Best Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar – 2018 Reviews

best squat rack with pull up bar review

Ultimate workout gear is the one that allows you to perform myriads of exercises with enhanced stability and control. When it comes to purchasing a Squat rack, it is definitely better decision to invest in a Squat Rack that comes with a pull-up bar.

This will increase the styles of exercises you can perform with it, eventually making it more versatile in nature. Also, they are much more stable and sturdier than the squat racks without a pull-up bar.

Following are in-depth reviews of top 3 Best Squat Rack with pull-up bar, each comprising of some unique features and structure. As per your budget, desired weight capacity and durability, you can choose the one that best suits you.

Top 3 Best Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar 2018 on the Market


Titan T-3 Squat Rack



Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar



Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand


In-depth 3 Best Squat Rack with Pull-up Bar Reviews:

1. Titan T-3 squat rack - Best STURDIEST Squat Rack

Titan T-3 Squat Rack w/ Safely Spotter Arms Weight Lift Stand Strength Pull Up

Sporting a solid heavy-duty steel construction, the Titan T-3 Squat Rack allows secure and steady workouts like squats, pull-ups, bench presses, military presses, curls, etc.

With an impressive 1000 pounds of maximum user weight capacity, it might be an ultimate purchase for intermediate as well as serious weightlifters.

Best thing about the Titan T-3 Squat rack is that it comes with 2 pull-up bars on the top, one with 1.25” diameter and other with 2” diameter; thicker bar can be utilized to work-on and strengthen your grip.

For extreme security of the user, Titan T-3 comes with 2 spotter arms made from 2” x 3” tubular steel frame and 4 heavy-duty J-hooks. These safety attachments can be adjusted on any height with the help of holes provided on the uprights. Hence, this squat rack can adapt with different heights of users and their reliable types of exercises. All in all, this rack measures 92” in height x 48” in width x 48” in depth.


  • Solid Steel construction with 4 J-Hooks and 2 Spotter arms for security
  • 4 storage pegs holds weight plates and adds stability to the unit
  • 1000 pounds of maximum weight capacity; ideal for moderate weightlifting
  • Comes with 2 pull-up bars whose height can be adjusted
  • Great value for money
  • Allows different height adjustments
  • Offers easy portability


  • Assembly instructions might be underprovided
  • Storage pegs on the uprights might interfere during workouts

2. Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar - Has WEIGHT BENCH

Rep Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar - 1,000 lb Capacity

With its 11 gauge heavy-duty steel construction and about 1000 pounds of user weight capacity, Rep Squat Rack is an amply durable and stable piece of equipment for performing loads of exercises.

For enhanced durability, this rack features a matte black powder-coated finishing. Rep Squat Rack is highly versatile equipment as it comes all-included with 2 storage pegs that are 10” long, J-cups with plastic lining to hold the barbell in place, 2 plastic-lined spotter arms to prevent the barbell from falling on you, 2 pull-up bars, an adjustable weight bench and 4 dip handles that can be used as band pegs to attach resistance bands as well.

All of the safety attachments can be adjusted on different heights, as per your convenience, with the help of holes provided on the uprights, each having 2” of spacing.

Rep Power rack is offered in 2 distinct heights, 94” and 108”; you can select any one as per your convenience. Apart from this, it measures 72” in length and 48” in width. The product is backed with an outstanding 10 years of warranty on frame and other attachments; 10 years warranty on bench frame and 1 year on its padding.

It might a perfect option to install in your home gyms as well as commercial fitness centres for heavy-duty weightlifting routines.


  • 6’ long brace gives extreme stability to the whole unit
  • Rack can be bolted to the ground for ensured stability
  • Comes with 2 pull-up bars; thick bar enhances your grip strength
  • Allows you to perform tons of exercises including kipping pull-ups
  • Highly durable 2.5” x 2.5” 11-Gauge Steel Uprights
  • Comes with safety attachments, adjustable weight bench and dip bars


  • Might slightly wobble while performing dips
  • Welds on the unit might look untidy

3. Cap Barbell Squat Stand - BEST BUDGET Squat Stand

Cap Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

Featuring a robustly designed solid steel construction, the Cap Barbell Squat stand comprises of both 12-gauge as well as 14-gauge thick frames.

For enhanced durability and better endurance, this frame has been processed with 3-step powder-coated finishing, further making it look sleek. After assembly, this rack measures 47” in depth, 61” in width and 85” in height.

Cap Barbell Squat Stand comes with total 4 storage pegs, 2 on the sides and 2 on the rear; 1 pull-up bar on the top, 2 spotter arms for secure weightlifting and 2 J-Hooks to hold the barbell in place. Maximum user capacity of the spotter arms is about 300 pounds while that for pull-up bar is about 300 pounds.

Therefore, it might be a great rack for novices who want an inexpensively priced squat rack to perform basic weightlifting exercises. For those of you who want to intensify their workouts with resistance bands, there are 3 resistance band pegs provided on both sides for better reliability.


  • Comes with steel-made pull-up bar
  • Sturdy steel frame has gone through 3-step powder-coated finishing for high durability
  • Safety attachments have ABS sleeve to prevent the knurling on barbell
  • Comes with mounting tabs to fix the rack to the ground for extreme steadiness
  • 2 vertical and 2 horizontal storage pegs add extra stability to the whole unit
  • Extremely affordable in price; ideal for home gyms


  • Might not be best for too intense weightlifting routines
  • Squat Stand might slightly wobble during workouts

Benefits of using a Squat Rack with Pull-Up bar over a Normal One

For weightlifters that are looking for something much more cheaply priced and compactly designed than a power rack but fairly sturdy and stable squat gear, a Squat rack is an optimum choice for you. It’s even better, when a squat rack comes with a pull-up bar that allows you to perform secure and balanced pull-ups.

Squat rack without a pull-up bar is slightly inexpensive than the ones that do, but it is better to spend a few bucks extra on a squat rack with a pull-up bar as it certainly hikes up the number of exercises you could do with that gear and makes it more versatile. Also, normal squat racks might seem to be more wobbly than the squat racks that come with a pull-up bar, so that is indeed a plus point.

Here are few benefits of using Squat rack with a pull-up bar:

  • Perfect equipment for home gyms as you can do weightlifting as well as pull-ups
  • Might be secure and heavier than the squat racks without a pull-up bar
  • Due to the incorporated pull-up bar, these rack are deliberately designed to be taller; best for overhead presses
  • Allows strengthening and toning arms, shoulders and back muscles
  • Some squat rack come with 2 pull-up bars- thick and thin
  • Thin pull-up bar can be used for regular pull-ups or kipping pull-ups
  • Thick pull-up bars allows focusing and enhancing your grip strength


With its highly robust design, solid steel construction, 1000 pounds of user weight capacity and included dip bars, Titan T-3 proves to be the Best Squat Rack with Pull-Up bar amongst all. It also comes with ample safety attachments for your utmost protection during weightlifting.

However, if you are tight on budget, Cap Barbell Squat Rack might be a great option for you; it is fairly well-built and reliable power rack.

For those of you who are willing to spend little extra bucks, Rep Fitness offers a highly versatile squat rack that comes with weight bench, dip bars as well as 2 pull-up bars.

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