Best Olympic Barbells 2018 for Home Gym Reviews

best olympic barbell reviews

Aimed to perform two key types of Olympic lifts, that is, the snatch and the clean & jerk, the Olympic Barbells are quite flexible and are available in diverse genres to be used by men or women of varied age groups. It has sleeves on both side-ends to capably hold the weights in place to prevent it from sliding while you lift.

Best Olympic barbells are the ones that have durable build to carry out easy as well as heavy-duty weightlifting workout sessions by both novices and experts. Following top 5 Olympic bar reviews below will arrange for better understandings about them.

Top 5 Best Olympic Barbells 2018 on the Market

One of the top rated Olympic Barbells from amongst all the 5 mentioned reviews is certainly the 7 feet CAP Barbell Olympic Bar with an impressive 1200 pounds of weight capacity and has Patented high-tech Accu-Armour coating on the knurls as well as sleeves making it highly durable and sustainable for any heavy-duty weightlifting practices. It has snap clips assembly for the sleeves, hence, no hassle of bolted mechanism. Also, it is backed with 3 years of noteworthy Manufacturer’s warranty period for best after-sales support.

Another remarkable Olympic barbell for Home gym is from Body Solid that offers high quality solid steel constructed bar with strong central and handgrip knurling provided for firmness while lifting. With 3 coats of black chrome finishing and 7 feet length, it also offers shoulder bolted sleeve assembly to secure collars in place steadfastly.

The third favorite one from the list is the XMark Fitness 7 feet of Olympic Bar having an impressive 700 lbs. of weight capacity with finest center and handgrip knurling provided to carry out any fitness training exercises smoothly. The black manganese phosphate coating is what is unique in this bar, making it highly corrosion-resistant and abrasion-resistant.

Top 5 Best Olympic Barbells 2018 Reviews:

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1. Olympic Bar by CAP Barbell- Weight capacity of 1200 pounds

CAP Barbell Olympic Bar, 2-Inch, 1200-Pound Capacity, 7-Feet

Framed to accommodate 2 inches of Olympic plates, this 7 feet CAP Barbell Olympic Bar has 1200 pounds of weight capacity. It has comfortable diamond knurling with medium-depth for a firm grip while lifting without being harsh on your hands.

The black oxide finishing on the shaft makes it fairly corrosion-resistant. It has hand placement markers for user’s suitability. The polished steel sleeves have snap clips design that means no bolts and no worries of sleeves sliding.

The sleeves of this bar are available in chrome finishing as well as Accu-Armour coating; a patented coating process used for high-quality components that safeguards it from rust and corrosion resulting in high durability. Lifters can pick any sleeve finishing as per their expediency.


  • Accurately engineered Olympic bar at a reasonable price with 3 years warranty
  • Sleeves rotate freely and are grooved for securing weights and bar collars
  • Knurls have Patented Accu-Armour coating


  • Tends to bend with 600+ pounds of loadand poorly build sleeve assembly

2. Body Solid Olympic Bar with Black Finish

Body Solid 7-Feet Olympic Bar

This 7 feet Olympic Bar from Body Solid has 3 coats of black chrome finishing on the bar to safeguard the bar against the rust or scratches. It has 30mm grip diameter which might be preferred for the powerlifting and other training lifts as it is more rigid.

The 51.5”of gripping distance between collars is offered for a comfortable weightlifting experience. This bar can handle about 600 lbs. of weight capacity.

Ideal for weightlifting routines in homes with compact gyms, this Body Solid Olympic bar has fine quality build at such a reasonable price. The central knurl and the knurling at handgrip area have been provided for a versatile use to favour different weightlifting styles without being too harsh on the hands of lifters.

It has a shoulder bolted sleeve assembly for holding the plates firmly in place but needs maintenance once in a while. This Olympic bar might be a decent choice for the novices who want to perform slow powerlifting exercises.


  • Worthy quality build of solid steel
  • Perfect to perform powerlifting in home gyms, especially for beginners
  • Strong knurling


  • Chrome plating tends to peel off after some time

3. CAP Barbell Olympic Bar with chrome finish

CAP Barbell Olympic 2-Inch Solid Chrome Bar

Made available in two different sizes of 5 feet and 6 feet, this CAP Barbell Olympic Bar has 300lbs. of weight capacity; users can pick any size as per their convenience.

It can easily accommodate 2 inches of Olympic plates and is compactly designed to fit into any home gyms. It comes backed with 30 days Manufacturer’s warranty period.

It has 46.5” of inner sleeve distance for comfortable weightlifting capability. The chrome finishing shields the bar against rust or scrapes and gives a refined look to the bar.

Designed to be versatile, with this bar you can perform easy as well as intense workout sessions to build, tighten and tone muscles. Medium-depth of diamond knurling at the handgrip area is not severe on hands.


  • Build with finest quality steel, durable with high performance
  • Perfect for the novices and midstream lifters
  • Sleeves easily rotate with just one touch to avoid warping of the bar and go easy on wrists of users


  • Knurling has poor quality feeland sleeves may wobble due to loose nuts assembly

4. Weider Chrome-finished Olympic Bar

Weider Olympic Bar with 2 Collars Chrome Barbell 45lbs Weight Bar for Gyming Use, 7-Feet

Weider hosts this 7’ feet Olympic Barbell bar that has 2 Clip collars of standard Olympic sizes to accommodate 2 inches of plates with ease and the bar weighs about 45 lbs.

With 310 pounds of weight capacity, you can perform weightlifting and strengthening fitness exercises in homes as well as gyms.

The chrome finishing safeguards the bar against corrosion and abrasions. Versatile in design, you can utilize it for chest presses, performing squats as well as for different sorts of weightlifting exercises.

It has 84 inches of length for comfortable handling. The central knurl and the knurling on handgrip areas favour the weightlifting without being cruel on your hands.


  • Sturdily built stainless steel bar at an inexpensive rate
  • Offers strong grip to the lifter
  • Collars secure plates in place firmly without wobbling


  • Chrome coating is poor quality, might peel off and rust after some time of use

5. XMark Fitness Olympic Bar

XMark Fitness 28mm 7' Olympic Bar with Chrome Sleeves, Brass Bushings and a Hefty 700 lb. Capacity

XMark Fitness introduces this 7 feet Olympic Bar that can sustain up to 700 lbs. of weight capacity. It has 28mm of grip diameter which is an ideal diameter for the Olympic lifting bars as this makes it more flexible.

It has medium-depth of handgrip knurl and central knurl offered to contentedly perform various fitness exercises without harming the users’ hands. The bar weighs 38 lbs. and might be perfect to be used in any home gyms or professional gyms.

The bar is expertly designed with the integration of brass bushings for high performance and durability. Although, the bushings need maintenance once in a while, it is capable of accomplishing many lifting purposes making it versatile.

One of the finest quality coating offered is Black Manganese phosphate, which is incorporated in this bar for long lasting endurance.


  • Black Manganese phosphate coating on the shaft is extremely solid, highly corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant
  • Superior knurling
  • Rotating chrome sleeves are smooth in performance


  • Collars might need slightlubricationtime to time for easy-going operation

Which Olympic Barbell Bar should you buy?

Considering all the above mentioned factors, clearly the CAP Barbell Olympic Bar is one of the best Olympic barbells amongst others due to the high weight capacity of 1200 pounds which is so much more less in other mentioned barbells. It has medium-depth diamond knurling on the handgrip area for a better and controlled grip while performing weightlifting exercises on power rack without being too harsh on the hands.

The Patented Accu-Armour coating which is absent on all the other mentioned barbells is what makes it stand out from all. This coating process carried out on the sleeves as well as the knurl is what makes it highly durable and resistant to corrosion or abrasion. It is acknowledged to be only executed on high performance and highly sturdy components. Additionally, the shaft too has black oxide finishing protecting itself against any possible rust caused due to humid environment. The hand placement marking provided on the bar assist the lifters suitably.

The sleeves have snap clips type of designed assembly which makes the lifting very hassle-free as no bolts are existent to tighten every time it loosens and no need to fear about sleeve slipping out from the bar while lifting. The sleeves rotate smoothly even with just an easy-going touch and have grooves to secure the 2 inches bar collars and weights in place. It comes backed up with a noteworthy 3 years of Manufacturer’s warranty for best after-sales experience which is not found in any other mentioned Olympic barbells.

All in all, a finest quality and precisely engineered CAP Barbell 7 feet Olympic bar makes a great value for money as it is very reasonably priced with some great power-packed features offered to perform beneficial weightlifting.

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