nylon. Polyesters or Kevlar Strings are optimal for players who hit heavily and tend to wreck their racquets more often. Such strings are strong and durable. As for Professional players, they must go for natural gut strings for their best elastic properties.


When to actually restring a tennis racket? The number of times you play tennis per week is the number of times you must restring your racket every year. For example, if you play tennis 3 times per week, you must restring your racquet 3 times per year. Heavy-hitters must restring their racket more frequently as compared to occasional players.

Make sure you always follow the user manual that comes with the stringing machine to understand the proper tension mechanism. You can even refer to several YouTube videos that show you the process of basic stringing.

Which Best Tennis Stringing Machine should I buy?

To conclude, we would say that every tennis stringing machine has its own feature sets and quality of performance. Depending on the frequency of your use and budget, you can select your ideal type of machine.

If you are low on budget, then Klippermate is certainly a good quality drop-weight type of stringing machine that will perform basic restringing tasks easily. It is ideal for home stringing as well as for occasional players.

As for beginners who have just started their game and want to own their own stringing machine, can definitely go for Gamma X-2. It is an entry-level stringing machine that is equally durable and reliable in performance. Best thing about Gamma X-2 is its reasonable price.

Lastly high-volume Tennis stores, Tournament players as well as Tennis coaches must consider investing in Gamma 6004 for its high build quality, faster and accurate stringing capabilities.

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