What Size Battle Rope Should I Buy? You Should Know Now

I am sure that you know what a battle rope is, don’t you? So the question that immediately follows next is, what size battle rope should I buy?

As you already know that a battle rope is not a rope that was used in battle. It is a training rope, normally made of synthetic fiber such as polypropylene. A battle rope is to be wound around a secure stand or pole for some pretty hardcore cardio and toning workout.

What Size Battle Rope Should I Buy?

The appearance of battle ropes is much like that of thick ropes that are used to secure a boat to a dock. I have been a fitness trainer for a very long time and I know the importance of battle ropes in training. I also know that many of you get confused about how long should a battle rope be.

I hate to tell you that there’s nothing worse than not knowing what size, length, or type of training gear to use.

And on top of that, some don’t even have expert assistance to help them figure out the correct answers. But I am certainly glad to tell you that I have tried my level best to answer your each and every question related to battle ropes in this article. So have at it, won’t you?


In this section, I am not only going to answer the most frequently asked question, how size battle rope should I buy? I am also going to tell you what diameter battle rope you will need for your workout session. Because the diameter of a battle rope has an adverse effect on the type of workout you do.

When it comes to battle ropes, it is important to keep in mind the type of workout that you normally do. Is it a high-intensity, speedy, heart pumping workout? Or is it a muscle and strength building workout? Or is it a cardio blasting or HIIT training workout? Different workout routines and levels require you to use battle ropes of different sizes.

What you should know that normal HIIT training and cardio blasting workouts call for a battle rope that is at least 1.5 inches in diameter. For a circuit training workout routine, battle ropes of this size are hard enough. They provide a solid grip on maximum power and efficiency to your high-intensity fitness training. (Why all athletes should train with battle ropes)

For those of you who are into muscle building training, a battle rope of 2 inches in diameter can go a long way in achieving better and quicker results. The grip on these battle ropes is comparatively stronger than the grip found on 1.5-inch diameter battle ropes. And this means that they require larger hands to maintain control. (Heavy battle rope training)

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How Long Should a Battle Rope be?

To make the most of your workout routine with battle ropes, I would recommend you to get a 50 ft battle rope. Most gym and fitness enthusiasts use a 50 ft battle rope as it provides exceptional and maximum workout benefits. But how long should a battle rope also depend on the amount of space you have to use the training gear in.

A 50 ft battle rope, when anchored, gives you half of that length in each hand. So you have 25 ft of battle rope in each hand. You can add an additional 5 ft of space to perform the workout. So if you’re planning on using a 50 ft battle rope, you will require at least 30 ft of space to perform the exercises.

Are you Going to Train with a Battle Rope Outdoors or Indoors?

What size battle rope should I buy

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It is important to know whether you’re going to use the battle rope indoors or outdoors. And why? Because a few battle ropes have a tendency to shed. These are the types of battle ropes that shed tiny hairs on the floor when struck down with force.

And that can create a mess if used indoors, right? It’s best to use such battle ropes outdoors so you will not have to deal with a problem like this at all.

Battle ropes made of synthetic fibers are highly unlikely to shed. So they are the ones that are popularly used indoors. I have discussed the types of battle ropes in detail below to answer your question, what type of battle rope should I buy?

What Type of Battle Rope Should I Buy?

You not only need to know the answer to “what size battle rope should I buy?” but also the types of battle ropes based on your training needs and requirements. I’m sure that you have also understood how long do battle ropes need to be. So now let’s figure out the different types of battle ropes as well.

Poly Battle Ropes

The poly battle rope is one that is built with a perfect blend of polypropylene and polyester materials. It’s an 80-20 percent combination. The poly battle rope is used for both indoor and outdoor training sessions. It is the kind of battle rope that provides maximum durability with minimum wearability.

Please remember that poly battle ropes need to have 80 percent polypropylene and 20 percent polyester. If the former exceeds its limit, then the battle rope might get too brittle and plastic. And if the latter exceeds the limit, the battle rope will become too soft and get pulled and frayed.

Manila Battle Ropes

Battle ropes made of manila have a tendency to shed upon impact with the floor. So if you want to train with battle ropes outdoors, then I would advise you to buy manila battle ropes. Since they are made from natural fibers that tend to shed a lot, they shouldn’t even be stored inside your house.

One more reason to not store this training equipment in your house is the fact that a manila battle rope is treated with petroleum. And you don’t want your house to smell like petroleum, do you?

Nylon Battle Ropes

The best indoor training battle rope is one that is built with nylon covering. This type of a battle rope is super fine to touch and makes a killer swishing sound. It can easily be cleaned using a damp cloth. And you will also be glad to know that a nylon covered battle rope is water resistant as well.

They are the only kind of battle ropes that are built with an anchor strap. This enables you to easily attach the anchor without any sort of difficulties or obstacles.

Battle rope workout for beginners:

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The Final Note

You should know that battle training ropes are becoming more and more common in CrossFit workouts like MMA and boxing. And they are also slowly becoming a part of local fitness gyms and standard HIIT and cardio blasting training as well.

So you should know the answer to what size battle rope should I buy? Because chances are that you will be using one sooner than you think.

Training with battle ropes is a great idea to make your muscles and core stronger. They also help in achieving desired results quicker and more efficiently. Just make sure that you buy a battle rope with a length and size that suits your level of strength. Because we want to train and strengthen those muscles, not injure them, right?

So what size battle rope should? What length battle rope should I get? The answers are all explained in detail above. So make the best decision of your life now. Time to hit the ropes!

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