Best Tennis Strings 2018: Top 8 Reviews & Buying Guide

Aside from having a good skill of playing tennis, weneed the right equipment to increase our odds of winning in a round of tennis, right? So, looking for the best racquets is understandable, but some make light of the tennis strings. Do you know that the tennis string is a soul of the racquet and investing the right one is important as well?

Actually, selecting the best tennis strings doesn’t help you improve to the next level but also agree with your demands and styles of playing so that you can play comfortably. Let's follow our tennis strings reviews below and then you can pick the most satisfactory product.

best tennis strings reviews

Top 8 Best Tennis Strings 2018 on the Market

Product Name


Our Rating

Babolat RPM Blast

Best TOPSPIN Tennis String

Babolat Vs Touch

Best NATURAL GUL Tennis String

Luxilon Big Banger Alu 

Best POLYESTER Tennis String

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

Best SYNTHETIC GUT Tennis String

Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch

Best HYBRID Tennis String

Wilson NXT Control 16

Best MULTIFILAMENT Tennis String

Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase

Best Tennis String for POWER

Babolat Pro Hurricane

Best Tennis String for CONTROL


Different Types of Tennis String:


If talking about the material used in making the tennis strings, there are mainly 6 various materials. Have a glance at them to understand what they are and what they mean to the strings.


To newbies, nylon is the most popular material because of its low cost and moderate elasticity provided by multifilament strings. The tennis strings will be covered with wear-resistance since the external filaments have a tendency to crack first when you play with them.

Natural Gut

Made from the strands of certain animals’ intestines, more particularly, cows’ intestines, the Natural Gut strings are known to be the best in the market and widely chosen by professional and club players due to their resilience and flexibility.

For the best Natural Gut string on the market, we’ve awarded the BABOLAT Vs Touch. When using, you will easily recognize that this string can deliver on power, feel and comfort effectively. Moreover, it has received delicate updates to boost its endurance and opposition to moisture.


Polyester is described as a very stiff and durable material, and it’s suitable for those who usually break their strings. This type of string effectively helps players with heavy topspin, making it the most famous string in the pro tour such as WTA or ATP.

Our top pick for the best polyester string is Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125. Not only does it deliver amazing control but also bring a perfect access to spin. When it comes to the durability, this string stands out from the others since it’s difficult to break.


The Kevlar strings are the stiffest and most durable one. Although they are known as one of the best tennis strings that might hold its tension, it becomes dangerous since it might lead to the growth of tennis elbow. So, if you’re a newbie, be careful of using the racquet with Kevlar strings.

To reduce shock absorption, this material will be combined with the others or strung using less tension of reduced in diameter.

Synthetic Gut

Amongst the list of the materials, the Synthetic Gut tennis strings are the most affordable ones. The strings are nylon-based, yet with a firm monofilament core. Besides, the unique construction of these strings advances its tension as well as promoting the feel and playability.

And the perfect choice for the best Synthetic Gut tennis strings is Wilson Synthetic Gut Power. It’s a classic string that provides the great durability and comfort at a reasonable price.


The hybrid strings are a combination of different kinds of strings, with a view to create the best possible mixture of each player’s style. The vertical strings are called the main while the horizontal strings are called the cross.

If you’re looking for the best hybrid tennis strings, we will recommend the Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch. It’s an affordable mixture of a stable, thin-gauge polyester with a soft multifilament.

String construction

When it comes to the string construction, there are 2 main kinds including monofilament and multifilament. Down here to know clearly!


As the name suggests, monofilaments are strings made of a single firm filament, usually Kevlar or Polyester. This string construction is one of the most durable ones, though you sometimes find it’s quite stiff. The monofilaments are often found in hybrid sets of strings and suggested for constant string breakers.


Multifilament strings are a mixture of myriad individual string filaments so that they can generate more power and comfort, making them perfect for those who are recovering from arm injuries. Also, this kind provides more elasticity than the monofilaments.

The best string in this section is the Wilson NXT Control 16. With a premium combination of polyamide and polyester fibers, this tennis racquet string can give you the excellent comfort, feel and power.

How to choose the Best Tennis Strings?

After considering a variety of tennis strings above, let’s move forward the next part to find out necessary features that the strings should have.


No matter what you’re going to buy, durability is always the most important thing to consider first. The longer the tennis strings last, the more you can play. By investing in an enduring pair of strings, you also save more money. If you’re a string breaker, you should come with the most durable strings such as the Kevlar hybrid ones because they acquire the top durability among other strings.


Do you have any idea of playability in the best tennis string? It’s the comfort of playing that a player feels when hitting the tennis ball. Amongst a huge number of strings on the market, the Natural Gut strings are considered as the optimal in terms of playability. It’s because this material is made of animals’ intestines that bring a soft feel when playing. So, it’s ideal for players with arm injuries.

String Gauge

The next feature to consider prior to your purchase is the tennis string gauge or its thickness. The thicker one improves durability while the thinner one enhances playability. The good tennis string gauges often come with ranges from 15 to 19 inches, thickest and thinnest specifically. To hard hitters, they tend to choose the thicker one to improve the string’s durability. In case they prefer to put a spin on the ball, the thinner one will be a good choice.


The unit of measurement for the string tension on a tennis racquet is pounds. Of course, different strings will have different tensions. But, the standard rate is about 50 – 70 pounds.

As a beginner, you should choose the lower string tension to make the best of power while playing, though the strings might crack quicker. If using the higher string tension, you tend to strain your elbows more, resulting in a higher chance of tennis elbow.


To create more power, the string tension needs to be kept loose or relaxed. In case you want to limit the power potential of the string, you can drop a few pounds from the string bed. This mainly affects how far the ball flieswhile being hit with a loose-tension or high-tension strings.

Additionally, you should pay attention to the string gauge. The 16-gauge string helps to create power. What’s more, the materials of Kevlar and Polyester are known for the optimum level of power.

While you’re seeking for the good tennis strings with the great power, don’t miss the Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase. It’s a technological powerhouse with the best features that help to deliver more power easily.


To acquire control of the ball, the string bed needs to be tighter to lead to the tightly strung racquet. Relying on that, the ball won’t go far on the court when you hit it. Experts recommend that the higher string tension enhances the spin potential, resulting in more control for topspin and left-handed players.

In this case, we will mention the Babolat Pro Hurricane as the good string for control. Since it’s low-powered and ultra-firm, it helps you to create perfect topspin easily while hitting the ball. Relying on that, you never worry about your posture.

Arm injuries

For players suffering an arm injury, the best selection is the multifilament or hybrid tennis string because it offers a soft and cushion-like feel.

In-depth 8 Best Tennis Strings Reviews:

1. Babolat RPM Blast

Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String

If you’re looking to create massive topspin, what you should seek for is the strings made from polyester.

Thanks to a dynamic mixture of a smooth surface and capability to reboundinto place, you are able to create the maximum spin.

And the appearance of Babolat RPM Blast is known as the optimal strings for topspin that stands out from other polyester ones.

It comes with a unique octagon shape that helps to snatchany ball with the maximum spin. Additionally, its smooth surface helps to rebound the ball into place effectively, making the string highly spin-friendly.

Plus, this tennis string is silicone covered which permits more elasticity but also enhances the durability and lengthens its life prior to necessary replacements.

2. Babolat Vs Touch

BABOLAT Vs Touch Tennis String

Updated with BT7 technology, BABOLAT Vs Touch is considered as the superior standard for the Natural Gut tennis string.

Furthermore, the latest technology of BT7 allows a bigger contact surface of the fiber bands, leading up to 15% better durability.

What’s more, these strings supplement the Thermogut technology that helps to prevent humidity and moisture.

When using, you recognize that the BABOLAT Vs Touch effectively delivers on comfort, power, and feel.

3. Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125 Silver String

Luxilon Big Banger Alu Power Rough 125 seems to be the preferred choice of intermediate and advanced tennis players since they can take a big swing at the ball without holding back their control. Moreover, the lower power of these strings permits them to advance their racquet head quicker.

Since the Luxilon is known as the utmost strings for Polyester, you’re guaranteed a maximum durability. And if you want to perform more spin, it’s also ideal. Of course, these strings are hard to crack and do a good job at maintaining the tension that helps to advance their life.

4. Wilson Synthetic Gut Power

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power Tennis String

Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a firm core synthetic gut tennis string with high energy wraps for an enduring power. It provides an effective mixture of control and power in an arm-friendly package. In addition, if using this type of string, you can get an above-average spin potential. What’s more, the feel is snugly crisp and well-suited to those who want a great all-around performance.

5. Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch

Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch Tennis String

The next product in our tour of the best tennis string on the market is Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch, the best string for Hybrid.

These strings combine an ultra-thin and spin friendly co-polyester, Tour XT in addition to the most comfortable multifilament available, Premier Touch. Relying on that, the Prince Warrior Hybrid Touch provides the phenomenal spin and the best of vibration dampener for players who want the control without losing comfort.

6. Wilson NXT Control 16

Wilson NXT Control 16 Tennis Racquet String

Wilson NXT Control 16 is described as the best overall multifilament tennis string. These strings truly deliver a firm and balanced style of playing that can adjust a variety of skill levels and styles of playing. In addition, this product is popular for its comfort. Thanks to a rich string texture, you can get an easy feeling when hitting the ball, without exchanging the playability and responsiveness.

7. Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase

Tecnifibre X-One BiPhase Tennis String - Natural Color

If you’re seeking for the string that simply gives more power, Tecnifibre X-One BiPhasebrings accurately what you want as the optimal string for power.

As the multifilament string, X-One BiPhase is using a new alteration of the Tecnifibre process. It also combines H2C microfilaments for feel and power together with NRG microfilaments for active response. What’s more, these strings are incredibly comfortable, especially for those who often suffer tennis elbow.

8. Babolat Pro Hurricane 17g

Babolat B241076-17:SET Pro Hurricane 17g Strings

Since the game of tennis has developed with many strong players and more aggressive styles of playing, the capacity to control the ball has become important.

Featuring the unique XtremFutur Polymer, the elasticity of Babolat Pro Hurricane is increased by 40% for greater playability. Besides, the low power related to polyester strings makes them a good fit for control. Plus, these strings feature an anti-abrasion layer that improves durability by withstanding string notching.

Which Items should You have with Tennis Strings?

You often don’t think of extra items when it comes to the tennis string, right? Like most stuff in life, you need to buy some sort of accessories to receive the optimalresult. And below are three necessary items you should have with the tennis string for sure.


​Sure, good string must go with the best racquet!

Beside your best suitable racket, You need to have at least a backup racquet in case something happens to the first one. Make sure your backup racquet is similar to your current one.

best tennis racquets reviews

Tennis Stringing Machine

If you often break the strings, having a tennis stringing machine is a nice idea since you don’t need to visit the store to repair your racquet. Known as a great investment, these machines can help you save more time as well as allowing to string your own racquet, according to your preference.

Best tennis stringing machine Reviews

Tennis String Dampener

A tennis string dampener is a small device which is typically made of some sort of rubber material. It’s put into a racquet string bed out the pattern of crossed strings and often placed below the bottom. Its major purpose is to lessen the vibration of the strings and then lower or get rid of the “ping” sound you often hear while striking the ball.

Tennis Vibration damper

When & Why You should replace the Tennis Strings?

Now, you know how to choose the best tennis string as well as their different types, right? But, do you have any idea of when and why you should replace them? Check this video below to understand more!

Where to buy Tennis Strings?

Since the popular brands of the best tennis string such as Babolat, Wilson, Luxilon, etc. have their own stores on the Internet, it’s easy for you to search for and buy the one you want.

Or if you want to get a clear view of prices and subjective reviews, you can visit some famous sites like Amazon, eBay or TennisExpress… These well-established platforms are definitively the great sources to help you get the preferred tennis strings.

Which is the Best Tennis Strings for you?

In sum, to make your shopping of the best tennis string easier, you should determine some important features. What types of player are you? Are you a newbie, intermediate or advanced tennis player? Do you prefer your racquet to offer more power or just attack the ball?

If you want to deliver the ball with a massive spin, the Babolat RPM Blast Tennis String or LuxilonBig Banger Alu Power Rough 125 will be an ideal choice because both provide greater shapes for grabbing the ball and returning a great spin.

Or just consult our top 8 tennis string reviews carefully and you will find the most suitable one for sure.

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