How to Hit a Tennis Ball Correctly for Beginner?

Hitting a tennis ball properly can significantly enhance your game. It is not just about precise hitting, but there are several other things that come into the picture. This article particularly focuses on How to hit a Tennis Ball Correctly for Beginner.

hit tennis ball correctly beginner

Before Playing

3 things you need to consider are serving, basic strokes and size of your racket.

Make sure to pick your most suitable tennis racket, a comfortble tennis shoes, professional racket grip and fuzzy tennis ball. If can, you should prepare a Tennis Ball machine, it will be useful for beginner to practice.

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Learning Basic Strokes

Just like any other game, tennis has several basic strokes that novice tennis players need to master. These fundamental strokes are forehands, backhands and over headshots.

After you master these basic strokes, you can then start to practice different variations of them just like professionals.

Top spin serve is the most popular type of serve, generally preferred by professionals as well as novice players. Practice this technique and make sure to keep it consistent all throughout your game.

Top spin serve means hitting the ball with the side of your racket when it is at the peak point of the toss. This type of serving is highly beneficial, particularly when you lob the ball up in the air a little behind you and then hit it sidelong with the front of your racket.

top spin serve


Hitting Forehand, Backhand and Overhead strokes

These are very easy forehand and backhand strokes, all you need to remember is to keep your body turned around to the right completely and make sure the power comes from both of your legs. It is recommended to curve your legs slightly when you are ready to hit the ball. Just when you are contacting the ball, you need to twist your back.

While finishing the stroke, make sure your hand holding the racket is near your opposite free shoulder.

Forehand​ Stroke

Keep your legs slightly split, turn your body to the side completely. Both your shoulders being parallel to the net. When the ball approaches you, now switch your shoulders into 90° position with the net, extending your free arm across your body. The arm with the racket should be moved backwards, keep it straight and swingit straightly to hit theball in a slightly download action.

forehand Stroke tennis

Backhand Stroke​

Backhand stroke is when you hit the ball with the back of your hand by swinging the racket around your body. Backhand shave generally less power as compared to forehand shots but they are still very advantageous. Backhands are performed when ball is on the opposite side of your hand holding racket.

backhand stroke technique tennis

For beginners, make sure you practice backhands with both of your hands for better strength, because, backhands are really challenging to master. Bend your knees slightly, make sure to point your feet towards the net and grip your racket with both hands. Your legs must be slightly apart, now swing your racket to hit the tennis ball. Extend it all throughout the shot towards the direction you are going to stroke it. When you finish your backhand, your racket should be in the position over your opposite free shoulder.

Overhead Shot​

Overhead shots are performed when the ball is over your head. Use your free arm to point towards the ball as if you are catching it. Make sure you are right under the ball, bring your racket back and try to hit the ball in front of your body. This is just like top spin serve.

overhead shot tennis



That’s all about how to hit a tennis ball correctly for beginner. While following these steps, make sure you keep your eyes on the ball and hold your racket steadfastly. That is because; a firm grip will prevent your racket from creating any messy shots. Once you have mastered these forehands, backhands and overhead shots, then you can work on different variations of these basics.

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