Best Baseball Cleats 2018 – Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide

When selecting the best baseball cleats, that means you can control the game effectively and advance from a novice level to the pro standards easily.

But, if you underestimate it and pick the wrong ones, be ready for the horrible performance on the field. Since we know you will meet difficulties like buying tennis shoes, we decide to show you a detailed guide of top 5 baseball cleat reviews. Try following us to pick up the suitable cleats now.

best baseball cleats reviews

Top 5 Best Baseball Cleats 2018 on the Market

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Synthetic leather

Best Metal Cleats



Best Lightweight and Comfortable



Best Molded Plastic Cleats and for Catchers



Best Trainer Cleats


75% Nubuck & 25% mesh

Best Cleat for Pitchers


3 Main Types of Baseball Cleats

When it comes to purchasing the best baseball cleats, it’s necessary to understand the advantages as well as differences of each type. So, I will explain more about three main kinds including metal, rubber/molded plastic, and turf/trainers.


Metal Baseball Cleats


If you need to best traction and grip to the ground, especially both dirt and grass, the metal cleats will be a good choice. Since they are thinnest, penetrating the ground is easier. However, these cleats might wear down when worn on turf. In addition, it isn’t permitted in some leagues because players might slide and get potential injuries. Though, the metal cleats are a popular type of players at competitive levels and in high competition leagues.

Our top picks for the best metal cleats include Nike Huarache 2KFilth Pro Mid, New Balance Low-cut 3000v3, and Adidas Adizero Afterburner 2.0. All three of these cleats bring the ultra-gripping ability for planting the feet into the field.

Rubber/molded plastic

Rubber Baseball Cleats

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The molded cleats offer a better comfort than the metal ones for sure. It’s because they come with many cleats that are spread out to various pressure points during the whole of your foot. These cleats are made up of an array of different materials, mainly plastic and rubber. Since they’re permanently attached to the sole of the shoes, they can be worn on any surface without wearing down. But, be careful when playing on dirt since you might slip a little.

And the perfect choice for the molded cleats are both products of Mizuno 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK and Under Armour Leadoff Low Rm. These cleats are made of rubber that permit you to pivot and acquire momentum without failing. Besides, you also get an extra push while swinging the bat.


Turf/Trainer Baseball Cleats


The turf cleats are mainly worn while practicing or training, especially when you’re not on a field. It’s because these cleats provide so much comfort and do not ruin the training facilities like the metal ones. Additionally, the turf cleats help to keep your foot near to the ground while offering the maximum traction and minimum threat of injury. That’s why this type is quite suitable for participating in a slow-pitch tournament.

The best cleats in this section are Mizuno Players Trainer Turf and New Balance T4040V3. Both are made of synthetic with the rubber sole, making them stable, supportive, and comfortable while guaranteeing that your feet are always fresh and dry.

Ultimate Guide to Buying the Best Baseball Cleats

Aside from learning about three main types of baseball cleat, you also pay attention to some important features prior to your first purchase.


The authentic leather is often the first choice since they’re flexible, durable, lightweight, and breathable. But, some often come with a high tag. Meanwhile, the synthetic leather is a bit cheaper, more supportive and water-resistant.

And if you’re looking for the most comfortable baseball cleats as well as the best lightweight ones, don’t miss the Adidas Adizero Afterburner 2.0. Since the whole of the shoe is surrounded totally in mesh, you can get a snug feel while wearing. Besides, its construction is made from the lightest material, providing the lightweight cleat.

leather Baseball cleats

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Size and Type of Foot

Next, you need to guarantee to take a suitably sized cleat for your foot. Avoid choosing the cleat that is too loose or tight because you might mess up the game and end up hurting yourself. But, how to size your baseball cleat?

First of all, you should try on the cleats with socks you want to play with. Then check whether there is no more than a finger width of area between your toes and the end of the shoes or not. The best thing is to leave a small amount of space in such a way that you don’t get hurt while running, pivoting or changing directions.

Since you don’t only use the cleats in playing baseball but also want to walk in them and do some stretches like squats or turning on the toes, make sure the cleats cannot irritate the foot in any case when wearing them. Moreover, the heel should fit comfortably to avoid slipping. What’s more, the cleats need to get the accurate mount of ankle support, good cushioning for comfort, and flexibility for active movements.

Aside from selecting the right size, you also pay attention to your type of foot. Depending on each different type, here are some great recommendations if you’re in this case.

- For those with flat feet, Mizuno 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK or New Balance T4040V3 is known as the best choice. This is because both come with a full-length midsole, allowing maximum comfort.

- For those with wide feet, they should notice the Nike Vapor Keystone 2.


Another necessary feature to consider is what position or role you’ll be playing. Keep in mind that each certain position requires the cleats with particular qualities to perform well.


With two choices of metal and plastic cleats for the infielders, you should consider the field’s surface before deciding. If the ground is dense and compact, avoid picking the plastic cleats because they can hold too much dirt and make you difficult to move around. So, the top recommendation, in this case, is the metal cleats.


As the outfielders, the best baseball cleats that they should look for is the metal ones. Since the grass is soft as compared to the dirt infield, the outfielders can believe that these cleats help them dig in and out of the ground effectively and easily.


The pitchers need the cleats that can bring them the great traction of stability. Hence, the metal-studded cleats are often the best choice because they are able to stick into the ground accurately. In addition, the cleats are also low-top to avoid causing rubbing.

And the good selection, in this case, is the New Balance L3000V2. This product features all the best features that the pitcher needs.


Since the catchers need to be agile and quick during a baseball game, they often choose the lightweight cleats that offer speed, durability, and agility. If you suffer from pain due to the metal cleats, you should look for the molded ones.

Our top pick for the catchers is the Mizuno 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK. This product has the particular cleats with rubber stubs, offering the durability and comfort as the catcher wants.

Youth Cleats

The young baseball players often have a tendency to look cool or want the same thing like their friends when it comes to playing baseball. Hence, it’s hard to pick the best cleats for them. However, you should examine both flexibility and comfort while searching for the cleat because these features directly affect the performance.

Normally, you should opt for the molded cleats because they’re safe to the kids. Moreover, these types look cool for those who want the “cool-looking” shoes. In case your kids are playing in a certain league, make sure they follow the league’s rules to pick up the right type.

Try taking a video below to understand more about how to pick and choose the baseball cleats

In-depth 5 Best Baseball Cleats Reviews:

1. Nike Huarache 2KFilth 

Nike Huarache 2KFilth Men's Pro Baseball Cleat

If you need the best metal cleat, no one can beat the Nike Huarache 2KFilth. With a combination of synthetic leather and TPU mesh, this cleats offers a form fit that is durable and comfortable. Besides, the mesh material helps to boost breathability, aiming to get rid of odor and keep the socks dry, even when you’re playing under the hot sun.

Although the Nike Huarache 2KFilth has the metal cleat, you still feel comfortable thanks to an extra cushion on the bridge of the feet. In addition, the geometric design creates a smooth surface that stops dirt from sticking. Since this product offers a variety of colors and styles, be free to pick up the one you like most.

Adidas Adizero Afterburner 2.0 Men’s Baseball Shoes

For the lightweight and speed cleats, the Adidas Adizero Afterburner 2.0 will be the best choice. The shoe itself is not only spread totally in mesh for giving the lightweight feel but also made of LITESTRIKE EVA, the lightest midsole ever. Although the cleats are lightweight, they will not grip the ground.

In addition, when observing the cleat portion of the shoe, you will recognize its waved pattern on the bottom that gives you utmost gripping capacity. Of course, you are able to pick up any color such as white-grey, power red, black, gray and so on.

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK Baseball Cleat

If you want the best baseball cleat that is suitable for playing baseball as well as other sports, please take a look at the Mizuno 9 Spike ADV Franchise 8 BK.

Instead of making from the combination of leather and synthetic, this baseball cleat is used a particularly designed rubberized material. Relying on that, you cannot only get the air flow through the shoe but also receive the best durability while wearing through seasons. Additionally, there is a full-length midsole inside the cleat, providing functional comfort and limiting pain in your feet.

Especially, the 9-spike advanced outsole features rubber stubs that are ideal for all field kinds and perfect for leagues that refuse the metal cleats.

New Balance Men's T4040V3 Turf Baseball Shoe

One certain thing is that all shoes from New Balance are fit you perfectly. It’s because this brand tries to create the most excellent products for athletes so that they achieve the best performance. And the appearance of the New Balance T4040V3 can definitively bring you the best comfort and flexibility all the times.

The main reason is that its sole is made from rubber, offering the necessary softness to the feet. With the pro-balance sole platform and nubby turf outsole, you totally feel confident while wearing them in any games. Furthermore, the mid-top of the T4040V3 features slick and shiny design, making you look cool.

Except for the best trainer cleat, the New Balance T4040V3 is suitable for those who have the wide feet.

New Balance Men's L3000V2 Metal Low Baseball Cleats

Another product from New Balance that is popular for the pitcher’s position is the New Balance L3000V2.

What sets the L3000V2 apart from the others is the use of FantomFit mesh and Nubuck. This mixture doesn’t permit a great snug fit feeling but also give a higher level of breathability. In addition, the toe protect reinforced front also helps to maintain your foot in place and offers a nice amount of flexibility. So, you are able to make lots of quick movements while being on the field.

What’s more, the New Balance L3000V2 combines a REVlite heel for a nice comfort near to the foot and a full-length REVlite RC midsole to ease 8-spike stud pressure.

5 Famous Brands of Baseball Cleats You Should Know


When it comes to footwear, Nike has seemingly become the top choice. And its brand awareness in this industry is unequaled due to its style and reliability. It can be said that this brand is always taking the lead of the trend with new looks of shoes every year. Of course, these baseball cleats from Nike are extremely comfortable to wear and durable for years of use thanks to the high-quality materials.

Although the only drawback is about the price, most people affirm that this price is worth for what they’ve received.


New Balance has recently joined the baseball cleat market in 2011; however, their products are truly comfortable and durable. No matter which positions you’re playing, you’re able to pick up the suitable one amongst its great selection. Wonderfully, this brand offers high-quality baseball cleats at an affordable price.

For flashy players, New Balance seems not to be the top choice because this brand just has a standard cleat.


Similar to New Balance, Under Armour is one of the newest brands of baseball cleats. Through trials and errors, its products have improved, providing the great flexibility and breathability for athletes. Since they’re new, some are unsatisfied with their unreasonable price.


Amongst brands on this list, Mizuno might be the only one whose products are nearly made for baseball players such as cleats, shoes or batting gloves. Their different cleats give a great support that is perfect for each position on the field. Moreover, it’s durable, stylish, dependable, and straightforward. Although this brand is not popular like the others, more and more advanced athletes start wearing its products in high-level competition.


Adidas is a well-known brand of footwear, but it’s actually not the best choice when it comes to buying the baseball cleat. But, in case you’re looking for the suitable product for younger players, it will be okay since this brand has a variety of low-cost choices.

4 Facts about Baseball Cleats

Can I use soccer cleats for baseball?

Since baseball and soccer require different skill sets, they also require different cleats while playing. The baseball cleats have an extra toe stud that is quite dangerous to use when playing soccer. It’s because the way each game is played, the baseball cleats are often stiff and have more support than the soccer ones. Hence, it’s truly risky if using the baseball cleats for playing soccer.

How should baseball cleats fit?

To know whether the baseball cleat fit or not, you need to check how well they support your foot, especially for your ankle. Normally, athletes need enough support while performing physical activities so that they don’t restrict their movement too much. So, the best baseball cleats should be fit a bit tighter around your ankle.

In addition, the baseball cleat needs to fit comfortably around the foot, not too loose around the ankle (as I mentioned above) and too tight across the top. The best thing is to choose the shoes that are just a bit too comfortable and wear them for a few days before using them in a game.

What are baseball cleats made of?

If you follow me from the beginning, you can easily recognize that the baseball cleats are mainly made of metal and plastic.

- Depending on each certain product, the metal cleats come in various lengths, shapes, and patterns. This type offers a great durability and strength while wearing. If you’re purchasing mid-or-high range models, these metal cleats can be replaceable easily. Relying on that, you don’t need to replace the whole pair of cleats if one unluckily breaks off.

- The plastic cleats are molded in each shoe’s sole. Although their shapes are different from sports, they have a shorter length to prevent sudden breakage. Besides, the plastic cleats are elastic for heavy pressure like slides, full-sprints, and slides. Unlike the metal cleats, the plastic ones are not replaceable and can wear down quickly.

What age do baseball players wear metal cleats?

The baseball players in the 13U age division and higher are allowed to wear the traditional metal cleats.

Where to Buy Baseball Cleats?

As long as you decide which baseball cleats you want to buy, it’s not difficult to look for where to purchase. You can visit a store nearby or enter the main website of some popular brands as outlined above. In case you want to get an obvious look at different products or consult subjective comments from users, Amazon and eBay are two ideal channels.

Which Best Baseball Cleats should I buy?

For purchasing anything, the first important thing is that you need to have the inside knowledge of that product. And I’m confident that this article helps you know how to pick up the best baseball cleats for yourself. Read carefully three different kinds and necessary features of cleat as well as my top 5 baseball cleats reviews so that you can make your choice. Then you’re guaranteed to get the excellent product that serves you well for years.

And don’t mind asking me if you still want to know more about this topic. Just leave your comments in the box below and then we’ll discuss more. Thanks for reading, anyway.

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